General Hospital Update Friday 3/23/01


General Hospital Update Friday 3/23/01

By Glynis

Laura arrives at Luke’s for a visit. He was thinking that it was Felicia knocking, but it isn’t. Laura thinks that Lucky is in danger and she is not sure that this time it is the Cassidines. She explains that Jason and Elizabeth are friends. Luke thinks that Jason is a psycho. He tried to take Elizabeth’s friendship too far. When Jason realized that Elizabeth was committed to Lucky, Jason got angry. Laura thinks that it is weird that Jason would attack Lucky the way that he did. Luke thinks that it is entirely possible that Jason isn’t the great guy that they think. Laura thinks that she can understand Elizabeth’s feelings. Soon they realize that they are talking about each other.

Lucky is at the hospital and Helena overhears him explaining that he got into a fight. He was down at the pier and Jason was hiding in the shadows. He thinks that Jason is a mental case.

Elizabeth goes into her studio and finds Jason there. She just looks at him from the doorway. She goes in and asks him how could he? She saw what he did. He should be angry with her and not Lucky. Jason tries to tell her that he didn’t attack Lucky. She wanted to believe that he was good and understanding and she thinks that she was wrong. The way that he handles things is wrong. Lucky and Nikolas have been warning her that he is not the person that she thinks. Jason blurts out that Lucky had a knife. She can’t believe that. He got him on the ground so that he wouldn’t get back up. She doesn’t believe anything that he is saying. He doesn’t lie to her. He lied about being Michael’s father. She points that out. She was wrong. She was wrong about a lot of things. She thinks that something is wrong with him. Underneath it all he hurts people and he doesn’t even care. She remembers him kicking Lucky. Jason didn’t feel anything when he was kicking Lucky. She tells him to go. She loves him and he loves her. Jason thinks that maybe he is what she says he is, but Lucky is not what he appears to be. He tells her that he will always be there for her. She hopes that she never sees him again. Jason leaves the studio. She looks at the colored glass that Jason gave her and she throws it at the wall.

Ned is in his tuxedo waiting for Alexis. He is going to give her 5 more minutes, but that is not necessary. She arrives just in time. He calls for the music to start. He sings to her, "It Had to be You!" She walks to him and he swings her around. They dance together. "Thinking of You" They hug. This is beautiful. He is glad that he stuck around. A few more minutes and he would have left. She got there as soon as she got his note. They have made a lot of mistakes and they will make more, but that night, he is going to get things right. He has a vendor’s popcorn cart nearby. The location that he has chosen is near where she might be called if her beeper goes off. He knows how to compromise and shows her how. They are going to make the effort. They are in a high crime area. He is going to steal someone’s heart tonight. He doesn’t know if they have what it takes to overcome their differences and he doesn’t know if they should make a life together, but he does know that he does love her. Even if they can’t figure out a way, they are going to make the relationship work. She is crying. She is home to him. That day he felt a little homesick. They continue to dance. Later, sitting at a table, she tells him that she loves him and needs him. He thinks that life is a runaway train. He wants to help her get in the train where she will feel safe. She knows that he doesn’t want her to defend Sonny and Zander, but she doesn’t want to argue about that. He can’t be angry with her for doing her job anymore. She doesn’t know what the answer is, but she is sure that there is a compromise that they have overlooked. She is sorry that she is so much trouble. They toast to ‘the adventure’. They drink together.

AJ finds Hannah packing her things. She is going sort of on an assignment. She doesn’t know how long she is going to be gone. She is leaving Port Charles. He tells her that she isn’t. He thinks that she is leaving because of him. She tells him that she is a FBI agent and that is her job. She doesn’t want him to interfere in her job. He tells her to look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn’t have feeling for him. She knows exactly what she is doing. He promises to never get in her way again. She tells him that this is not about him, but it is about her. HE thinks that she needs him and he needs her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to him. She wants her future to be about more than co-dependency. He has a lot of problem. He plays Russian roulette with everything. AJ doesn’t throw commitments around unless he means it. She is finished with fixing men. She is not going to do it again. She is packed now. He gives her the present that he had in his pocket. It is just a gift with no strings attached. She opens it and sees a diamond necklace inside. She can’t accept it. She wants him to respect her no. He will keep the necklace and when she gets back…. He tells her to be smart and to be safe. If she wants to call him, she should just pick up the phone. Her cab beeps for her and she picks up her suitcase and walks out. He closes the door and he is suddenly alone.

Alan is in Monica’s office and he demands to know what is going on. Alan knows her more than anyone on the planet and that is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. She tells him that she is worried. He thinks that they are talking about the menopause and tells her that they have been through much worse. It won’t matter to him. Things are not that simple to her. They swore that they are going to grow old together and he is going to see that happens. He thinks that she is going to be uncomfortable, but he is not going to leave her. HE will drown in her gorgeous eyes forever. She loves him and cries saying that. She doesn’t know what is coming or how she is going to feel or look and she will be unbearable, but he can count on her love her him. That is a habit that she is not going to break. She wants to drive home with him. He has a couple of things to do and they will leave after. He goes away and she realizes that once again she hasn’t been strong enough to tell him the truth. She makes a call to Anita. She makes an appointment for the biopsy.

Emily finds documents that prove that something may be wrong with Monica. Her mother was trying to hide it. She shows Zander that the papers are release forms. It says that it is for a test, but it is a lie. Later they tell you to stay positive. Zander comforts her. He tells her that the form is simply for a test and doesn’t prove that her mother is going to die. Emily is sure that the cancer is back. There is a growth and everybody will be scared. The operations don’t even take away the cancer, it just makes her more sick than she was. She is dying and there is nothing that can be done about it. Zander thinks that they have better medicines now and different ways to treat cancer. Emily knows how cancer works. It hides and then it comes back. And every time that it comes back, it is worse. That was why her mother was crying in the park, she thought that she would miss Emily growing up.

Luke and Laura continue their discussion. No matter what they do, they end up in the same place with each other. Everything that they talk about leads to a mirror of them together. She wants to know where they go from there. For a moment it sounded like she was asking about them being together. She corrects herself and asks what they are going to do about Lucky. Lucky enters and tells his parents to stay out of his problems. He is not their little boy anymore. He didn’t want his mother to go to his father. When he has kids, he is going to realize that they eventually grow up. Luke thinks that he should talk to Lucky alone. Lucky agrees with Luke and Laura leaves. She wants Luke to remember that Lucky has been in one fight already this week. Lucky tells him that he doesn’t need his father backing him up to fight his battles. How would he feel if someone threatened anyone that looked at him wrong? Lucky is not a kid anymore. Luke tells him that Jason is a big enemy. Luke tells him that Lucky is an idiot if he doesn’t take advice from someone that has been in trouble over the years and knows better. Lucky questions Luke about what he knows…. Murder? Rape? Luke tells him that he is acting like a kid. Laura has gotten over the rape before he was born. This is not his business anyway. He tells his father to leave Jason alone. Luke respects his son. Lucky tells him to prove that he is respected and let go of all of this.


Helena is getting off an elevator and going…Somewhere…

 Zander is with Emily. They are outside Monica’s office. He will wait for her. He is sure that waiting for her will be okay. She thanks him for bringing her there. They kiss goodbye. She enters the office. Monica is waiting for her. They hug and Monica can see that something is wrong. Emily shows her other the forms that she picked up by accident. She asks her mother if the cancer is back. Monica tells her not to jump to conclusions. They have to look at the bump, but it might be a cyst. Monica loves her too much to ever leave her. If this is a recurrence Monica will fight it and beat it. There is no way that Monica would leave the world without seeing Emily grow up. Emily wants to take care of her mother. Alan walks in and sees Monica and Emily hugging.

Lucky comes to see Elizabeth and finds her cleaning up broken glass. She tells him that Jason paid her a visit and said that Lucky came at him with a knife. Lucky said that is a lie and she believes him. She broke the glass after Jason left. As far as she is concerned, Jason doesn’t exist anymore.

Helena arrives at her yacht. Andreas shows her the discs that he retrieved from Turkey. Helena thinks that Luke has been a fool to leave the discs behind. Andreas puts the discs in and Jazz music plays. She realizes that Luke has stolen her discs.

Luke is home dreaming. He is shouting for Lucky and Lucky is shouting back to his father, Luke. Luke travels through a maze of iron walls and fire and tries to find his son. He can’t!