General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/20/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/27/01

by Glynis

Taggert bumps into AJ. He makes a crack that AJ seemed to have a knack for screwing things up. He drove her out of town. He knows about AJ screwing up Hannahís job the other night. When Hannah is on top of her job she is the best. Sonny almost ruined her career but with AJ at least she had the good sense to get away. AJ will send her Taggertís regards. He is sure that she will call him that night later on.

Roy gives a drink to Mr. Graham. He introduces himself as Lukeís partner. Roy wants to take a message for Luke. Mr. Graham will not settle for Roy. Luke turns up and joins the two. He wants to know what is going on. Mr. Graham is a representative of the bank and they are closing down his club. Luke hasnít paid the checks to the bank for 6 months. Luke has been sending the checks so he doesnít understand why they were never received. AJ is there watching the whole thing and Felicia is there too. Luke attacks the agent and all his friends jump in to pull him off Mr. Graham. Roy apologizes and tries to smooth things over. Roy points out that Luke should have notified Luke by certified mail. He points out that he used to work for the FBI and maybe the case should be turned over to them. Luke thinks that there was a screw up and they should have the issues resolved. Luke may also face criminal charges for assault. He throttled Mr. Graham. He has seven days to find the money or he will have to vacate the premises. AJ walks up after Mr. Graham leaves and offers to buy the place. Luke is not ready to give it up. AJ tells them that they can still call the shots. Luke is not in a bargaining position. He will never be indebted to a Quartermaine. They leave AJ alone at the bar and he is given a drink by the bartender. As AJ is ready to take the drink, Roy snatches it away. AJ thinks that maybe Hannah gave her father the address of where she is and Roy will not. AJ thinks that Hannah is different. She didn't let him get away with anything. He respected her. Hannah crept up on him when he wasnít looking. AJ feels like he is in a big hole and Roy thinks that is just a part of life. Screw-ups is AJís who lifestyle. He can do better. He is going to stay away from the booze. He is sure that she will be back and he is going to be better than he ever was. Roy wonders why AJ would think that Roy would want him anywhere near his daughter. Hannah has always gone out of her way to find the good in people. She made AJ want to find the good in people too. She didnít hold AJís past against him. He is reckless and rich and he always disappoints the people that believe in him. He has made more mistakes than you could count, but she has been there for him as a friend. She never pitied him and he doesnít want to give that up. He will not give her up. Roy thinks that he sounds like he is for real. Roy believes in second chances, but he canít make Hannah take him back. She has chosen to leave town. Maybe she was just leery getting involved with AJ after getting burned by Sonny. They were on two different agendas. Things are tough. Sonny is now AJís father and he is worried that Michael will never remember him. Roy knows what AJ is talking about. He was separated from Hannah for a while too. Hannah had to figure things out on his own. Anything is possible as long as AJ gives things a chance. Hannah idolizes her father and they are pretty close. AJ hopes that he can have a relationship with his son like that soon. He will not give up.

Bobbie is at the hospital and she approaches Melissa. Melissa is doing fine at her new job. Bobbie offers her some help. Melissa is looking for Monicaís number to give her something. Bobbie takes the package and will forward it to Monica herself. Carly shows up and tells Bobbie that she has had it with Alexis. Every time that Sonny has a problem, he goes to Alexis. Bobbie tells Carly that she almost lost Roy because of her insecurity. Carly was sure there was a reason to be insecure. Carly didnít know about this story. Carly thinks that Bobbie has every reason to feel threatened. Bobbie can only trust Roy. She chose to trust him and she needs to do the same with Sonny. Carly wants a two-way street. Bobbie thinks that she is making the same mistakes that Bobbie made. Bobbie goes to clear up some things before leaving. Carly waits. Melissa walks up and thinks that she saw Carly somewhere before. She thinks that she saw Carly in the newspaper. Carly likes that she said that. Melissa read the coverage of the Deception party. Melissa and Carly introduce themselves. They seem to be hitting it off. They even know the same places to go in town. Carly tells her about Kellyís. Melissa was trying to find a good place for Jazz and Blues. Carly tells her to go to Lukeís. Melissa thanks her for the tip and they say goodbye. Melissa leaves and Carly makes a call home. Sonny answers the phone and she makes him an offer that he canít refuse. She wants to have dinner with him and he canít. His business is not allowing him to do it. She tells him to let her know when he is available. They hang up. Bobbie is returning to Carly. Carly tells her mother that she needs a date for dinner, but Bobbie has to work until midnight. Melissa is watching the whole thing.

Alexis and Sonny are at her penthouse and it has been ransacked. Zander is not there and both are concerned. She wants to call the cops, but Sonny wonít let her. She thinks that calling the police is the thing to do. They go to Sonnyís house. The phone rings and it is Jason telling Sonny that Zander is with him. Sonny tells him that he had done well and he should stay on the job. Alexis demands to know if the call was about Zander. He is going to get Zander back. She canít understand why Sonny is not willing to call the police. She is feeling very suspicious about his behaviour. He tells her that Zanderís life is not in danger at least tonight. Alexis thinks that if Sorel did take him he may kill him right away. She is sure that Sorel is ordering hits from his jail cell. Sonny things that Sorel is not going to take any unnecessary chances. She thinks that he is guessing about Zander. She cares for Zander and she is not acting like his attorney at all. He asks Alexis to trust him.

Zander asks his captor if he knows how many rules he has broken. The captor is Jason. He tells Zander that the cops are not going to find Zander. Zander is to stay there until the day of Sorelís trial.

Monica, Emily and Alan have just had a meal together and Alan enjoyed being with Emily for a while. Emily suspects that Alan knows about Monicaís problem, but she can tell that her mother hasnít been telling Alan everything. She has Alan thinking that her problems are due to her menopause. Alan thinks that the ladies are hiding something from him, but Emily continues to play her secret game. Alan toasts to the two people that light up his world. There is a call and Alan has to go and get some information for them. He leaves for a moment and Emily goes to her mother and tells her that she has to tell Alan the truth. Monica thinks that the results may be benign and for that reason she has to keep it a secret. She wants the family to be there for her and she begs her mother. They hug. Emily has to go, but wants her to tell her father goodbye. Emily leaves.

Zander questions Jason about him keeping Zander there. Zander is not realizing that he could have endangered Emily and the both of them could have been killed. Zander is mad. Emily canít find out that he is there. He doesnít want her thinking that he ran out on her. Zander is the one that created the problem and they have found a solution to the problem. Jason thinks that this is better than finding out that he is dead. Emily will be okay.

Luke thinks that maybe he can get the Ice Princess back in time to save the club. He is not going to give it up. He has fought everything to keep this place. He is not going to let the bank come in and take everything that he has worked for. Felicia thinks that he should take AJ up on his offer to keep the club afloat.

Monica is alone now in the house. She is looking at pictures of her family. She removes her necklace and Alan returns. She tells him that Emily had to leave. She had fun that night. They should do that more often. Monica is very lucky to have Emily and Alan. They take care of each other. Emily thinks that family is important too. Alan is sure that there is something that Monica has to tell him. The phone rings and it is for Monica. She has to go to the hospital right away. She leaves.

Alexis wants to know where he is going to look for Zander. There is a knock at the door and Sonny wants her to hold it together. Emily enters and Sonny tells her that Zander was grabbed earlier. They donítí think that Sorel would kill Zander at this point and Alexis agrees. Sonny promises to find Zander soon. Sonny is sure that Sorel is going to make sure that Zander is alive. They have to keep this to themselves and not get the cops involved. Alexis thinks that Zander is going to be back very soon. Sonny offers to get her a ride home. He ushers her out. Alexis helped her a lot. Alexis doesnít feel very confident at all. Sonny needs to take care of this for her. Sonny starts talking to Alexis and Carly walks in.

Alan is at the desk talking on the phone when he sees Monicaís necklace. He wonders what it is doing there.

Luke and Felicia are dancing in the club. Luke canít get the discs out of his mind. He is still worried about Lucky. She will still help him. He is not going to quit. They kiss on the dance floor.

Roy gets a call from Bobbie. She canít come by the club to be with him. He will miss her. She will call him when se is done. Just then, Melissa walks into the club. She is dressed to kill and she looks very beautiful.