General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/17/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/17/01

by Tish

Stefan goes to see Alexis at her penthouse. He blames her for planting the seeds of rebellion against the Cassidines in Nikolas. Nikolas interrupts Stefan's tirade. He accuses Stefan of trying to initiate a powerplay against him. Nikolas is not to be stopped. He wants out of the family and there is nothing Stefan can do to stop him

On the docks Helena shows lucky the ice princess. He becomes hypnotised at the site of the diamond. He reaches out to touch it and Helena reassures him that everything is alright. Lucky looks frightened, but he is powerless to resist Helena and the ice princess. Lucky tells Helena no, but she insist "it is time".

Edward is causing a commotion at the hospital. He wants his nurse (Melissa). AJ tries to keep his grandfather calm. Edward wants Alan to come and check him out of the hospital immediately. AJ hasn't told him about the hostage crisis that is going on in ER. AJ questions his grandfather about who might have attacked him. Was it Zander, he asks.

Emily and Zander are going hot and heavy back at he barn. Emily's cell phone rings. They ignore it and continue kissing.

Roy gives the junkie the Demerol Bobbie has brought him to take away his with drawal pains. The addict goes to pick up the pills and Roy moves in to save Melissa. Bobbie watches in horror as shots are fired. Taggert moves in and knocks the junkie unconcious. Roy is left holding the gun. Melissa is free. Roy has been shot. He falls. Melissa and Bobbie look on in horror.

Emily finally answers her cell phone. Its AJ he tells her about Edward. Emliy is upset, she tells Zander what has happened. He says he'll take her to the hospital. Emily feels guilty about the way she has treated her grandfather. She tells Zander about Edward's bad heart. He tells Emily she had every right to stand up for herself, that people like Edward will push you around if you don't. Zander has no sympathy for the old man. Emily knows Zander doesn't like her grandfather. He tells Emily she has done nothing wrong. Emily asks Zander, what kind of person would beat up an old man?

Nikolas tells Stefan that he can have all the money the title everything. That Stefan and Helena can fight it out. "May the best Cassidine win". This amuses Nikolas, the irony of the "best Cassidine". Stefan tells Nikolas he is the best Cassidine. The future lies with Nikolas. He tells Nikolas that everything will be his soon, and he can make a contribution to world. Nikolas thinks that will be impossible, he'll be to busy fighting with Stefan and Helena. Stefan agrees that the trust may have been to strict. Nikolas had to be protected, it was to allow him to have a childhood before he took his place as head of the family and claimed the title of prince. Nikolas tells Stefan he doesn't want the title. Stefan wants the boy to claim his birthright. He knows it will be difficult because Helena is a vicious and relentless enemy. Nikolas tells his uncle that Helena thinks of him the same way. Stefan says Helena wants to control Nikolas. "And you don't", Nikolas replies sarcastically. "Grow up", Stefan tells his nephew, "you are the first son of a first son, that title is your right and your responsibility. Fight for it!" "Accept your destiny or it will destroy you." Alexis has heard enough, she tells Stefan to stop. Stefan asks Alexis if she supports Nikolas' decision, he thinks it was her idea. Alexis tries to tell Stefan that she and Nikolas had not discussed it. He doesn't believe her. Nikolas says it was his decision alone. Stefan thinks Nilolas is being naive, he accuses Alexis of having her own agenda. Stefan thinks Alexis is just as guilty of vying for influence with the young prince. Alexis says she is gulity only of trying to protect Nikolas. Stefan disagrees. It would be the ultimate revenge for Alexis. Mikos Cassidine's bastard child convinces the true Cassidine heir to defect from his family. Nikolas is appalled by his uncles words and gets in Stefan's face. Alexis pulls the two apart. This entire exchange seems to be amusing her. She is nor upset at all. She tells Stefan she thought he knew her better. Stefan knows how she has suffered. "We all have suffered, it is how they have each chosen to live their lives that counts", Alexis says. Stefan is not in the mood for her self rightious attitude. He thinks she has been waiting for the opportunity to avenge her mothers death. Alexis says she would never hurt Nikolas to do that. She agrees that Nikolas is the best thing that has ever happened to that family and if he choses to leave the entire lot of Cassidines behind like she did, "God bless him".

On the docks, Helena and Lucky are clutching the ice princess. Lucky is in a trance, but tries to fight Helena's power over him. Helena tells Lucky not to fight it, it will only make things harder. Lucky gives in and tells her she wins. Helena tells him he is hers now and they can began to do what must be done. And he will do what must be done. She calls him a good boy and caresses his cheek. She says she will enjoy watching Luke's son destroy his father. She removes the ice princess from Lucky's hands and leaves. Lucky sits down, he is still in a trance. Liz approaches and sits down next to him, when she touches him he looks at her as if he doesn't recognize her. She asks him what is wrong.

Luke is in his office at the club trying to decode the disks when he hears the news about the hostage situation at GH. The news announcer says that Roy is in critical condition. He puts the disks back in the safe. Luke goes to GH to check on things for himself.

Monica, Bobbie and Melissa are desperately trying to save Roy. Monica takes Roy into surgery. Alan won't allow Bobbie to assist with the surgery. Melissa tries to comfort Bobbie by telling her Roy will be alright. Bobbie turns on Melissa. She tells her to shut up and this is her fault. Roy got shot because of Melissa. Melissa can't believe what she just heard. Bobbie wants to know why Melissa didn't walk away when she had a chance. Melissa says she was trying to save Roy and the junkie's life. Bobbie accuses Melissa of wanting Roy's attention, of wanting him to rescue her. "No woman moves halfway across the country to be friends with a man she used to love" Bobbie says. "She risked Roys life because it felt good. Just like old times, the two of them back together again. Any excuse, any crisis to be close to Roy." Then she goes for the jugular, she tells Melissa that Roy no longer wants her, he wants what Bobbie can give him, a home , a family and a new life. Now thanks to Melissa he may never have that. Luke steps off the elevator at GH. Melissa is trying to apologize to Bobbie. "She did'n't want to hurt Roy. "Maybe you should have stayed in Chicago, Bobbie says, Stay away from Roy." Luke locks eyes with Melissa. She looks hurt, he looks sympathetic.

Stefan tells Alexis that no one is sorry she left the family. She was a mistake, an accident. She has no rights or privileges. No one counted on her to enlarge the families reputation. She is an embaressment. Alexis is ot affected by Stefan's tirade. She tells him his abuse of her will not endear him to Nikolas. "That's the point, you don't matter, regardless of how Nikolas feels or what he does he will be heir. It is a matter of family, a matter of blood, a matter of rank." He says he knows Nikolas, he won't turn his back on family. Alexis and Nikolas laugh at Stefan's arrogance. Nikolas tells Stefan that Alexis, Lucky, LuLu and his mother are his family. He wants no part of Stefan and Helena and is tired of saying it. "From now on think of me as my mother's son, think of me as Nikolas Spenser," Nikolas says. "Never", Stefan replies. He leaves. Nikolas tries to apologze for the things his uncle said to Alexis. He can't understand why with all the money he has Stefan wants more. What good is money if you don't do something good with it. Alexis thinks Stefan is trying to prove to Helena that he is a worthy advesary. Nikolas asks for Alexis help in renouncing his family. Alexis refuses to help the young prince walk away from birthright. She won't help him walk away from his family.

Liz can see somthing is wrong with Lucky. She takes his hands and he finally comes out of his trance. He speaks her name. They embrace, Lucky says he is okay now that she is there. She wants to head back to her room at Kelly's. Lucky says he can't.

AJ is trying to convince Edward to name Zander as his attacker. Emily and Zander arrive at the hospital. Edward is delighted to see Emily. She gives him a big hug. Emily promises never to leave him. She asks if he knows who attacked him. He doesn't tell her anything. Edward wants her to come home, but Emily won't unless he will accept Zander. AJ goes after Zander in the hallway. He accuses him of the attack.

Alexis understands Nikolas's anger and fear. She felt the same way at his age. She doesn't think he should be making any decisions right now. She thinks he should use his fortune to do good things for the world.

On the docks Lucky tries to tell Liz why he can't go with her. He has a feeling he says, sometimes he feels like he can't breath, he is cold and scared for no reason. She thinks he should talk to Kevin Collins. He won't even discuss that with her. He gets angry. He doesn't remember anything between the time he was thrrowing rocks at Wydemere and she sat down beside him. He was thinking about the fire and how long it had been since he felt happy.She tells him everthing will be okay. She leaves to wait for him at Kellys.

Melissa tries to tell Luke what happened to Roy. He comments on Bobbie's anger towards her. Melissa says everything was her fault. Maybe she could have gotten away. He listen's to her ramble about her feelings. He tries to comfort her. "What if he dies", Melissa asks. "Then the people that love him will never get over it", Luke says, "just because you mean well doesn't mean that it is going to go away." She just wants Roy to live. She leaves.

Bobbie goes in to watch the surgery. Roy's heart stops!

Nikolas talks to Alexis about the circumstances of his conception. None of this was his choice. He never wanted to be the prince, or inherit the Cassidine fortune. Should he just give in, not stand his ground. She doen't want him to be like her. It doesn't matter what he calls himself, he will always be a Cassidine.

AJ tells Zander to keep his hands off Emily. Emily interrupts the fight between AJ and Zander. Taggert butts in on the argument. Emily is defending Zander against AJ's accusations. A policeman comes with news for Taggert.

Melissa goes to the hospital chapel to light a candle for Roy. While the OR team is fighting to save Roy's life, she is making an agreement with God to give up Roy if he will let him live. Bobbie was right Melissa came ot Port Charles to be with Roy. Bobbie watches as the man she loves finally comes back to life, Roy's heart starts beating again. Melissa makes her deal with God, if Roy lives she will walk away from him.

Taggert tells Edward that his wallet was found on the junkie he just arrested. Case closed.

Nikolas wants a life beyond the Cassidines. Alexis, Lucky, Gia and his mother have shown him that it is possible to have good people in his life. It is not just about rejecting the Cassidines, he knows what he wants and he would be betraying himself if didn't renounce his title. He feels that the Cassidine money is blood money. It will never do anything good no matter who is spending it. Alexis disagrees, She won't help Nikolas renounce his family, she will stick by him no matter what though, she loves him.

Helena runs into Liz on the Docks. She asks about Lucky. Liz is not telling. Liz tells Helena that she and Lucky share everything. Helena is amused by Lizs spunk. It will be a pleasure to squash her.

Lucky goes to Luke's club looking for his father. He sees his dad's computer. He goes back into a trance.

Luke tries to comfort his sister. Roy is out of surgery. The doctor says he is stable. Bobbie sits with Roy in ICU. Melissa watches through the window.

Til tomorrow, this is Tish, See'ya!

GH Quote of the Day: The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that parents can be so paranoid. -Emily Quartermaine