General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/4/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/4/01

By Tish

AJ goes to see Scott at Deception to ask for his help with a custody fight
for Michael. Scott questions AJ about his sobriety. AJ assures him he is
sober. Scott agrees to help because he hates Sonny.

Sonny is telling Michael no one will take him away from him and his mommy.
Carly arrives home  eager to hear details about Sonny's day with Michael.
Sonny tells her everything was fine. Carly wants details but Sonny distracts
her with a promise to cook dinner while she changes.
Michael tells Carly about the man in the park. Carly comes to Sonny for
answers. He tells her was talking to Alexis when AJ took Michael. She doesn't
want AJ anywhere near Michael. She call's AJ a monster. Sonny promises it
won't happen again, but Carly is losing faith in Sonny's promises.
Carly later apologizes to Sonny for her remark. She can see Sonny has other
worries and tries to reassure him about the Sorel trial.

Roy spies on Johnny in the parking garage of Sonny's penthouse. He wants to
know who owns the parking spots in the garage. Johnny tells him the tenants.
Roy thinks someone in the building grabbed Zander. Johnny tells Roy Sonny is
on top of thing, don't worry about Zander.
Roy puts a tracking device on the car and follows when he Johnny leaves.

Jason has Zander at the new hideout. Zander reminds Jason the trial is 24
hours away and he needs to go over his testimony with Alexis. He tries to
make Jason feel gulity enough to let him go by bringing up Emily. Johnny show
up at the hideout, Roy is right behind him. He sees Zander through a window.

Mac walks in on Felicia with the bank manager. She introduces herself to Mac
as Mrs Laura Spencer. The bank manager backs out of his deal when Mac tells
him he is the former police commish.
Mac and Felicia take a walk in the park and share memories. Felicia is
surprised that Mac isn't upset with her about her latest stunt. Mac has other
things on his mind. He wants Felicia to be his partner in his new PI
Felicia is excited but confused by Mac's offer. He tells Felicia he wants her
back in his life as his wife also. Felicia is stunned by his declaration. She
accuses him of going through a midlife crisis and suggest he see Kevin. Mac
knows what he wants though and doesn't back down. He is willing to fight for
his girl and he knows he will win. Luke will not make Felicia happy!

Luke denies he is in financial trouble to Laura. Laura tells him about
recieving the foreclosure notice from the bank. She reminds him they are
still married and she is still a partner in the club. She has an idea how she
can help. She wants to have her next FOD party at the club. Luke ain't having
Laura convince him, but he won't take money. He won't let Laura help him.
Luke tells her they are over!
Laura reminds Luke of his two kids and his responsibility to them. Luke's
pride stands in the way of his better judgement. He confesses to Laura he is
on to something. Her reaction is not again. He tells her he is still crazy
and she is still beautiful. She used to like that about him. She says she
used to be young, Luke thinks she still is young. He thinks she is jealous he
doesn't include her in his schemes anymore. Laura brings up Felecia, Luke
brings up Scott. The moment is lost.

Laura returns to Deception to find Scott on her couch. She tells her about
her plans to help Luke and Luke's reaction. She reminds herself she is a full
partner in the club and doesn't need Lukes's permission. She thanks Scott for
helping her decide.

Stefan show up at Luke's for a chat about his deal with Helena. He offers
Luke double whatever Helena has offered him. Stefan has no idea what he is