General Hospital Update Thursday 4/19/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/19/01


The Q's are in the garden. Lila knows about Edward being mugged. Reginald
told her. She insist that Monica and Alan take her to the hospital to see him.

Melissa is in Edward's room at the hospital taking care of him. She can't
understand why Edward doesn't have any pain or bruises. He tells her she has the hands of an angel. AJ and Taggert come in to see him. Taggert says the junkie has an alibi for the mugging. It checks out.  they are back to square one on the case.  AJ is still suspicious of Zander.

Emily and Zander arrive at the hospital to see Edward. Zander is concerned
that the Q's and the police will accuse him of assaulting Edward. Emily tells
him she knows he didn't do it. They have to wait, the nurse tells them, until
AJ and Taggert leave.

Sonny and Carly are at home. Carly is still asking for an explanation. "Why
did Sonny change his mind about having a baby with her?" " Is it her?"

In the park Liz is trying to avoid another physical altercation between Jason
and Lucky. She tells Lucky she ran into Jason by accident. Liz is ready to
come clean about her feelings. She tells Jason she wants to make things right
for him. He tells her to make things right for herself. She tells Lucky they
need to go some where and talk. Jason watches them leave.

Sonny thinks Carly is being selfish. Everything is not about you, Sonny tells
her, don't you understand that. She doesn't. Sonny wants to get back to his
business, but Carly ain't having that, she is not done with him. Sonny tells
her that they have all they need, leave it alone. She thinks he is afraid of
losing another child. He says that is not it. She changes the subject.
Michael wants to give Sonny a birthday cake. He agrees, just make it the
three of them. Carly has bigger plans for Sonny's birthday. She walks out in
a huff.

Emily tells Zander she believes he didn't mug her grandfather. As long as
they know that that is all that matters. He is afraid he will be accused
anyway, remember Ted Wilson. He admits he has done a lot of bad things in his life. Zander brings up what happened in the barn. He won't push her until she is ready. She says she is ready, they just need to find the right time.

Taggert is not buying AJ's theory that Zander assaulted Edward. Why would he when all the previous charges against him were dropped. AJ thinks it was
because of the argument Edward and Zander had at the courthouse. AJ calls
Zander a hot head. Taggert is still not convinced. He shows Edward the
picture of the junkie. AJ lets it spill to Edward about the ER hostage
crisis, he doesn't believe that the guy would be out looking for more drugs
within an hour of mugging his grandfather. Edward already knows. He plans on demanding an explanation at the next hospital board meeting. Melissa tells
Edward how the situation really occurred, since she was involved. He insist
that she go home, but she wants to stay to be with her friend that was shot.
AJ seem very interested in what Melissa is saying.
AJ tells Taggert about the argument between Edward and Zander att he
courthouse. Edward tells him to stay out of it. Taggert agrees. Edward tells
Taggert about a man smoking a cigarette in the outside the courthouse. He
doesn't remember anything else, including what the man looked like or what he was wearing, no he was wearing a bright orange jacket. Oh now he remembers, the man works at the courthouse diner. AJ is supicious of his granfathers story. Melissa wants to know exactly where Edward was hurt. She doesn't understand why he doesn't have any pain. Edward can't explain it. She goes over his story with him one more time. He stutters an explaination, the Q's are made of sturdy stuff. AJ knows his grandfarher is up to something. He has no broken bones, no bruises and no tender areas. Melissa  orders another round of tests. Edward demands to go home. Lila arrives to see Edward, along with Reginald, Alan and Monica. She happily exclaims "Edward you have made a full recovery!"

Sonny is stewing over his fight with Carly. Johnny annouces that Mike Corbin,
Sonny's father has arrived to see him. Sonny tells him to go away, but Mike
barges in anyway. He wants to cook Sonny a birthday dinner. Sonny says fine, but mike knows something is wrong. Sonny tells Mike about Carly wanting a baby. Mike thinks that is great! Sonny doesn't.

Carly has arranged to meet Jason in the park. She has been shopping for
Sonny's birthday present. She asks Jason if she is a good mother. He says
absolutely. Carly feels like Sonny doesn't thinks so.

Liz and Lucky go back to her studio to talk. She tries to explain to Lucky
how she felt when she thought he was dead. her whole life changed, but she
never stopped loving him. something happened while he was gone. There is
something she hasn't told Lucky about her and Jason. She has been lying to
him, but not on purpose, she has also been lying to herself.
Lucky demands to know what happened between Liz and Jason. "Did you sleep with him", Lucky asks. "No, Liz says, I already told you that." Liz tells Lucky  Jason has feeling for her. Lucky thinks that is pretty obvious. Liz admits she feels something for Jason too. she hasn't wanted to admit it . Everything started when Helena took Lucky away, Liz starts, everyone thought he was dead. She couldn't imagine living without him. When she thought Lucky was dead she had an empty place in her heart and even though Jason never tried to fill it he helped her through it. he listened to her and let her be. When lucky came back he was a stranger for a long time. she never stopped loving Lucky, but she also never stopped caring about Jason as well. Lucky looks devastated by what she has just said. "Is that it, he asks." Liz says yes No more secrets, no more lies. So what now Lucky wants to know.

Jason reassures Carly that Sonny tells him what great mom she is all the
time. They sit on a park bench. "Why doesn't he want to have another baby, Carly whines." Jason wants to know if carly is pregnant. No she answers. She tells Jason today is Sonny's birthday, and what she really wants to give him is a baby. Carly tells Jason about the fight she and Sonny had before the Deception party. She tells him about her leaving the party and running into Sonny. Sonny telling her he loved her and kissing her in the rain, how beautiful it was to her. He gave her a gift and she wanted give him one too. A child, but he stopped her. She has no idea what he is really feeling, he lies so easily. She thinks Sonny doesn't want her to be the mother of his child.

Mike is giving Sonny all the reasons why he and Carly should have child.  He
knows Sonny always wanted to ahve a family. Sonny can't stop blaming himself for Lily's death. This is the life I chose he says. He can't have children if he can't keep them from dying. Mike doesn't think Sonny is being honest at
all. he knows his son loves Carly and wants a baby with her.. He thinks Sonny
believes he doesn't deserve to be a father.

Monica and Alan are at he hospital. They are very happy and Alan can't help
complimenting Monica on how beautiful she looks. He is amazed that they have lasted so long through so much. Monica asks Alan to marry her. She wants to renew their wedding vows. Lila, Reginald and Melissa join them. Melissa tells Alan she has ordered more test for Edward. AJ has taken Edward downstairs. Alan thanks Melissa for taking such good care of Edward.
AJ comes back, he asks Melissa about the extra test. Melissa thinks things
don't add up. AJ wants to compare notes. Melissa asks about Edward and
Zander. AJ walks Melissa upstairs and fills her in on his grandfather and
Zander. Lila thinks Melissa is a lovely youg women. Alan agrees. Monica
elbows him in the ribs. Emily and Zander step off the elevator. Lila calls to her granddaughter. Emily joins her family. There is an awkward silence. Monica asks Zander about the charges being dropped. Zander has something to say.
He knows that they all hate him he put Emily in danger, he hurt her, and he
took her away from them. He admits that was wrong, Lila agrees with him.  He says he is trying to turn his life around. Emily believes in him and he in
her and that is what matters. Alan tells Zander he wishes he ahd never come
to town. Monica wants everyone to focus on the future. Lila and Reginald go
to get Edward. Alan wants everyone to take Edward home together. As in her and Zander , Emily wants to know. Alan say things won't change overnight and leaves to join his mother. Monica tells Zander she believes he does care about Emily, and Alan is trying to accept him. Emily doesn't think her father is trying hard enough. Everyone agrees it won't be easy.

mike tells Sonny he does deserve to be a family. They discuss a memory of
when Sonny was eight and Mike took him to Coney Island. Mike tells him it was just a cover to meet his bookie. Sonny had wanted to ride the double ferris wheel and Mike had lied that he was to afraid to ride it. What he really
wanted was to meet his bookie. While Mike was with his bookie an eight year
old Sonny had wandered off to ride the ferris wheel on his own. He wanted to show his dad it was okay to ride the ferris wheel, he had nothing to be
afraid, even at eight years old Sonny was trying to take care of himself and
everyone he cares about. Mike thinks that if Sonny can take care of himself
like that at eight, he can take care of a child now.

At the Liz's studio she tells Lucky she doesn't know what comes next. She is
only trying to be honest. Lucky reminds Liz that jason is a killer, he tired
to kill him. He says everyone was right Jason has been after all along. Liz
assures Lucky that she still loves him. Lucky has a premonition he is about
to lose her, she is slipping away from him. He thinks she will leave him for
Jason. She tries to tells him that won't happen. Lucky won't listen to her
and runs out of the studio.

Edward is about to be released form the hospital. he can't stop singing
Melissa's praises. Melissa is looking at Edwards charts. She thinks that
something is odd about his test results.
The Q's leave to take Edward home. Alan tells Monica yes, he will marry her

A plane is about to depart from Llanview, PA. On that plane is Skye Chandler.
The plane is bound for Port Charles, NY.

Zander is nervous about seeing Edward. Edward is happy to see his
granddaughter. Alan invites Zander ot join them in taking Edward home.
Taggert shows up. he has an eye witness to Edwards attack. Zander is placed under arrest. Emily is stunned.

Mike apologizes for butting into Sonny's business. he knows that both his son
and Carly want a child. Sonny says what he wants has nothing to do with it.

Carly asks Jason when is the happiest he has ever seen Sonny? Jason tells
Carly the day they got back from Martinique and the day before Lily died.
Sonny is afraid but Carly thinks she can get him through it by ignoring him,
like she did when he tried to push her away in Martinique. She is willing to
do that again. She plan to get pregnant anyway.

Sonny tells Mike he has no right to out a child in danger.
Til tomorrow this is Tish, see ya.

Liz is worried about Lucky, she goes off to find him.
Lucky is at the boxcar. He takes out picturres of Liz and pins them to the
wall. He sits down and starts to cry.  

GH Quote of the Day:
"Beware of younger women who seduce husbands; they just might be related."
                                                      -Bobbie Spencer Jones