General Hospital Update Thursday 3/22/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/29/01

By Tish

Helena and Andreas are drinking a toast. Helena raises her glass to Luke, she'll have her disk back tonight and luke will pay for what he has done to her.

A night out at Lukes's. Bobbie realizes there are things about Roy she doesn't know and Gia gets a history lesson on the Cassidine/Spencer war.

Bobbie walks in on roy and Melissa, Roy is playing the piano. Bobbie didn't even know Roy could play piano! Alexis interrupts, she needs roy's help her young client. Melissa offers to by Bobbie a drink, and Bobbie accepts. Melissa tells Bobbie how she and Roy met in ablues club where her brother worked. She doesn't tell her about meeting Carly at the hospital earlier.

Luke is about to remove the disks from his safe when Lucky shows up. he has come to apolige to Luke for their fight earlier that week. Luke thinks there's a catch, and he is right. Lucky has invited Nikolas to the club for a night out with Gia and Liz.Lucky tells Luke if Nikolas isn't welcome neither is he. Luke agrees to let Nikolas stay. Luke alludes to his money problems with Lucky, but tells hims everything is okay. Lucky offers to help.

Gia loves Lukes Place, Nikolas tells her why he isn't fond of the place. Luke's hatred of him and being shot in the parking lot. Gia is flabbergasted after being told Nikolas got caught in cross fire aimed at Jason Morgan and he almost died. Lucky interrupts the two and mentions Liz is coming. Gia want to know why Nikolas didn't mention Liz was coming. Nikolas tells her because he knew she wouldn't come, and he wanted her to be with him. He knew he wouldn't have a good tome without her! (That's so sweet!) Liz comes in and makes a catty remark about Gia avoiding her. Gia looks nervous.(is it about to come around for my girl Gia). Gia excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Nikolas asks Liz to take it easy on Gia. Liz pretends to understand and goes after Gia to apologize.(yeah right) Liz threatens to tell Nikolas about Gia's latest extortion attempt on her. Gia comes back at Liz and reminds her of her recent deception (no pun intended) with Jason, Liz has everything she wants does she need to break up Gia and Nik too. How much is enough for this girl? (Can you say hypocrite, Liz.) Liz can't resist rubbing it in that she does have everything she wants, lucky forgave her, let's see if Nik will do the same for Gia when he finds out what she has been up to. Nik and Lucky over hear Liz, Gia cover with yet another whopper,( will the lies never end), Nik buys it,and Liz goes along. Gia even congratulates Liz on getting the job as the FOD(does she mean it). Nik ask Gia to dance, and Lucky ask liz to give Gia a break she makes Nik happy. Liz says she doesn't want to be like Gia( too late)and agrees.

Zander is trying to explain to Jason why he broke Sonny's rules again, when Sonny arrives. Sonny tells Zander Jason is protecting his investment, Zander, until he testifies against Sorel. Alexis doesn't know Sonny is the one that took Zander so she can't help him. Jason sends Zander to his room so he and Sonny can talk. Sonny tells Jason about his argument with Carly. her jealousy of Alexis, her fear of her and Michael meeting the same fate as Lily. Tells jason her lost control and screamed at her. Jason tries to give Sonny some insight into the working of Carly(once again) and why she acts that way. sonny is afrais he'll screw things up with Carly just like has has with every other woman in his life. Sonny tries to explain to Jason about the feeling out of control and not being able to keep himself on an even keel emotionally. (I think this may be the lead in to the depression story we've been hearing about.) jason reassures Sonny ask jason to help him, if he does something wrong. Jason reassures Sonny that he is handong things just fine. Sonny just wants everything to be over with the Sorel mess.

Luke walks in on Helena's thugs ransacking his office looking for the disk. He pulls a gun on them and they back off. The gun is a fake.

He goes back into the bar with a bleeding lip. Bobbie wants to know what happened and Lukes tells her nothing. He spots Nik and Gia dancing. Bobbie warns him not to anything he will regret.

Luke interrupts Nik and Gia's dance. Tells nik to give helena a message, she will never get back what she wants from him. Nik refuses to be Lukes messenger. He tells Gia a little about the Cassidine/Spencer vendetta. Gia is surprised the this man is Lucky's father. She has never met him. Nik explains how he wants Lucky to rebuild his relationship with Luke, that family is important. (What about Nik's family?) He wants to be his own person seperate from his family, but is afraid the Cassidines and Luke won't allow him.

Alexis is afraid that Zander may already be dead. Roy tries to reassure her and agrees to look for Zander. he is curious about Sonny's take on things. I don't think he buys what Sonny is telling Alexis. Sonny catches Roy looking around the apartment parking garage. Roy wants to know what Sonny knows. Sonny does not like being questioned by Roy. Roy tells Sonny no matter what happens, thing will end badly for Zander. Alexis goes to see Sorel, she tells him is Zander is not returned to her unharmed she will amke sure Sorel gets the chair and she will be there to watch him fry. (You go girl!)

Zander tries to explain to Jason why he has to contact Emily and ends up telling Jason Monica has cancer!

That's it for today, this is Tish signing off.