General Hospital Update Monday 3/19/01


General Hospital Update Monday 3/26/01

By Glynis

Sonny meets with Jason out on the waterfront. They need to put away Sorel and they have to do it that night. Sorel is desperate and Sonny wants him shut down. Jason suspects that something else has happened. He went to see Sorel and he threatened that the courts are not going to be able to take him down. Jason will let Sonny know when it is over. He leaves.

Sorel is talking to an associate telling him that Sonny tried to kill him. He has half the police force on his payroll and he is worried. This lawyer that he is talking to thinks that Sonny may have the judge under his power too. They have to make sure that Zander never makes it to trial. Sorel is told that the package is being picked up. That makes Sorel very happy. Zander is going to be taken care of and after that night he will be out and taking care of Sonny himself.

Alexis and Ned are having their nice evening together and then they see Zander walking around. Alexis sees him and demands to know what he is doing walking around. Zander needed to be with Emily. Alexis reminds him that the only reason that Sonny doesnít lock him up is because Alexis gave her word that he would behave. He thinks that he can take care of himself. Alexis agrees to go with him, but Ned canít believe that. Alexis decides to stay. Zander assures her that he is going to return to her place. He walks off. Ned thinks that if she is worried they can tail him to her house. She wants to work things out with him. She canít believe the lengths that he went to in order to be with her. He is a lot braver than she is. She is worth the risk. He loves her. She has had a lot of blank pages in her appointment book. She has been ordering in and watching television. She has been thinking. She doesnít talk about her mother very much. She tries not to think about her, but she does. She misses her everyday. As much as she has tried, she hasnít gotten over being left alone, so she has been thinking that she has a tendency to drive people away before they hurt her. Ned is not an easy guy to drive away. He has problems with commitment too. His track record speaks for itself. He has learned that loving her is not the walk down the aisle sort of relationship. They need another type of game plan. She is going to see a much wiser Ned. She never stopped loving him. He feels the same way. They just have to try something new. They will see where that takes them. She agrees. What if she decides that she has to do something else but be with him. He thinks that is okay. She asks what he is doing for dinner. She thinks that they should do something. They should pick up where they left off. Ned will be free for the rest of the evening. She thinks that they should go toÖa certain place. It is a beautiful spring night and they can stay up all night. He brings upÖ. She doesnít let him finish, she just kisses him. It is going to be no one else but them. The start walking off and Sonny tells her that he has to speak with her right now because it is urgent. She tells him that she has to pay attention to her life. Things are always important. She is always running to save everyone else. She likes helping people, but she canít continue to do things on her time schedule. She is fine. When he is in crisis, he takes off and does what he wants, but she doesnít get equal time. Sonny tells her that he will only have her time for an hour. Ned agrees to go ahead and meet her later. Ned leaves her and plans to see her in one hour. Sonny tells her that Sorel is going to make a move on Zander. She saw him earlier alone and they rush off to see if he is all right.

Helena discovers that her discs are missing. She wants them back in her possession that night. It is over for Luke. Helena picks up the phone to make a call to make a move to get her discs back. Andreas makes her put the phone down. He thinks that she should wait and use the element of surprise. She eventually agrees with him. This has to be done very carefully. As long as the Ice Princess belongs to her, she controls Lukeís son. As soon as the discs are returned to her, she can begin with her revenge on Luke.

Luke is having a terrible dream that his son is in danger and he has to save him. In the dream, there are narrow metal walls and Luke canít get through them to find his son. There is also fire behind the walls. Suddenly he sees a figure holding out hands. He reaches for the hands and then shouts, "No! No!" He awakes and Felicia is there to comfort him. He is covered in sweat and wonders if she was the one in his dream. He is all right and it is only 8pm. She knocked on the door and heard him moaning so she picked the lock. When she walked in she thought that he had food poisoning. She wanted to make sure that he was okay. She was worried about him. He was having one hell of a dream. He hasnít been sleeping or eating properly. He is okay because she is feeding his heart. He needs her. He was dreaming about corridors and he was running through it looking for something. He thinks that he might have been looking for her. If she were in the dream, he wouldnít have wanted to wake up. He is going to be better company if he can brush his teeth. She thinks that he should take a long shower and she will have a surprise for him when he returns. He goes to the bathroom.

Laura is reading to her daughter. There is a fire in the room and they sit closely together. Her voice is not in good condition and Laura asks Lulu to go upstairs and brush her teeth getting ready for bed. She wants her daddy and Laura tells her that daddy canít come over that night. Her daddy loves her as much as her mother does. Lulu runs to brush her teeth. Laura turns off the lights and hears a noise outside. She locks the door thinking that she is hearing another raccoon. She hears the noise again and is concerned. She gets a poker from the fireplace and goes towards the door. Slowly she gets there and peers at the window on the door. She sees that it is only Luluís bike fallen over. She bends to get the bike and with her back turned she hears something behind her. She turns quickly swinging and screaming. She has hit Scotty in the head. She brings him inside and takes care of the bump on his head. He was just seeing if she was around and then he decided to leave so that she wouldnít think that he was a peeping tom. He came by to see what is going on with her. She has been having a bad day. Scotty has been having those days too. Last time he saw her she was with her husband and he never saw her again. She meant to call him but she didnít. She knows how much she hurt him. She doesnít want to lose him as a friend. He is seeing a different picture now. He doesnít think that this is about them. She assures him that it is about them. She feels that her whole world got turned around that day. Some things from the past took her by surprise and she is not letting go. She tells him that Lucky was hurt and is not going to the police. Scotty thinks that Jason is not the person that would beat up on Lucky over some girl. Scotty questions Elizabeth. Laura thinks that she loves Lucky and thought of Jason as her friend. She canít believe that Elizabeth would be someone to lead Jason on. Scotty tells her that sometimes stuff happens. She thinks that Elizabeth is devoted to Lucky but this is also really hard for her. Laura couldnít go to see her. The two of them are close, but what Elizabeth and Lucky have reminds her of the way that she used to be with Scotty. This whole thing with Lucky and Elizabeth reminds her of them and Luke except she did betray Scotty. She destroyed everything that they had. She tells him that she is sorry. They hug and she cries. She has a whole new life and a career that she never dreamed that she would have. Things are great. They have kids and money. She doesnít want to run away from that. She thinks that he is the one that should run away. He likes to stay and fight. She likes feeling close to him. How did they get to this point after all these years? He is crazy for her and that is all that matters. She doesnít know what she is feeling from one minute to the next. Whose feelings is she protecting? His or hers? She thinks that she has better days when she sees Scotty. When he kissed her the other day, she was weak in the knees. He is walking on air hearing her say things like that. Something holds her back though. Scotty thinks that this may be a timing thing. He thinks that they should just go slow and see what comes of the relationship. She can handle that. They kiss.

Luke comes out of the shower dressed and feeling much better. She gives him a drink of Chamomile tea. She wants him to drink it while it is still warm. He doesnít want her to go Florence Nightingale on him. He takes a sip and has a flashback from his dream. He spills the tea and jumps up very agitated. She wants to help him clean up but he shouts at her toÖ"Leave it!" He is feeling crazy. She makes him sit. Apparently, he thinks that the Cassidine wars are not as simple as she thinks. When he went against Helena he did it for power and glory at winning and nothing has changed. Revenge is sweeter than honey, as sweet as her lips. This time he has got to make sure that things are different. She tells him that he is different. He keeps thinking that things are going to get bad and only get worse. She is going to give him a neck rub. She makes him sit down. He seems to be chased by demons in his life. She likes that she is making him feel good. He is stuck in a loop. It was a year ago when all his business was handled. Lucky came back and everything was great. Now, Helena is meddling again. Lucky doesnít want anything to do with him anymore. He just canít walk away. She agrees that he should always protect his kids. He knows that whether Lucky wants his help or not, he needs to give It to him. Felicia and Luke start enjoying a comfortable evening alone. They start dancing together to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes".

Sonny and Alexis arrive at her apartment and the house is trashed. The ankle monitor that Zander was wearing has been cut and Zander is gone.

Zander has been brought to a secret location. He has a black hood over his head and he is tied up. Finally the hood is removed and Zander finally faces his captor. He says, "YouÖ."