General Hospital Update Thursday 4/12/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/12/01

By Glynis

Carly is in bed with SonnyÖ. She wants to know what he thinks. She was thinking about the night before. She is wondering if they made a baby. They will keep trying until they get it right.

Laura enters her office and finds the place full of flowers. She finds a note telling her that her company is in full bloom and that she is spectacular. She guesses that this happened because of Scotty. He walks in behind her and tells her that she is welcomed. She is happy to get the flowers. He has more for her. In her chair there is something else. The difference between lawyers and others is that lawyers have to steer things in the direction where they want things to go. She did that the night before. She stepped right in the night before and she was in control. They then went back to her house and she kissed him. They actually kissed each other. The moon was out and it was orange and for that time, he thought that it was just him and her. Leslie walks in and thinks that Laura has a greenhouse in her office. Leslie thinks hat Laura looks different from breakfast, but that is a good change.

At the courthouse, Alexis is there and meets with Zander. He brings her breakfast, but she really needs an Alka-Seltzer. He apologizes for her thinking that he was somewhere else. They are going to read the verdict that day. They will find out what is going to happen to Sorel and then it will be over. He thinks that he is finished now for good.

Emily is with her family and hovering over Monica. She hasnít been around lately, but she still isnít ready to return home. Edward is sure that Zander is going to be out of her life that day forever. Edward didnít have to do anything. Justice will prevail he thinks. Whatever happens will have nothing to do with him. Emily wasnít aware that the verdict was going to be heard that morning. She excuses herself and runs off. Monica and Alan are upset that Edward has managed to run Emily off again. They canít forget that Zander is the one that kidnapped Emily. Edward leaves the room pretending to go and see Lila, but instead, he goes out of the house.

The DA can tell that Edward is poking his nose where it doesnít belong. Zander is worried about his case and approaches the DA. She tells him not to have any outbursts once he is in the courtroom. Zander promises to keep it together. Sorel is being led into the courtroom, but stops long enough to tell Zander that tomorrow he is going to be a ghost.

Mack and Taggert arrive at the courthouse and Alexis asks them to keep Sorel under wraps.