General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/18/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/18/01

By Tish

Bobbie is in the GH ICU watching over Roy as he sleeps.  He opens his eyes and says "Hi". She tells him about his being shot and his surgery. He asks if Melissa is okay. Bobbie tells him she doesn't have a scratch on her.

Melissa is in the park. She is replaying the hostage crisis in her head. She keeps seeing Roy being shot over and over again.  Jason walks by he is talking to Benny on his cell phone. He walks right into Liz. She says hello and asks where he is going. Jason asks what does it matter to her. He is acting very cold and distant with Liz. She tells him he doesn't have to be that way, Lucky forgave him for attacking him. Jason says he doesn't care about Lucky. He is not sorry for what he did. He would do it
again. Liz tells him she hates it when he is like this, unresponsive. Jason replies he is always like this. Liz is very hurt by his attitude towards her and turns to leave. Jason grabs her arm to stop her. Melissa has been watching the two, and misunderstands Jason's actions. She interferes and tells Jason to let go of Liz. Liz tells Melissa it is okay, she and Jason are friends. Melissa apologizes. She is about to leave, Jason says it is okay. Melissa apologizes to Liz again for being so presumptuous. She starts to leave and Liz asks to speak to her about something. Jason has to go. Melissa
apologizes to her again. Liz says it is okay she never knows what to say to Jason any more, she used to be able to tell Jason anything. Liz feels compelled to tell Melissa all about her life with Lucky and Jason.

Carly and Michael are in the penthouse playing. Today is Sonny's birthday. She is telling Michael all about their plans to have a baby. Sonny is on his way downstairs and overhears. He looks less than thrilled to hear what she is saying to Michael.

Scott brings a blindfolded Laura to Jakes. He wants to have fun. Laura says she has work to do. Scott wants her to have some fun.

Luke is sleeping at his desk in his office. He is having that dream about running through the corridors looking for Lucky and LuLu.  He is lost and alone, he  screams "Don't leave me". Lucky comes in and wakes this dad. He wants to know what the dream is about, Luke can't seem to remember much about it.

Helena is, once again, visiting her secret place.

Bobbie  tries to keep Roy calm. Roy want to know how long he has been in the hospital. Bobbie tells him what happened. She tells him she can not go through another ordeal of him being shot. She went through the same thing 20 years earlier and feel apart. Why didn't he let the pros handle things?

Liz asks Melissa if she thinks Jason looks dangerous, is that why she interfered earlier. Liz tells Melissa about her past relationship with him. She tells her about the year when she thought lucky was dead and how Jason
helped her through it. Melissa figures out that Jason is the one that beat up Lucky. She wants to know how Liz really feels about Jason. Liz tells her Jason is just a friend, she loves Lucky. Melissa looks skeptical, she says sometimes you can't help having those feeling about someone. She mentions a former boyfriend, (Roy), that lied to her, she thought she hated him, but
years later she realized she still had feelings for him. "What did you do", Liz asks. Melissa says he had to face her feelings. Be honest.

Lucky is still questioning Luke about the dream. Luke does not want to talk about it. He pours himself a drink and offers Lucky one. Lucky says no. Lucky tells Luke he came to offer his help with decoding the disk. What changed your mind Luke asks. Lucky yells at his dad. "Do you want my help or not?". Luke looks at his son as if he doesn't know him. Lucky is acting very strangely, very angry, almost as if he doesn't want to be there. Luke appears to be feeling ill. (Maybe there was something in the drink). Lucky starts to type on Luke's computer. Luke looks at his son strangely. "What", Lucky asks. "Nothing", his dad answers.

Scott takes off Laura's blindfold. Laura is surprised to find herself at Jakes. Scott has rented the place to teach her how to play pool. When they were younger, she always wanted to learn to play.

Sonny asks Leticia to take Michael to get a snack. He wants to talk to Carly. He doesn't like her telling Michael about their having another baby. He is very paranoid about their safety. What if he tells the wrong person? He wants to know if she is pregnant. She tells him she doesn't think so. The phone rings. He has to take it. Carly tells him they are not finished talking yet. Sonny has to leave. Carly stills wants to talk. Sonny says he never agreed to have another baby. They are good as they are, Isn't that enough.  Carly thinks he changed his mind because something happened and he no longer feels that they are safe.

Melissa and Liz are still in the park. Melissa tells Liz it is possible  to be in love with one person and attracted to someone else. Liz denies she is attracted to Jason. How does Jason feel? Maybe he is afraid to tell Liz how
he feels for fear she will push him away completely. Melissa's beeper goes off, she has to leave. She gives Liz one last piece of advice, when you can be honest with yourself, then you can be honest with other people.

Scott tells Laura he rented Jakes so she can learn how to play pool in private. When she gets better, then she can play in front of other people without being embarrassed. Laura is very happy with Scott's surprise. Scott proceeds with teaching Laura the basics of pool. She surprises him with a perfect break. She calls it beginners luck.

Lucky and Luke are working at the computer. Luke opens his safe. What the hell! The disks are gone! Lucky acts clueless. Luke is livid.

Scott is not having a very good game of pool. He tries to give Laura advice, but she is having a great game. Three perfect shots in a row. He finally catches on, she is hustling him. She took a course when they were younger and learned how to play to impress him.

Luke blames Helena for stealing the disks. Lucky seems relieved that the disks are gone. "It's for the best", he say, "we can never win." Luke can't believe what he is hearing, of course they can win. Why did Lucky offer to
help if he feels that way. Because Nikolas asked him too. Luke is shocked that Lucky wants him to forget everything that the Cassadines have done to him, but Nikolas wants to bring them down so it is okay to help. Luke asks Lucky when was the last time he spoke to Helena. Lucky wants to know why is asking him that.

Helena is still in her secret place. She is talking to someone. "Soon she will have everything we needs," she says. "We are almost there."

Liz is waiting for Jason in the park. Jason tries to leave, he doesn't want to hurt her. She tells Jason how she feels. She wants to talk to him, listen to the sound of his voice. To be with him, even though Lucky hates it.
Nothing like this has ever happened to her before. What does she want Jason to do? Tell her how he feels. Does he want to be friends or does he want
something more. He wants something more from her.

Lucky tells Luke he hasn't seen Helena. He knows what she is capable of better than anyone. He only came to help his dad. He is glad the disks are gone. He wants the war over, maybe then they can be a normal family again. When were the Spensers ever a normal family?

Bobbie sees Melissa in ICU, she is still angry about her part in Roy getting shot. She wants Melissa away from Roy. She doesn't believe Melissa's story about wanting to be friends anymore. Melissa tells her is is absolutely right.

Carly thinks that there is still a danger from Sorel or Carlos that Sonny is not telling her about.  That's why he changed his mind about the baby. She doesn't understand why he won't be honest with her. Sonny tells her it was hard enough losing their first baby. He can't go through it again. Carly tries to reassure Sonny that he is nothing like Deke. He is a great father. She asks him straight out if he wants to have a baby with her. He says no he doesn't.

Melissa tells Bobbie the truth. She came to PC to be close to Roy. She has given up that notion now. She knows he is in love with Bobbie. She wants Bobbie to tell Roy she is sorry he was hurt because of her.

Liz is happy to hear how Jason feels. She is sorry for giving him mixed signals. She wants more than a friendship too. She feels the same as Jason.
Jason is about to kiss her, when Lucky appears.

Laura and Scott are enjoying their pool game. He kisses her, he likes the aggressive Laura. She kisses him back. Her cell phone rings. It's Luke. Scott tells her to hang up. Luke wants to talk about Lucky. Laura asks if it is an
emergency. He says no, and she tells him she is busy and hangs up.

Luke takes another drink. He doesn't feel well.

Helena is still cackling about her soon to be won victory over Luke.