General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/2/01


General Hospital Update Friday 5/2/01

By Glynis

Gina is reading the fashion magazines and thinking that she can do the modeling that she sees. She is really living the high life now and nothing can stop her. Everyone thinks that she is such a bitch and maybe she is, but that is her life and she has accomplished what she wanted so who cares about the rest? Nikolas comes to see her in her new suite. She is very cold to him. She doesn't know why he has come to see her. He wants to apologize for calling her a user and a thief. She is a star and she doesn't need him anymore. She thinks that he should leave and he will never have to see her anymore. He knows that is not what she really wants. He looks around at her home and thinks that it is a really great place. He thinks that he is going to move in with her. She should let him live there with her because she owes him back rent. He let her live with him because she had no money and she should do the same. She thinks that he only wants to sleep with her. He doesn't want to leave. He is sorry for the way that he reacted the other day. He was angry with his family. She is not like his family and she actually does care about him. Nikolas understands that. He is sorry and she forgives him. He goes to her and kisses her shoulder. She kisses him back. They walk over to the bed and fall on each other. It is going to be one of those days again. After the love is gone, they realize that they have made up. They lie between the satin sheets of her bed. She is really getting a taste of what it is going to be like to be a model for real. She is feeling good about herself, but she is only in the Port Charles hotel. There is much more for her to experience than what is there. She is going to like having all the money for a change. She warns him to behave himself. He is happy. They kiss. Nikolas has something that he has to do. He is going to get his renunciation papers again. She can't believe that he is really giving it all up. He just wants to be free of the Cassidines forever. She sees that this is hard for him and she goes to him and holds him.

Roy is in the hospital, and he finds Bobbie with her child. Lucas has become very ill and she doesn't know what to do about it. She is trying to stay calm. This is her business, but somehow she can't be sure that Lucas is going to pull through. She has already lost one child and she can't bear losing another. She is resting in the room with her son, trying to stay awake when Roy enters. He goes to her and seems to know what it is that she needs. They hug. They step out of the room for a moment to speak. Roy shouldn't be dressed and walking around, but he wants to get going and start living again. As they hug, Felicia arrives and wants to know how Lucas is doing. Roy was the one that called her. Thank God for that. Felicia is a good friend to Bobbie and she could use all of her friends right now. Lucas is sleeping now, but he has a fever that is very high and Bobbie is sure that he is going to be okay. Felicia can tell that Bobbie is scared. Felicia is her friend. Bobbie doesn't have to hide from her. Felicia is sure that this isn't going to be like last time. Roy hears that and is not sure what that means. Bobbie has been watching Lucas breathe. This will not be like it was with her first child. Felicia is sure that he is just having flu and he will be much better. Bobbie has to go and watch her face. Felicia will watch Lucas for her while she is gone. Roy asks Felicia if there is something that he should know about. Felicia tells him that there is something that he should now. She tells him the story of Bobbie's child and the heart transplant. She gave up her daughter and the drunk driver. The little girl was critical and soon there was no choice. Bobbie and Tony gave up their daughter's life so that another child could live. Roy never knew that the loss of her other child was so traumatic. Roy goes to find Bobbie.

Luke is by himself in a hospital waiting room when Laura comes to be with him. Laura has heard the news about Lucas and that is why she is there to support Luke and Bobbie. Luke has been there all night. Lucky came there and apologized to Luke and Luke wasn't expecting that at all. Luke is sometimes really surprised by his son. He thinks that Lucky might just be upset about Lucas and that was why he was acting so friendly. When Luke looks at Lucky all he sees is Laura. Maybe that is why he fights with Lucky all the time. She thinks that it is never wrong to worry about the kids. Lucky is young man with a dynamic father and he has had his trouble finding his own way. When he overreacts to Luke, Luke needs to take a step back. Luke thinks that he can do that. Luke is very user-friendly. Laura has been the one with all the moves lately. She has been scaring Helena and Laura wants him to know that she can take care of herself. Luke always knew that she could take care of herself. Laura thinks that she should go and find Bobbie. Lucas is going to have some new tests. Luke is glad that Laura is there, family helps. Luke leaves her sitting and goes to look about his nephew. Scotty walks in and finds Laura looking after Luke, once again. When is she going to finally get him from under her skin? When she realizes that he is there, she is glad to see him and he thinks that she is sure pretty in the morning. They haven't had any breakfast and they will after they see Bobbie. Bobbie walks in the room and tells Laura and Scotty that Lucas is sleeping. Bobbie greets Scotty. They are old friends. Scotty had an idea for something to perk up Bobbie. He has gotten her a troll doll. The 3 friends laugh at the troll. Scotty has been using the doll as a good luck charm and thinks that Lucas would like the doll and think that the good luck from it would rub off on him.

Carly comes home and finds Sonny in the livingroom. She left for a trip earlier and now she is sure that she is going to be okay. She was impulsive and took her son with her to go off. She was wrong to leave and she doesn't want to fight. She tells him that Michael missed him and gives Sonny a picture to show how much Michael did miss his father. She needed to calm down and think. She has come up with an idea that is going to be perfect for them. Sonny searches her eyes to see if this is going to turn out to be another one of her crazy schemes. She had a great time with Michael watching the honeymooners. They should do that and make it happen. They should get a life together without Benny banging on the front door. Sonny must have millions and shouldn't have to worry about keeping her and Michael safe. She thinks that they can get their lives together and save themselves. She wants them to give up the business and run off to start a new life. He can't do that. If he walks off from his life, he will be hunted and killed. Carly still thinks that they could make a go of it and escape the life that he is currently living. He thinks that she is being silly. He will not leave the town and he will not leave the business. She can't change him. She thinks that it is going to be fun prancing through the different places and being free. He will have none of it. He will be killed and that is all that there is to it. She reminds him of the baby that they lost. It doesn't matter because there is nowhere that they can go. She wants to have another child and he will not agree to have one. She wants to be a family. This is his life and he tried to let her go. She wouldn't leave him and she said that she wanted him. She still wants him. She has to accept it. She thinks that they can have something better. He is not going to give up his life, not even for her. She thought that he was trapped and he was crazy worrying. He actually wanted this. He wanted money and power and this is what he has left. For him to stay alive, he has to stay in power. He loves her and she should only need to know that. He can't change and she needs to accept that. They will not bring another child into the world to live the same life that they are living now. Where does that leave her? It leaves her with him. He turns and leaves the room quickly.

Felicia is alone after talking to Roy and Luke walks up to speak with her. She has just told the story how BJ died many years ago. Roy was grateful for the information, but it has left her tired and exhausted bringing all that up again. Luke did hear the tailend of the conversation, but he is more concerned about Felicia and how she is feeling at that time. He wants to comfort her and make her feel better. She looks at him and tries to draw up a look of contempt. She doesn't quite make it. He likes seeing her there. Felicia would do anything for him. She tries to play that she is mad at him, but it isn't working. She might not accept his apology. He shouldn't' have forgotten about her for 2 weeks. He did miss her. He should have told her that. He is apologizing but he thought that they didn' t have to demand things like that anymore.

Roy finds Bobbie talking with Scotty and Laura. They joke about the troll doll. Scotty thinks that maybe the idea was too hoakie to give the doll to Lucas for good luck, but Bobbie thinks that it might be just the perfect thing. Bobbie once again thanks Laura and Scotty for being there. That's what good friends do. Roy wants to take Bobbie somewhere else for a while to give her a little break. He ushers her out of there. Scotty and Laura try to decide what they are going to do next. Laura will be with him in a moment but first she is going to see Lucas and give him a hug.

As Luke and Felicia are talking, Laura overhears them talking and deciding to finish their conversation somewhere else. What is it about her? She seems to have taken up where Laura left off with Luke so long ago. Laura is sure that she is over Luke, but she somehow can't get him out of her system on some small level. She was on her way to see Lucas when she came across these two. He looks at her the same way that he used to look at Laura many years ago. Felicia agrees to go with him and they walk off under the watchful eyes of Laura. She tries to fight the jealousy that is building up in her, but she can't. All she can do is keep it hidden.

Roy takes Bobbie to a hospital room and there is an empty bed there and he wants her to take a rest. All her friends are there because they love her and want the best for her. Lucas is in the hands of god and the doctors anyway and she shouldn't have to worry. He knows her very well. He puts her in the bed and tucks her in. She is really grateful for the help and caring of Roy. He is a special man. She puts her head on the pillow and he assures her that everything is going to be okay.

Luke takes Felicia off to a quiet corner. She admits that things did change for her. There was something that she wanted to tell him and he couldn't find time for her. She thought that she would speak with him and he didn't notice her. She broke his computer. It is fitting that they are standing on the roof because she wants to jump off. He wants her to talk to him. They had a deal and she wants that to change. She wants more.

Scotty is waiting in the waiting room when Laura returns. Laura wasn't able to see Lucas because the doctor was there and she didn't want to interrupt. He tells Laura that she is jealous of the troll that he got for Bobbie. For a moment she thought that he was going to accuse her of being jealous of something else. She offers to buy breakfast for the both of them and they go off to the Grill.

Carly arrives at the hospital to see Bobbie. She doesn't know the news. Roy is there to fill her in. Carly doesn't know what is up. He tells her that Lucas is sick and he is running a fever. Bobbie is a wreck. She is sleeping right now, but Carly wants to speak with her right away. He really thinks that she should let Bobbie have a rest. She thinks that she might be able to get what she needs from Roy. She wants to know if Bobbie and her mother are happy. He assures her that they are fine. He is free and so are the people that love her. Roy can tell that there is more going on here. She tells him that she wants to arrange for the FBI to arrest her husband.

Sonny is home alone talking about finding the bomb that was sent to them earlier.