General Hospital Update Friday 4/6/01


General Hospital Update Friday 4/6/01


Helena is cackling with glee at the prospect of getting back her disks and ruining Luke in the process. Stefan tries to get his mummie to let in on her plans.

Luke is still being stubborn about Laura having her party at his club. Laura tries a differant tactic. Never underestimate the power of a really good pout.

Nikolas appeals to Liz, give Gia a chance. He reminds Liz of how she used to be when she first arrived in Port Charles.

Carly gives Gia are in the park, she is giving Gia the details of her FOD launch. Gia is still afraid Nikolas will find out and she'll lose the only thing that matters to her. Carly agrees to take the rap for everything. A.J. overhears Carly's scheme.

Alexis wants the details of how Roy rescued Zander. Roy tries to improvise a story while Sonny, Emily and Zander look on with interest. He tells Alexis he made a deal to settle an old debt. Alexis is suspicious.  Alexis leaves with Zander and Emily. Roy lets Sonny know they are through. He runs down a list of Sonny's sins against Alexis and Zander. Sonny is not moved by anything Roy has to say, he only did what he had to do.

Carly advises Gia not to try to be a saint for Nikolas, if a man really loves a woman he doesn't expect her to be perfect. She uses herself and Sonny as an example of how a relationship should work. Carly will be the bad guy, and take all the blame, but Laura can't know anything. Gia leaves and A.J. pounces on Carly.

Nikolas wants Liz to try to get along with Gia at the party. He stresses that Liz and Gia are more alike than Liz realizes. He tells her that underneath all her static Gia is sweet and loyal. Gia stood by him during his rough times.  He realized she was all he needed. Liz agrees to find a way to get along with Gia tonight for Nikolas' sake, since Gia means so much to him.  

Luke refuses to take Laura's check to cover the party.  Laura says she'll give the check to Roy instead. Laura promises not to change anything in his club.   Luke refuses to tell Laura anything about his plans. Laura hopes it has nothing to do with the Cassidines, she reminds him that LuLu and Lucky love their big brother. Laura goes to get ready for her big night.

Roy returns to Lukes and pours himself a drink, Luke knows something is wrong. Roy tells him about Sonny's recent power plays. He paints Sonny as a less than moral man. Luke thinks Roy is going soft. Roy is haunted by his lies to Alexis.

Liz  lets herself out while Nikolas goes to take a shower. Gia runs into Liz as she is leaving. She drops her copy of the magazine with her picture as the new FOD and scrambles to pick it up before Liz can see it. Gia tells Liz she fought too hard to get the FOD job and she regrets the things she did. Gia apologizes. Liz isn't convinced yet.

A.J. and Sonny have a shouting match over his taking Michael. A.J. claims he was worried about Michael. He calls Sonny useless as a father. Carly tells him that Sonny is a wonderful husband and father. AJ reminds Sonny of her past actions with Michael. Carly hits back with his causing her miscarriage, and his arson background. She warns him to stay away from Michael. AJ is
looking forward to the fight for Michael.

Sonny tells Zander the he is responsible for his own protection now. D.A. Dara gives Alexis a warning that she will have her  license if Zander messes up again. Alexis sees Johnny give Zander back the watch she gave him. He left it at the hideout.

Roy asks Luke how he feels about Laura's new company. He thinks it's great, but he doesn't want her bankrolling him.

Gia ask Liz if she has any secrets she has kept from Lucky. Nikolas means more to Gia the FOD job, she knows that now. Liz agrees to keep Gia's balckmailing secret because of Nikolas. Liz warns Gia she had better act like someone that Nikolas deserves. Liz leaves.  Nikolas comes back down from his shower and Gia runs into his arms. He is very pleased.

Sonny comes home to find a very happy Carly waiting for him. She heard the news about the trial. She reminds him about the party. Sonny is in a good mood too and invites her upstairs for a little private time before the party. Carly tells him he is not an easy person to live with, Sonny agree but says he has his good points. Carly agrees, his dimples, she can't resist them. She is very excited about the FOD party tonight.

Alexis questions Zander about the details of his kidnapping. Zander is obviously uncomfortable with her questions.  She tells him she knows Sonny was his kidnapper. Emily takes Zander away. Alexis goes looking for Sonny.

Zander and Emily go to the park for some time alone. Zander blames himself for being grabbed and causing Emily so much worry.

Luke is about to leave for his date with Helena. Stefan shows up to remind Luke of his offer to double what his mother has offered. Laura comes in and sees the two adversaries together. Luke tells her don't ask and that she looks beautiful.  Laura asks Roy about Luke's plans. Roy tells her Luke can't take being saved by her. He tells Laura he enjoys seeing her flying high.

Lucky and Liz arrive at he party. Laura tries to soothe Liz's nerves, she sees that Liz is having trouble with all the attention and tells her it only matters if Liz wants the job. Liz says she wants Lucky to be happy. Laura is finally seeing what others have seen all along, Liz does not want to be the Face of Deception.

Luke arrives at Helena's yacht to make the trade. Helena insist on testing the disks first, but he didn't bring them.

Gia and Nikolas arrive at the party looking gorgeous. Laura tells Gia she wants things to go right for her and Nikolas. Gia even compliments Liz on how she looks. The foursome drink a toast to Elizabeth's big night.

A representative of a magazine asks Laura about booking a photo session with Gia, the new Face of Deception. They love her and want to rush a fashion layout for next months issue. Laura is stunned and tells the man that Gia is not under contract with Deception. He shows her the ad with Gia's picture as the FOD. Gia sees Laura looking at the ad.

Carly snd Sonny are having a great time and about to leave for the party. Carly tells Sonny she will make him proud of her tonight. Carly opens the door and Alexis comes in, she tells Sonny he looks nice then slaps him across the face!

That's it. Until Monday, see ya!

GH Quote of the day:

People are generally mad, and the doctors who try to cure them are usually madder.
         ~Roy Dilucca