General Hospital Update Friday 5/4/01


General Hospital Update Friday 5/4/01

By Glynis

Roy comes to see the FBI to make a deal. HE will deliver Sonny to the police if they can do what he wants. He wants Sonny to get a deal and get full immunity. The contact that Roy has is very close to Sonny. This is going on because there was a bomb delivered to Sonny’s home and he needs to be freed. The cop gets on the phone to put a tail on Sonny. Roy reaches over to the phone and grabs it out of the cop’s hand. The cop is willing to settle for Sonny. If the cop tries to put a tail on Sonny, Roy will warn him. Why is Roy so interested in this? Roy gave his word to someone that may have their lives hanging on a thread. Roy reminds the cop of the deal. Sonny is not to be brought down by this. The cop understands protecting a source. He has been there. Roy tried to make a deal for Sonny and it didn’t work. Roy wants to know about the cop’s conscience. Roy cleared his name once and gave him back his life. The cop owes him. Roy is calling in the marker.

The Quartermaines are having dinner and Skye and Rae are there. Skye asks the family how much money she gets now that she is a part of the family. Monica doesn’t think that she is not a Quartermaine. Skye tells Monica that she doesn’t know anything about her. Monica tells her to go bilk another family. Rae comes to her rescue telling her that Skye has her own money. Alan thinks that Monica is taking things too far as well. Skye thanks Monica for her advice. She thinks that she was robbed of her birthright and maybe that is why she has such bad manners. Monica is not much better. Edward thinks that she is charming. Ned doesn’t want to eat anymore. There is a woman waiting in the livingroom. Alan gets up to go and Monica jokes that if it is another illegitimate daughter, they have met their quota. Rae is sorry for the way that things are going. Rae thinks that Skye is full of potential and she only wants to be loved and approved and accepted. Skye leaves the table. For her, negative attention is good attention too. Skye tells her mother that she doesn’t need her anymore. Monica likes that suggestion and thinks that Rae should leave too. Rae continues to try to help her daughter. Rae doesn’t understand why Skye wants to alienate herself from the people that she wanted to meet all this time. Chloe thinks that there are things that have to be discussed in private. This isn’t the place or the time.

Alan meets Melissa at the door. She is going to be an addition to the staff. She wants to talk about Bobbie Spencer. She is having difficulty working with Bobbie and would like to be moved. Alan will do everything that he can for her but she will have to work with Bobbie eventually.

Tony is talking with Bobbie and trying to make her understand that he has to have another needle in his spine. Tony thinks that they have to do this. Felicia and Mack are standing by and listening to what is going on. Bobbie is a nurse and understands the procedures. She wants to find out what is going on. Is he avoiding telling her bad news? Tony tells her that there is no bad news. Felicia is scared for Bobbie. How can Bobbie be the same after losing a child? Felicia goes to Bobbie and smiles at her.

Carly is with Sonny and she is asking again for a safer life so that they can have a baby. She thought that he could accept her for all that she is. She wants him to tell her if she is wrong in her feelings and thoughts about them. She doesn’t care what happens to them as long as they are together. Everything is fine now until Carly comes up with her next plan. The phone rings and Sonny has to answer it. He reaches for the phone and Carly can tell by the look on his face that she has to go. She gets up and walks out of the room. He is going to meet someone in half an hour at the warehouse. Carly is outside the door listening to his conversation.

Alan returns to the dining area and stops the family from fighting. A birthday cake is brought before Monica with candles lit. She starts singing, "For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow!" She ends up singing it herself and blowing out her candles. She has two birthday wishes…a DNA test for her surprise stepdaughter and the second is for Rae and her daughter to get out of the house. All ignore her request. Alan has a gift for Monica, but it isn’t right there. Rae decides that she is going to go to a hotel. She also knows that Skye is really their daughter. Alan will not let Rae leave. He makes her sit back down. Alan tells Monica to meet him in the livingroom right away. They leave and Chloe wants to leave but she is invited to stay. Monica whispers to Rae and Skye to leave the house. Skye has no intention of leaving. This is just like the circus to her. Edward thinks that Skye has his mother’s eyes. AJ and Ned warn Skye not to trust grandfather.

Zander is back in his old digs with his old friends. He wants to be in on whatever they are planning. His friends tell him that he may be getting into something hairy. Zander thinks that whatever it is, he can handle it. Emily is outside the diner thinking to go in and find her boyfriend.

Lucas is being wheeled to another part of the hospital. Bobbie tells him that his father is going to be with him every second and everything is going to be just fine. Bobbie watches as he is wheeled away. She returns to Mack and Felicia. Mack thinks that he should get her a sandwich. He leaves the girls alone. Felicia is sure that Lucas is going to be just fine. Melissa comes up to find out about Lucas. She tells her that she is going to stay at the hospital. Bobbie thinks that she is making a mistake. Melissa saved her son’s life, but she can be a nurse anywhere. Melissa doesn’t think that this is Bobbie’s problem. She doesn’t have much, but she is not willing to give it up. This is not about Roy for her.

Emily goes into the diner and tries to get information on Zander but the waitress says that she knows nothing about him being around. Emily leaves and Zander walks out from the bathroom. He tells his friends that he will meet them later at the bridge and they leave. Once they are gone, he takes out his pictures of Emily and he burns them.

Alan tells Monica in private that she has to learn to get along with Skye. She is tired of trying to get along with all the things that go wrong. She tells him that this time, he is on his own. She leaves the room and Rae enters and tells Alan that they are leaving. Alan tells her that she is not going and he is going to fulfil his obligations completely.

In the dining area, Skye asks Edward once again how much money is hers. She wants to know what they are all worth. She wants reparations for being raised outside the bosom of the family.

Sonny gets ready to leave. Carly kisses him as he is going to be gone for a few hours. She is not sure that she can make it without him. She walks him out. She reminds him that he is a lucky guy. He leaves and she watches as he walks out. After he is gone, she goes to her cell phone and gets Roy’s number.

Edward tells Skye that she would be a fine asset to the company. Alan is outside listening. Edward offers her dessert and sits with her. She wants to know how much stock she will hold. Edward will make sure that she will have lots of stock. Alan can’t stand this any longer and wants to talk with his father. Skye and her brothers leave the room. Edward is upset that he was interrupted getting to know his new granddaughter. Alan tells him that he will not lose another child.

Rae finds Monica in the house by herself and she tells her that it is time that they had a talk.

Carly meets with Roy and he tells her that he can’t promise her that everything is going to be all right.

At the warehouse, a man is being held. He is tied up and gagged. Sonny walks in and looks at the man. This is the man that set the bomb off in the place where he lives with his wife and little boy. Sonny knocks the chair over and the man goes flying. Just then, the door bursts open and cops come in. "Sonny Corinthos…You are under arrest!" Sonny turns in horror at the cops behind him.