General Hospital Update Monday 4/9/01


General Hospital Update Monday 4/9/01


Carly, Sonny and Alexis are at the penthouse. Alexis has just slapped Sonny. Sonny is stunned, Carly is livid. She orders Alexis out of their home. Alexis states that she is opposed to violence, but she adds, she knows that Sonny
will understand what it is like to sink below the level of human decency. Carly wants her gone, now. Alexis tells Carly she will leave when she is finished, and she's not finished yet!

Meanwhile at the hospital Bobbie is on the phone with Roy. She hasn't talked to him in days and Roy is anxious to see her. He asks her to stop by the FOD party at Lukes, Bobbie says she wouldn't miss it. Audrey and Melissa walk by and Bobbie overhears Audrey invite Melissa to the Deception party at Lukes. Bobbie is not happy to hear this. Bobbie asks Audrey if Monica's biopsy results are in, not yet, Audrey says. Felicia comes to the hospital eager to talk to Bobbie. She is still in tears over seeing Luke and Laura together at his club earlier.

At Lukes place, Laura is still in shock after being shown Gia's picture in Belle magazine as the new Face of Deception. She tells Mr Austin, the magazine's fashion editor that Gia is not the new FOD, he tells Laura , Gia
should be her new model, he is very impressed with her photo. Laura takes another look at Gia's ad. Nikolas is concerned about how Gia is holding up, she looks a little nervous. Gia knows she has been busted. She tells Nikolas she wants to go home and he agrees to leave now.
Elton runs interference for Laura with Mr Austin, the fashion editor. He tries to take him away for a drink, but no such luck. Lucky is gushing over the future he and Elizabeth will have with her as the new FOD. He notices that something is up with his mom. Nikolas insists on saying goodnight to his mother. Laura confronts Gia with
the evidence of her and Carly's deception.

On the yacht Luke is examining the money that Helena has given him to make sure it is not marked. Helena wants to know, where are her disks? Luke is not entitled to one cent until she gets them back. Luke has other plans. He says Helena can keep the ice princess, he'll keep the disks and the money, and if Helena is sweet she'll have one more chance to buy it all back before he sells them to Stefan. "How does that sound darling?", Luke smirks. Helena tries to call his bluff, he wouldn't do business with Stefan. Luke is cool, he pours himself and Helena a drink and continues. Not only does he
threaten to sell them to Stefan but also to every other member of the Cassadine clan. Things are looking Luke-creative, so to speak. Today is just a down payment for keeping the disk safe and his mouth shut. That's black
mail Helena says, she rants that he is trying to bleed her dry. Luke leaves and Helena throws her brandy snifter at the door. Luke can't resist a parting shot. "You missed me", he chides.

Felicia and Bobbie go to the hospital lounge to talk. Felicia tells Bobbie what she overheard between Luke and Laura. Luke still sees Laura as that 18 year old girl he vowed to protect from the world many years ago. Bobbie wonders why Felicia is surprised, Luke and Laura have a bond that can never be broken. Felicia doesn't know what to do. Bobbie tells Felicia to fight for him, tell Luke how she feels. Felicia doesn't want to fight. Bobbie warns
Felicia that Luke may very well break her heart, but if she loves him, she loves him. Go after what she wants. Felicia doesn't want to have her heart broken again, she realizes Luke doesn't love her at all. Bobbie tells Felicia that she will regret it if she doesn't try, go to the party and tell
Luke how she feels.

Meanwhile at Lukes, Gia convinces Laura that she knew nothing about the ad, the photo is one of her test shots. Mr Austin is trying to shake Elton, who is trying to keep him out of the conversation Laura is having with Gia. Lucky confirms it is one of the test shots. Liz asks, how did it get in the magazine? Nik says it must be Carly up to her old tricks again. Scott thinks they should sue Carly, take Sonny's 1% and do what they want with Deception.
Laura says she does not want that kind of publicity for her company. Laura decides to worry about it later. Gia apologizes to Liz for ruining her night. Liz tells Gia it is a beautiful ad. Mr Austin agrees and wants to meet the
stunner that posed for the picture. Nikolas is beaming with pride. Gia asks for Laura's ok to talk to him. Nikolas introduces Gia to Mr Austin, they have worked together before. Scott thanks Elton for running interference. Laura apologizes to Mr Austin for the ad mix up, she wants him to meet the real FOD. She introduces him to Elizabeth, who is obviously nervous. Mr Austin is not impressed and can't wait to get back to Gia. He makes a remark to Nik and Gia, who knows what the client wants, but he has seen a lot of models come and go and whatever is
going on with Deception, she is a star. He tells her she has style. Gia is gracious and poised. She handles all the attention extremely well. Nik just stands back and watches his "Sparky" shine. Liz overhears ever word Mr
Austin says to Gia. Mac Joins the party. Roy pours him a drink. he asks Roys opinion on the Sorel trial. Roy has a less than enthusiastic response. Roy ells Mac he is finished with Sonny Corinthos.

Back at the penthouse Sonny is giving Alexis his reasons for handling Zander the way that he did. He kept Zander alive to testify, end of story. Alexis still isn't finished. She lets Sonny have it, he lied to her, he let her worry, trashed her apartment, worried Emily and they both believed. Carly
tries to jump into the fray, but Sonny and Alexis both shut her out. Alexis paints Sonny a tyrant. She fells betrayed because she thought of Sonny as a friend. She defended him, she calls him her "noble prince of the under world.
Does he think he is entitled to unquestioned loyalty. Does all that power make him swell up like a tick. Carly once again tries to defend her husband, but Sonny cuts her off and tells her to stay out of it. Sonny tell Alexis about Zander being grabbed outside of Kelly's earlier, he took care of that. Alexis wants to know why he didn't tell her about that either. He should have grabbed her by the hand and let her know that Zander was okay. Carly can't believe what she just heard, does Alexis think that she is Sonny's wife, she asks. Sonny cuts off Carly again. Sonny's is Alexis would have been obligated to tell the police. Carly wants to know what the big deal is anyway. Sonny
tells Alexis she ignored his rules and got to close to Zander. She acted more like a mother than a lawyer. "Sonny knows best", Alexis says. Sonny says he took care of it. Alexis accuses him of putting Zander at risk of a mistrial, witness tampering. Carly reminds Alexis she just slapped her best client. Alexis tells Sonny to go to hell and storms out of the penthouse. Carly is ready to have her say. She asks Sonny if he is okay. He thinks Alexis will change her mind and come back.

back at Lukes Lucky can't believe Liz isn't upset over the ad. She says she is just exhibiting grace under pressure. Laura wants to talk to Liz. Liz is awfully rational she observes. Liz nonchalantly replies her job is just to
sit still and have her picture taken. She doesn't run the company or make the product. She thinks Gia's picture is wonderful. She almost tells Laura she wishes Gia
had won the job. Laura asks Liz should she have let her resign. Lucky interrupts and takes Liz away. Laura has a lot to think about.

Nikolas is congratulating Gia on her attitude, she has even been complimenting Liz to the reporters. Taggert shows up and congratulates his little sister as well. She reminds him that she lost. He tells her she is the face of the new millennium as far as he is concerned. Mr Austin overhears
and agrees, (Elton is still dogging the poor man). Mr Austin wants to offer Gia a modeling contract on the spot. All she has to do is move to New York! Nik looks heartbroken. Elton gives Gia a congratulatory hug.
Luke returns with his suitcase full of loot. Laura tells Scott to brace himself. Scott suggest Laura punch Luke in the nose. Luke stops to tell Laura nice party. He shows Roy his ill gotten gains. Roy is not interested.
Luke can poor his own drink.

Carly and Sonny are still at home. She apologizes for getting in his way tonight. He says she always does. Carly tells Sonny of course Alexis will be back, he is her best client and only friend. Sonny is silent. Carly can't
wait to see Alexis beg, she thinks Sonny should kick her to the curb. Sonny says that won't happen. Alexis doesn't beg and he won't replace her as his attorney. Carly can't believe what she is hearing. Alexis just slapped him. Sonny tells his wife it is none of her concern. Stay out of his business. Carly will not let Alexis get away with disrespecting her husband. She'll take care of Alexis herself. Sonny won't allow that! He tells Carly to leave him alone.

Bobbie arrives at Lukes to find Roy outside getting some fresh air before the rainstorm. Bobbie knows something is wrong. Roy starts to tells her about what happened with Alexis and Sonny. Melissa interrupts. When she leaves Roy
seems distracted and insist he and Bobbie go inside.
Melissa makes a point of introducing herself to Laura.
Gia turns down Mr Austin's offer. Elton begs her to reconsider. Mr Austin asks if she really wants to be a model. Very much she tells him, buts he has
something else she wants even more than being a model. She and Nikolas share a secret smile between them.
Felicia arrives, uninvited, looking beautiful. Luke tells her she outs every other woman to shame and she doesn't need an invitation. Felicia wants to talk to Luke alone in his office. Luke goes to get a drink for them. Felicia sees Mac and he acknowledges her greeting. Taggert asks Mac how his campaign to win Felicia back is going.
Better than it looks he replies. He watches his wife leave the room with Luke. So do Laura and Scott. Scott offers to throw Luke out for Laura. She declnes and says she just wants to have a good time with him. Luke and Felicia return to the party. Scott offers to throw Luke out again.
Laura shows Scott Gia's ad. She tells him to look at Gia. Gia is surrounded by reporters and they love her. This girl is in her element. Nik silently watches and listens with that smile plastered on his face. Liz acts as if the
FOD is the last thingon her mind. Scott comments that Liz is pretty, Laura knows that Liz hates being in the limelight. Liz gets up to go out for some air and runs into Mac, spilling his and her drink everywhere. Laura sees th
accident and cringes. Bobbie is still concerned about Roy. He doesn't want to talk about what happened. He talks about not wanting money or power. Bobbie knows he is
talking about Sonny. Roy has realized he doesn't want to be Sonny.

At the penthouse. Carly is hurt Sonny wants to be left alone. Sonny accuses Carly of goading him to see how far she can push him. Carly says Sonny won't let anyone getting close to him, she says that is why he married a women he can't stand. He says maybe she is right. Carly starts to cry. he says he lies to her no more than she lies to him. He uses exception as the prime example. He wants to know why they are trying to make a life together. They are better at tearing things apart than putting them together. Neither of them wants that. The phone rings, it's for Carly, she is needed at the party. She doesn't want to go, but Sonny insist. He is not going with her. Carly says
the difference between the two of them is she believes the best in him, but he thinks the worst of her. She leaves without him. Sonny leaves a letter for Carly, he has a plane ticket and a car waiting for him. Carly is stuck in traffic. She wants Johnny to go around. He can't, so she decides to walk instead. It is pouring down rain, but she gets out anyway Luke and Felicia drink a toast to his saving the club. Alexis come plowing into Lukes looking for Roy. Audrey arrives just in time. Liz is happy to see he grandmother. Laura is ready to make her announcement. She calls both girls exceptional. Carly arrives at the party, soaked to the skin, her beautiful red gown is ruined. Elton tells her to be quiet. Gia tells Nik she can take the disappointment she is not being announced the FOD
as long as he is with her.

Laura makes he announcement, "The new Face of Deception is ..."

Til tomorrow, this is Tish, leaving you with a GH quote of the day.

"When people Lie to each other, something breaks inside"
-Alexis Cassadine's-