General Hospital Update Friday 4/13/01


General Hospital Update Friday 4/13/01

By Glynis

Zander and Emily are together alone talking about when his lifestyle is going to stop. He is sure that Edward is going to go after him even though those charges have been dropped. Everything that he has done has been for the both of them and he canít lose her now. Now that the trial is over, Emily is sure that Edward can change. She feels that Zander was defending himself. HE thinks that everything that you want doesnít always happen. He wanted everything to be perfect. Her grandfather had no right to go after him in the courthouse. Her grandmother is already on their side and her mother is coming around. They are there to celebrate. HE canít believe that the worst is over. They have been running ever since they met. That day, he stood up and he won. This is a new beginning for Zander. He gets to start over now. He feels like he has put her through a lot. She is very proud of him and they are going to be together. He is still the guy that took her hostage and sold drugs, but he is still the guy that saved her life. She brings up the good examples of the things that he has done. He is a good person. No one has ever cared for him like her. She saved him and not the other way around. He doesnít want her to regret sticking with him. He made her believe in second chances. She knew that he was going to share his second chance with her. The start with their picnic. She doesnít know anything about his family and there isnít much to be said. He has written his life off and he is not going back. He will not discuss it. What happened back then scares him? He can tell her anything and he has known her for a long time. This is a new beginning for him and the both of them together so he wants to hold on to that. They can do or be anything that they want and she believes that. He wants her to believe in the both of them. He feels that this is happy. They kiss. He holds her and she hasnít noticed that his knuckles are bruisedÖ.

Taggert is walking and finds an old man face down on the ground. The man is not moving. Taggert turns the body over to find Edward lying unconscious on the floor. They are behind the courthouse and Taggert calls for an ambulance. Slowly Edward wakes up. He may have a concussion. He was walking along and everything went black. He is having pain in his heart. Taggert assures him that everything is going to be okay.

Lucky and Nikolas come running into Lauraís house pretending to be running from a monster. They have just taken her to the zoo and she was wearing a mask. She thanks them for taking her to the zoo. She runs up to get a favorite video. Lucky goes to get some popcorn so that they can watch the videos with her. Nikolas likes being there with her. Seems that Lulu is with her grandmother doing something else. She has forgotten totally about the Lion King video. Nikolas didnít know what a family was like until he came there. They care about each other there. Lucky thinks that his family lies about the past too much. Nikolasí family only cared about power for themselves. That is where Luckyís family is different. The Cassidine legacy is as fake as the mask that Lulu was wearing earlier. Lucky goes into deep thought at what Nikolas is saying. If Nikolas wants a future, he is going to have to get away from his family. That still wonít guarantee that he will have a great future. Lucky feels sometimes that they are just living on borrowed time.

Monica comes to work and all the staff is clapping. She has a clean bill of health. She thanks them all and tells them all to get back to work. Bobbie is there and is glad to be sharing the good news. Melissa is there being very helpful to Monica and Bobbie doesnít like that one bit. Bobbie offers to help but it really isnít necessary.

Roy is in Lukeís office when the banker arrives to foreclose on the property. The foreclosure canít take place unless there is money raining down from heaven. Luke walks in and shows the banker the money in his suitcase. That suitcase of money should be able to take care of the bills. The bankerís mouth drops open. The money is real and the banker is given a receipt for the cash. He is asked to sign the receipt. The transaction is perfectly legal. The banker signs the receipt and Roy gives him a garbage bag to take the money with him. The banker starts putting the money in the bag and walks out of the club. Luke shows the banker a fake gun and after he leaves Luke pulls the trigger and a little scarf with the word, "bang" pops out. He managed to get the money without giving up the CDs. Helena doesnít want her son to know what she is so hot for. Helena is going to strike back and they know it. Luke is still going to try and break the code to the discs. Roy will take care of the club for him. Roy gets his coat and Luke is scared that he is leaving. Roy has an engagement, but Luke wants him there. Luke has things to do and he has to stash the rest of the cash somewhere. What is one more night to be with Bobbie? He waited 20 years. Luke is going to use the rest of his money to find the diamond. The next thing that he is going to take from Helena is the Ice Princess.

Stefan is on the phone making sure that Helena gets nothing without his signed permission. He makes another call to Helena who is at the hospital. He tells her that he knows that she has paid Luke for the item with one million dollars from the estate. He wants to talk to her right away or she will be arrested for embezzlement.

Melissa comes over to Bobbie and apologizes to her for having to work with her. Bobbie says that she can handle it. Alan comes up to find Monica and they direct him to her. Melissa thinks that they should talk about her working there. Bobbie thinks that if Roy can deal with them being in town together she can too.

Edward is brought into the hospital and Melissa is there to take care of things. She assures Edward that he is okay now. They need to run an EKG. He is calling for his son and Monica. Bobbie enters the room and recognizes Edward. She assures him that she will get Alan and Monica. Melissa takes care of him and Edward is glad that she is there.

Bobbie gets Alan and Monica and then she bumps into Helena. Helena finds her to be very ill mannered, just like her brother.

Alan and Monica enter Edwardís room and they get the results of his attack. Edward feels like he is being torn apart from the inside. Bobbie is there with the family, but has to go to the accident victim at another part of the emergency room. Bobbie is feeling left out as Melissa is staying but she leaves anyway.

Melissa is working and leaves the room for a moment. She bumps into Roy and they talk for a moment in the hall. She is doing fine, except for her car. She is having trouble with the car but is not ready to give it up. She signed up for a mechanics class. As they are talking, Bobbie walks into the area and sees Roy speaking with Melissa. Once again, she gets that feeling of jealousy in her soul. She hears them talking about alternators for cars. She walks up to speak with him after Melissa leaves. She can meet him at 7pm, but he has to change plans. He has to work. It came up at the last minute. He kisses her and she leaves. Melissa appears again and bumps into Roy; Bobbie sees that from afar. Melissa leaves Roy where he is standing and Bobbie goes to speak with him. As she starts talking, someone grabs Melissa in the area. He is not a staff member and he has a knife. He holds Melissa and tells the staff that he better get what he wants or she is going to get it.

Helena shows up on Lukeís doorstep. She thinks that she has been double-crossed. He denies that he has said anything about their deal and what she was trying to get from him with the money. HE is not involved. He tells her to go into the club and relax seeing as it is Karaoke night. He walks out slamming the door.

AJ shows up to see his grandfather and finds out that he is doing okay. AJ goes to his grandfather and Edward is very happy to see him. Taggert wants some information but they make him wait so that he can answer questions later.

Nikolas goes to see Stefan and he isnít in his office. Nikolas looks around the room and when he hears his grandmother talking to Stefan and walking to the room, he hides. He hears Stefan talking about Embezzlement and one million dollars going to Luke. He pours her a drink. She thinks that what she does with the money is no business of his. She is no longer trustee and he will not be trustee much longer. Stefan has taken steps to make sure that Alexis will not be named trustee. Helena thinks that Nikolas has been surrounding himself with losers like Gia and Lucky. Helena thinks that Gia and the others can be useful in their way. They have to make sure that they use the others properly. Stefan is sure that she canít get him to stay away from his friends. Stefan will win him back, he is sure of that. Helena is going to get her place back on the board as trustee. Nikolas comes out of the closet and tells them that he is going to put an end to this once and for all.

Luke comes over to see Lulu and finds her playing with Lucky. Luke has brought her something. It is a note of some sort. Luke needs Luckyís help.

Edward is put in his room and Taggert tells him that there is reason to believe that Edward was robbed. Edward grabs his chest and Monica runs to him and tells him to relax. She gets out her stethoscope and takes care of him.