General Hospital Update Monday 4/16/01


General Hospital Update Monday 4/16/01

By Tish

Luke drops by Laura's house to leave a check for LuLu's child support. Luke asks Lucky for his help. He tells his son about the encrypted disk. Luke
would like his son's help with breaking the code. Laura arrives home, she keeps out of sight and listens to their conversation.

Nikolas is enraged after hearing Helena and Stefan discussing using him as if he is a chess pawn to be maneuvered as they see fit. The young prince angrily
confronts them both in his uncle's study at Wyndemere. Helena tries to calm him, but Nikolas does not want to be calm or rational. "Whomever controls the key controls the family fortune, and he is the key" Nikolas quotes. Stefan tries to deny his words but Nikolas overheard him earlier. Nikolas has made a decision about his future as a Cassadine.

Monica and Alan try to calm Edward down in the hospital ER. Taggert would like to ask Edward some questions about the mugging, but AJ insist the detective leave now. Bobbie rushes in to get Taggert. AJ tries to reassure his grandfather by telling him he will make whoever did this pay.

Emily and Zander are in the stables enjoying their picnic and listening to music. Zander kisses Emily and things start to heat up. The kiss becomes more passionate and Zander lowers Emily to the ground.

Back at the hospital a drug addict has taken Melissa hostage. He wants drugs in exchange for his hostage. Roy is trying to handle the situation when
Taggert arrives. The addict becomes more upset. Roy fills Taggert in on the situation so far. Taggert insist they wait for the PD hostage negotiator. Roy
insist they don't have time. Taggert responds by ordering all non- essential personnel out of the area. That means you, Roy. The addict drags Melissa into a nearby examining room. Roy ask Bobbie about a
possible other entrance into the room.

Edward won't allow AJ to call Lila, he doesn't want to worry her. Monica fills Alan in on the hostage situation.

Nikolas declares his independence form the Cassadine clan. He tells Stefan and Helena they can continue to torture each other over the family fortune, but he is finished. He severs all ties with the Cassadine's. Nikolas renounces his claim as the Cassadine prince. Helena tells him that is impossible. Nikolas disagrees. He grabs the book that chronicles the Cassadine history off the shelf. "The Cassadine legacy is full of betrayal and greed", Nikolas says, but it doesn't even began to cover the full story," He has watched Helena terrorize people and Stefan manipulate everyone around him all his life. Nikolas tells them both he chooses his mother Laura's family over the Cassidines. Stefan tells Nikolas that is not his decision to make. "Nikolas is the first born son of a first born son and must lead the family." "The
hell I will", Nikolas says and starts to rip the pages from the Book of Cassidine. Stefan tries to restrain the boy but it is no use. Nikolas tells them both to stay the hell away from him and runs out, still enraged. Stefan wants to stop him, but Helena insist on letting the prince leave. "The Spencer's will soon mean nothing to him", she says. Stefan wants to know how she will arrange that. He calls her a fool for letting Luke keep the disks after she paid him a million dollars to get them back. Stefan admits he has his own agenda, but he wants to know what is on those disks now!

Meanwhile at Laura's house she continues to hide and listen to Luke try to convince Lucky to help him decode the disks. Lucky tells his father that both he and Nikolas have agreed to stay out of  the family wars. Luke had to have known he would say no. Luke shows Lucky the disks, Lucky gets an odd look on his face and insists he has to leave now. Laura makes her presence known. She berates Luke for trying to drag their son into his war with the Cassadines after all Helena has done to them.

In the barn Emily and Zander call a halt to their passionate embrace. The two can't take their eyes off each other. They give into their passions again.

In ER Monica tells AJ about the hostage crisis, But Edward is not to be told. Edward asks for Nurse Melissa, he likes her.

Taggert and Roy see the addict put the gun to Melissa's head. The swat team and the hostage negotiator have arrived. Taggert is keeping things calm and under control as much as possible. He tells Alan to keep all
hospital traffic out of the area. Meanwhile, Roy has found another entrance into the room where Melissa is being held. Melissa is trying to keep her captor distracted by telling him about her brother. The addict becomes agitated when he cannot find any drugs in the room. Roy burst through the doors. He tells the addict he is his only hope of getting what he wants.

Helana is trying to put the pages of the Book of Cassadine back together. She is telling Stefan about his childhood. She doesn't think Stefan was ever
really a child. Helena says the disks are to keep Luke distracted, they mean nothing. Stefan knows better. He isn't fooled for a minute.  He tells Helena
how Luke got the disks in the first place, about Darius, the safe deposit box and the stolen disks.

Luke insist he isn't trying to drag Lucky into anything.  He is not trying to get Lucky to fight in a war against the Cassadine's. He asks Lucky to reassure his mother, and tells him the disks are strictly confidential. When he shows Lucky the disk again, Lucky becomes nervous, he gives his mother the check Luke brought and rushes out of her house. Luke looks confused by his son's behavior. Laura knows the check is Cassadine money. "What are you thinking Luke", she asks. Laura gives Luke back the check. She does not want the Spencer/Cassadine conflict in her house. The money is blood money and she doesn't want if for LuLu. Luke insists that no one has died for the money, but Laura insist he is wrong. Luke doesn't care as long as they were Cassadine's. She goes over the Spencer/Cassadine history with him. She tells him it is over, they are over. She wants him to forget about the Cassadine's, he will, if she will, but that has to include Nikolas.

On the docks, Lucky finds a bum with the knife he pulled on Jason, he buys the knife and throws it into the river. He is throwing rocks at the water when Nikolas finds him. The brothers continue to throw rocks at Wyndemere.

AJ tries to keep his grandfather calm while the hostage situation unfolds outside his room. Monica gives Edward a sedative. Edward insist on seeing Alan.

Roy tells the addict he knows what he is going through. He tries to reassure the man that someone will get him the drugs he needs.  Taggert is livid that Roy interfered with the situation. The negotiator has no success with the addict. He will only talk to Roy. Roy tells Taggert to give him the drugs. Bobbie begs Roy not to go back into the room, Roy insist he has to, he tells Bobbie he loves her and goes back. Bobbie tells Alan to get the drugs the addict wants, Alan says he can't do that. Roy tries to keep the man calm. He turns the gun on Roy.  Bobbie tells Roy it will take a while to get what he wants, the addict is getting out of control. Melissa tells the man he can trust Roy to get what he wants because Roy has been where this man is. Roy tells the man to give him his gun first. He won't do it. Roy insists on staying. Bobbie stays with him.

AJ asks his granfather if Zander could be the one that attacked him.

Roy is trying to keep the addict calm. It isn't working. Bobbie goes to get the drugs from Alan. Alan tells her to give Roy the drugs and clear out. The hostage negotiator tells Taggert he has to take the addict out now or Melissa and Roy will get hurt. Taggert gives the go ahead. Bobbie gives Roy the drugs.

Laura's boys are throwing rocks at the water. Nikolas tells Lucky about his severing his ties with the Cassadine's. Helena hides and  listens to the boys
talk. Lucky tells Nikolas about Luke's wanting to heat up the war between their families. He reassures his brother he will not be a part of it. Nikolas says that Luke is free to destroy Helena as far as he is concerned and Lucky is free to help him.

Laura can't believe Luke wants her to forget about one of her children. She was kidnapped when Nikolas was conceived, it was not adultery. She says Luke is a stranger to her. He agrees. Laura thinks that Lucky has recovered from the programming. They all need to move on, she will not take Cassadine's blood money.  Luke brings up Laura's dating Scotty. She insist it is not serious, unlike him and Felicia. Laura agrees not to tell anyone about the disks.

Nikolas knows Helena is up to something. He prays that Luke will take care of Helena, and Lucky is free to help him. He leaves. Helena appears in front of Lucky. She pulls out the ice princess, Lucky is mesmerized.

Emily and Zander are still in a passionate embrace. Zander lowers her to the ground and the two start to undress.

AJ tells Monica his thoughts on Zander being Edwards assailant.

Roy gives the addict the drugs. The man is so shaky he drops them. He tells Roy, Melissa is dead, Roy moves in to take the gun. Two shots are fired.

Til tomorrow this is Tish,  saying keep watching ya'll.

GH Quote of the Day:
"Being CEO is the best way to learn the family business."
                                               -A.J. Quartermaine