General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/3/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/3/01

by Tish

Laura is working at Deception when Scotty arrives to invite her to lunch. She
says she is to busy to leave so he brings lunch to her. She is charmed by his
gesture. Scott talks about the Laura he first met and the one he knows now.
He can't stop talking about how far she has come. He wants more than
friendship, but she asks to take things slow. Scott reluctantly agrees. Laura
sees a letter Elton gave Scott to bring to her. She opens it to find a
foreclosure notice from the bank for Luke's place. Laura defends Luke and his
place to Scotty. He wants her to take out a lien on the club to protect
herself. She won't hear of it. Scott knows he has crossed the line and says
he'll protect her and Luke. He agrees to keep his personal feelings out of
things. Laura goes to see Luke after Scott leaves.

Mac runs into Taggert at the courthouse. They discuss the PC mugger, this guy
is getting more and more dangerous. Tag tries to convince Mac to come back to
the PCPD. Mac says no way he has his P.I. license and a loan from the bank to
start his new business. Mac tells Tag he still loves Felicia and wants her
back. Tag tells Mac to forget Felicia and move on to someone else. Mac knows
what he wants,. Tag asks what about Luke, but Mac says he knows he'll win.

Felicia visits Luke at his club. She asks about his money problems, but Luke
insist he has everything under control. She doesn't buy his answer. Felicia
has a plan of her own to help Luke. She dresses in her most provocative
outfit and pays the bank manager a visit posing as Mrs. Luke Spencer. She
uses all he "assets" to try and convince the bank manager to give Luke an
extension on his loan. He is impressed.

Liz still doesn't believe that Lucky pulled a knife on Jason. She thinks its
her fault that Jason attacked Lucky. Jason tells her to believe what she
wants, he won't lie to make her feel better. He accuses Liz of not knowing
what she wants. Liz wants things to be the way they used to be, Jason thought
he meant more to her, she does to him. He accuses her of not being honest.
Why did she follow him to the park if she doesn't believe him. Liz apologizes
and starts to cry. Jason comforts her, they almost kiss, but Lucky appears.
Liz lies through her teeth about her encounter with Jason, she makes it seem
as if it is Jason's fault. Lucky starts to lose it, but Liz pulls him away.
The two go back to Liz's room and make love. Liz can't stop thinking about
Jason while with Lucky!

Luke visits Helena. He makes a deal with her one million dollars for the
disks. She agrees. Stefan walks in and overhears the end of their deal. Luke
wants to tell him, but Helena makes it clear she does not want Stefan to
know. The two mean share a drink while Helena fumes. Luke says he will return
tomorrow for his money.
Stefan tells Helena that he has been reinstated as Nikolas' estate trustee.
Helena doesn't seem to care. Stefan is curious, and presses Helena for

Meanwhile at the bank, Mac arrives to see the manager and is surprised to
find Felicia posing as Laura Spencer!