General Hospital Update Thursday 4/5/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 4/5/01

By Tish

Luke walks into his club to find a group of workman dismantling the place. He
orders them out, he doesn't know they were sent by Laura to prepare for her
party. He thinks they were sent by the bank.

Bobbie and Laura are at the hospital discussing Luke's financial problems.
Laura is determined to go through with her party plans to save the club.
Felicia over hears the two women and intrude on the conversation. She thinks
they should trust Luke to handle things.

Emily and Alexis are at the court house. They are both concerned that Zander
has not shown up yet. D.A. Dara Jenson is furious that Alexis did not tell
her that Zander is gone, Sorel's attorney did.

Jason and Zander are still at the hideout. Jason is prepping Zander on what
to say if anyone asks him where he has been all this time.No one can know it
was Sonny that grabbed him. Not Alexis, not Emily, no one. Sonny calls to
inform them the car is on the way to take him to the courthouse. He asks
about Zander and Jason informs him that the kid is not holding up to well.
Sonny wants Zander to know that Sorel needs to be taken care of and he is the
only one that can do that in court today.

Roy comes to the penthouse to see Sonny. Sonny has no time for him, but Roy
insist on seeing him anyway.

Elton comes to Lukes to finalize the FOD party plans. Luke thinks he is from
the bank and threatens to kick his butt out. Elton is insulted by Lukes
remarks and lets him know in no uncertain terms. Luke lets Elton know there
ain't going to be a party for FOD at his club tonight and sends Elton
scurrying out of the place. Luke calls Helena to move up the deadline for the
money pickup to tonight.

Laura tells Felicia that Luke's finances are none of her business. Felicia
disagrees, Luke is her friend and she supports him. Bobbie stays out of the
fray. Catty remarks are exchanged between the two women until Laura's phone
rings. It's Elton with bad news, no party at Lukes. Laura says she will
handle things. She leaves. Felicia wants to talk to Bobbie about Mac's plans
to win her back.

Mac and Taggert are at the courthouse waiting for court to convene. Taggert
wants to know if Mac took his advice to stay away from Felicia. Mac tells Tag
he has plans to fight for Felicia and win her back.

Dara warns Alexis that she will hold her responsible is Zander is a no show
for court. Emily is still worried, and Alexis tries to reassure her by
telling her Roy will bring Zander get unharmed.

Sonny decides to induldge Roy and listens to what he has to say. Roy wants to
know how Sonny feels about the case, Sonny tells him he is optimistic about
Sorel being convicted. Roy informs Sonny he knows that he is the one that had
Zander all along.

Dara tells Taggert that Zander is missing. Alexis thinks that Emily should
leave, the pressure might be getting to the girl, Emily insist on staying.
Sorel is lead into the courtroom. He asks Alexis about Zander, but she puts
the pressure back on Sorel. Emily is afraid that Sorel may have killed Zander.

Sonny tells Roy that he grabbed Zander for self preservation, the kid would
not follow orders and stay put. Roy is disappointed that Sonny was dishonest
with he and Alexis about his actions. Alexis has been worried sick about this
kid for weeks. Roy is very concerned about Sonny's treatment of his attorney.
Sonny tells Roy that the fewer people that knew the better. Alexis is an
officer of the court and too attached to Zander. Roy is not pleased that
Sonny kept him out of the loop. Sonny is very cool and detached about his
actions. He tells Roy that he should keep his mouth shut and everyone will
win. Will Roy cooperate?

Felicia tells Bobbie that Mac said he wants her back, or rather he said he is
going to get her back. Bobbie doesn't see a problem. The man loves her and is
willing to fight for her. Felicia doesn't have an answer. She does admit that
she has fallen for Luke.

Laura goes to Lukes. She lays into him for intefering with her party
plans.The press have been notified and all the plans have been finalized.
Luke still won't relent.

Felicia tells Bobbie Luke reminds here of how much she likes life on the
edge. Bobbie wants to know how Luke feels, Felicia hasn't told him yet.
Bobbie thinks she should and Felicia agrees.

Laura reminds Luke that she is a partner in the club. She is also responsible
for the mortage on the club. She is not offering charity, but trying to save
the place. Luke insist he can handle things on his own. Laura accuses him of
being angry that she made the decision without him, she took matters into her
own hands. Luke makes a sarcastic remark about self empowerment cliches and
Laura goes off on him. She is concerned about the financial security of her
family. "Our family", Luke counters, he has always protected her and the
kids. They are no longer married but nothing else has changed. She has
changed, Laura says, and it is about time he noticed.

Sonny arrives at the courthouse, he is cool and confident. Still no sign of
Zander. He says hello to Sorel, who can't help making a comment about the
missing Zander.

Court convenes and D.A. Jenson is about to asks for a contiuence when Roy
walks in with Zander. Alexis, Emily, and Dara are relieved, Sonny is cool and
Sorel looks ill.

Luke tells Laura that he knows she has changed, she is no longer his wife.
That isn't what Laura meant. When she was younger she was impressionable. and
too eager to go along with whatever he wanted. Luke remembers they were happy
and Laura agrees. They both admit they still think about those years on the
run. Laura confesses that she wanted a more stable life. She now depends on
herself for happiness and no one else.  She admits her recent accomplishments
feel good. Luke thinks they look good on her also. She asks him to let her
help save the club. She thinks he still sees her as that 18 year old
impressionable girl he swore to protect. She no longer needs him to function
in the world.

Dara wraps up her questions to Zander on the witness stand. Sorel's attorney
starts his cross examination. He deliberately tries to bait Zander into
losing his temper. Zander looks to Emily and Alexis for support and comes
through with flying colors. Court is dismissed until tomorrow. Zander and
Emily hold each other. Alexis is thrilled, Sonny is smug, with Sorel. Roy is
not happy with being used by Sonny.

Laura and luke have a tender moment. He admits that he is seeing her as if
for the first time, but a part of him will always see her as that 18 year old
girl. he touches her face. Felicia witnesses this intimacy and flees Lukes in

Alexis thanks Roy for finding Zander. Sonny congratulates the young man on
his testimony. Alexis gives Zander a hug and tells him how proud she is of
him. Alexis questions Roy about where he found Zander. Sonny looks on with

Til tomorrow, this is Tish leaving you with a GH quote for the day:

"Prescription for cheering up the patient: a dose of good, juicy gossip."

                                                                Amy Vining