General Hospital Update Thursday 5/3/01


General Hospital Update Friday 5/3/01

By Glynis

Felicia is on the roof of the hospital talking with Luke. She wants more. Luke doesnít know what she is talking about. He has something to say about this. He is confused. He wants to know exactly what it is that she wants. She has lost her nerve several times. She is afraid of what he is going to say to her when she tells him how she feels. All she knows is that she wants to be with him. Not just in his arms for fun and games. She loves him and wants him to love her back. Love is a very big word and he hasnít used it in a long time. He never thinks about it very much. It has a lot of strings attacked. She is not asking him to do a lot and get involved with her kids. This is about feelings. To be honest, he doesnít know if he can do that. He will try, but he doesnít know if he can. He is not sure that he can love anyone anymore. He spends his nights with the bottle and then there is nothing to fill him up. He still has strings wrapped around him and when they get tugged, bells go off. She thinks that he is still in love with Laura. He is not sure that anything is left to love anyone else. Felicia still has love inside herself. He believes her but he has a full plate in front of him. Helena is cooking up something that every time that he thinks about it, the hairs stand up on his body. He canít ask her to hang out and wait for him. This is going to be so bad; he canít ask her for her help. She appreciates him being honest with her. There must be a thousand men that would kill to hear what she said to him. He has answered her question. She turns and leaves him on the roof.

Nikolas and Gina go to Stefanís office to talk to him and denunciate his title. She thinks that she should wait outside, but he thinks that she should be there. He doesnít want to become like his family. He is kissing her when Stefan enters. He greets the two. He wasnít expecting them. Nikolas tells him that the next time that he steals something from him, he will be arrested. He offers him the papers that say that he is not a Cassidine anymore. Stefan will not accept that. Stefan wants Gia to leave, but Nikolas thinks that she should stay. Gia leaves the room to let the men talk. Stefan will not be dismissed. He raised Nikolas and thinks that he should be respected. Stefan is angry but not with Nikolas. Stefan is angry with himself. He admits that he was wrong. He remembers finding out that he was stavrosí son. When Stavros died, he found out that he was Nikolasí protector. He became what he was trying to protect him from. He became a monster. Stefan has become a part of the legacy that shows only the negative and now he has lost Nikolas and himself. He said that Nikolas was rash and childish, but he was wrong. Nikolas has become a man who is willing to act on his convictions and that requires courage. He got that courage from Stefan. Stefan doesnít want him to walk away from this because of him. Nikolas thinks that he can be saved. He thinks that they can make a new family. Stefan canít walk away. This war is too deep in him. It is coming to a head and he has to see it to the end. Nikolas tells him that he will be fighting his war alone. Stefan is not trying to draw Nikolas back in to anything, but he thinks that Lucky is still in danger.

Sonny is on the phone and thinks that he has found out who the person was that put a bomb in his home. As soon as the culprit if found, he is to be called because he wants to deal with this himself. The door busts open and Taggert enters with other policemen. Taggert knows that there was a bomb put in Sonnyís home earlier and Sonny said nothing about it. Taggert got an anonymous tip that there was a bomb in the house. Taggert wants him to cooperate and deliver the bomber. Sonny doesnít want to play with him. The police have looked through the house and they leave. Taggert thought that things would have changed for Sonny. How many wives and children does Sonny have to loose to learn? Taggert has a family and would do anything to save them. Taggert knows that Sonny doesnít want anything bad to happen. Taggert thinks that this should be enough for him. Sonny feels like he has to protect Carly. Taggert tells him to come and see him when he is ready. Sonny reminds him that he is evil, stupid or blind. Mike is at the door ready to enter and sees that something is going on that isnít that great. Taggert leaves.

Carly is talking with Sonny and asking him to help her get him arrested so that she can save him. This is the only chance that she has to save their marriage. She feels that her life is at stake. Sonny canít save himself. She needs help and Roy can make the deal for her and set him up. All she needs if for Sonny to be arrested. He will go into the Witness protection program and then he will be safe and they can go away. She wants him to tell her that he will help her. Roy walks with Carly as they discuss this. She trusts him. Roy tells her that there is no way that he is going to do this. There is no way. He canít believe that she is asking him to step back into what he has been trying t0 avoid all this time. She thought that he loved her mother. He should want to protect her family. She tells him that someone put a bomb in her home and it was meant for her. Her son nearly opened a bomb and she keeps reliving it. She never knows if she is ever going to get over that. Roy tells her that she should learn from this. She is not going to leave him. Roy tells her that she is fooling herself. He is her whole life and she is not going to leave him. He asks her how Bobbie is going to feel getting up and finding out that her daughter and grandson have been blown off the face of the earth. Sonny would go crazy and Roy canít risk that. If Sonny finds out about this, he may never forgive her. He canít believe that this is a chance that she would be willing to take. Sonny has lost two children in his life and he canít lose anymore. Everyday he pushes his family a little bit farther away. He loves her and has forgiven her before. If they are alive, she can win him back. She will settle for just being with him. She thinks that he doesnít know the real sonny. They deserve a chance to be happy and safe. Sonny would have to be willing to give up names and evidence and he is not going to do that. Roy tells her that she has to be aware of the risks. There is no getting out of the way. He canít go to the FBI empty-handed. Carly tells him that she will get something so that they can do this. She puts out her hand for him to shake and he shakes it. He tells her that she is wrong. She walks away from him.

In the hospital, Elizabeth, Lucky and Bobbie enter Lucasí room to visit with him. He is doing much better. Lucky and Elizabeth have brought him a gift. He opens his gift and finds a video game. Lucas knows all about the came and can hardly wait to play it. Bobbie leaves to let her son have a visit with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is great with kids. Lucky follows Bobbie out. He wants to know how Lucas is really doing. Lucasí temperature is still high. He seems to have flu, but he doesnít. He is so trusting that everything is going to be fixed by his parents, but it is hard to smile and pretend when you really donít know what is going to happen. Lucky wants to know what you do when you love someone so much that you could die? Bobbie guesses that Lucky is talking about Elizabeth. Bobbie thinks that the first thing that you should do in that case is tell the person. He goes in to play with Lucas while Elizabeth talks with Bobbie outside. Elizabeth goes to get something to drink and bumps into Gia. Elizabeth tries to ignore Gia, but Gia wonít let her. She tells Elizabeth that Nikolas is having a tough time and may needs his friends around. She will stay out of the way to let them visit. She thinks that they should go and have a soda together. Elizabeth canít figure out whether Gia is scamming for her life or if she really does care about Nikolas. They decide to go off and have a drink together in the cafeteria.

Lucky is in the hospital room with Lucas and suddenly he has to leave the room. He finds Bobbie outside and asks for Elizabeth. He learns that she went to get a soda. He feels that he needs her badly. Bobbie understands that. He loves her so much and he wants to keep her for himself. How can he do that? Bobbie tells him to stay open and the right thing will come to him. He has all the time in the world to figure out what he should do to stay with Elizabeth.

Sonny is home with his father. Mike thinks that he would make a great father and Sonny would be great with the chance. Taggert thinks that Sonny never got a break with fatherhood, maybe that is because of Mikeís example. Mike tells him that he is sorry that he wasnít there for him and didnít do his job. Sonny understands that. Mike leaves him alone to think.

Felicia returns to Lucasí room and finds Mac and Bobbie there. Nikolas joins them and Bobbie goes into the room to see Lucas, while Nikolas goes looking for Lucky. He finds Lucky and they are both looking for their girls. Nikolas asks him if he is still in danger from Helena. Lucky denies that. Gia and Elizabeth arrive and have a story about meeting for dinner. Gia and Nikolas leave and Nikolas tells her that he actually feels sorry for his uncle. Stefan is so determined to fight that it means something terrible. Nikolas is not going to let that touch him again.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that it is so sad that Luke canít get over the Cassidine schemes.

Sonny is at home when Carly arrives. He wants to know where she has been. She walks to him and they hug each other. There is something desperate in her behaviour and he can sense that. Where do they go from there? She tells him that she is not sure where they are going, but they are going to go together.

Roy shows up at the FBI office and meets with his good friend at the bureau. He needs one last favour and it is a big one.