General Hospital Update Monday 4/2/01


General Hospital Update Monday 4/2/01

By Tish 

Sonny loses Michael.
Liz's let's Jason explain.
Gia finds her conscious and her real heart's desire.
Carly gets her way.
Melissa loses her way and finds Roy.

Liz steps off the elevator at GH and run's into Jason. He is cold towards her
and leaves. Liz breaks a lunch date with Audrey to go after Jason.
Liz begs Jason to make her understand what happened between Lucky and him on
the docks.
He tells her she already knows the truth.
Carly is trying to get the ads with Gia's picture on it away from Laura.
Elton intervenes and takes the mail away from both of them. Carly and Laura
share a laugh. Carly call Laura a "stress goddess'. She plays Laura like a
violin and waltzes out with her scheme in tact.

Sonny and Alexis are freaking out looking for Michael. Sonny thinks Sorel had
him taken and calls in reinforcements. Sonny is at a loss as to how to find
Michael. Little does he know Michael is with his real dad, AJ. (Michael keeps
asking AJ if he is his dad, Is this supposed to happen or is the kid
Sonny finds Michael with AJ. He sends Michael off with Alexis while he deals
with AJ. Sonny gets in AJ's face, about being with Michael. AJ calls Sonny a
bad father for leaving his son unattended. Sonny tells AJ to leave and he
does but not before reminding Sonny who's Michael real Dad.
Sonny can't shake the fear he was feeling while Michael was missing.
Roy finds Zander's hiding place and breaks in, no one is there, Jason has
moved  Zander. Roy looks around for clues. A cop comes along and spies Roy,
he is looking for a mugger that has been preying on the locals.
Melissa is out for a jog and runs into Roy in an alley. Roy let's her have an
earful for being on the wrong side of town. He takes Melissa to the park and
gives her a PC history lesson.

Nik and Gia are in bed asleep, (thats right in bed, not the on floor or the
coffee table, in bed). Gia is having a bad dream, she is on trial for the
dirty deeds she has committed since coming to Port Charles.
Laura, Carly, Liz and Emily are there. She is found guilty and Nik appears to
tell her he wants her out of his life. She wakes up scared and Nik comforts
her. He figures out the dream is about Deception, she tells him it is and
tries to explain that losing to Liz is still not easy. He tries to make her
feel better by telling her he admires how she behaved at Luke's the night
before, she admits it was hard. Nik doesn't want Gia to change, but she wants
to change. She admits she does not want to lose Nik and wants more than a
casual relationship. Nik want that also. (YES!!!)
He only wants to be with her. Nik admits he has wanted this for sometime but
was afraid to admit it to Gia.  They are interrupted by a phone call from GH,
Nikolas has to go. They agree to meet for lunch.
A tearful Gia tells Nikolas he is the only person that really sees her and
accepts her for who she really is. She is afraid she'll lose him, and he
tells her not to worry.

Nikolas goes to GH looking for Amanda Barrington and finds Stefan. He is not
pleased to hear that Stefan is once again the trustee of his estate.  Nik
tells Stefan he finally has someone in his life he can trust.

Meanwhile Gia goes to see Laura to get a photo of herself to give to Nikolas.
She apologizes to Laura for her behavior during the FOD competition. Laura is
suddenly full of advise for a girl she could barely tolerate a few weeks ago.
She reminds Gia to make time in her life for love and even has a hug for Gia.
Gia goes to leave but Carly stops her, she shows her the ad for FOD with her
picture. Gia is not impressed and tells Carly she does not want the job
anymore because of Nikolas. Carly won't let Gia back out and threatens to
tell Nik that Gia locked Laura on the roof.  She seems to be taking her
business lessons from Sorel rather than her husband Sonny. She threatens to
take from Gia what she loves the most!

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