General Hospital Update Thursday 3/22/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/22/01

By Glynis

Zander land Alexis are at court getting ready to go in and give testimony. Zander thanks her for taking care of him. He wants to return the favour. It has been hard for her having him there and he would like to return the favour. She wants him to worry about the trial.

Emily goes to her motherís office to meet her. She sits to write a note for her mother, as she is not there when Bobbie enters and says that she hasnít seen Monica. Emily asks if anything is different with Monica lately. Emily found her in the park and she wanted to make sure that everything is okay.

The Quartermaines are at home and Monica is looking for some paperwork. Edward jokes that Monica would lose her head as she lost her daughter. Monica tells him that Emily would rather sleep on the streets than be there with him. Alan wants to take Monica to The Grill, but she isnít that interested in that. Ned and AJ enter because grandmother asked them to come there. Monica and Edward fight and when Alan tries to defend her, Monica tells him to stop. Edward tells Alan that Monica is having her time of life and that only adds to the stress of having a miserable daughter-in-law. AJ reminds his grandfather that he has had his horrible relationships. Nobody is perfect. Monica is standing and listening to the family fighting. She tells them all to stop it. They are all impossible and they miss the point. She tells them that they are all alive and healthy. They have a lot of money and if their relationships donít work it is because of the person in the mirror. Lila tells them all to find somewhere else for lunch. Lila and Monica leave the room. The men are left alone. Ned and AJ get into it, but Ned is not willing to hear him out. AJ tells the men that he hasnít been listening to Hannah lately and when he looks at himself, he sees that he really doesnít know her. He sees what he wants to see. She is beautiful and funny, but she is also a FBI agent. That is a common thread that AJ and Ned have. They donít respect the women that they love. They donít respect their jobs. They love their work. Alan tells them that they have to pay attention to the women and the things that they love to get a womanís attentionÖ. AJ has a fantasy. He walks into Hannahís hotel room where she is having a stake out. The man shows up missing and AJ opens the door and drags the culprit in, saving the case. She goes to her radio and tells her backup to pickup the perp outside her hotel room. He gives her a gold necklace. She turns so that he can put the necklace on her. It doesnít match her outfit, but she has a solutionÖ. She opens her coat and drops it on the floor to reveal that she is wearing nothing underneath. He admires her creativity and kisses her passionately." The other men think that AJ has really gone mad this time. Alan thinks that he is on to something. They miss what is right there in front of them and then it is gone. Alexis told Ned that she wanted to go back to where they began. He has a fantasy, She is passing out flyers to free Zander Smith and Ned comes to get her flyers. They recite the words from the song, "The Way We Were." They slowly move to each other and look into each otherís eyes. They kiss passionately and then she drops the flyers. Edward thinks that Alexis is a mouthpiece, but Ned now thinks that he knows different. Edward thinks that to control a woman you have to let her know who is the boss. Ned and AJ are gone now and it is only Edward and Alan talking. Edward tells Alan that behind every man there is a powerful woman. He tells the story: Lila gives him the paper and he doles out all the plans for the children. Everything that Edward wants she agrees to it. He even gets the deed to the house from Monica. Lila is happy that he takes care of everything for her. A firm hand and a warm heart, that is how he would do it. There is no harm, he thinks. He thinks that is the best. Alan thinks that firm communication is the way to run a good marriage. Alan can tell that Monica is upset and that is why she is acting the way that she is.

Lucky comes to see his mother and tell her that he is not able to take pictures for her this week. She sees that he is hurt and wants to know what is the matter. He tells her that he had a sprain. He had to go to Tony and that makes her think that the sprain was a lot more dangerous than she thought. Laura wants to know if this has to do with Helena. Lucky tells her that Helena has nothing to do with this. He assures her that Jason did this. She doesn't understand why Jason would have to do something like this. Laura thinks that she shouldnít be surprised that something like this happened to him considering that Jason hangs around with Sonny and those people do whatever they want to others. He thinks that she just described his father. She tells him to forget about the past. Luke and Laura have gotten over that. It never ends. Luke doesnít let things end because he wonít let it. He comes back for more. He feels responsible for what has happened and Helena keeps coming after their family. Lucky is not going to do anything about Jason. That is over. Laura is glad to hear that. Elizabeth was there and saw what happened so he is sure that he doesnít have to worry about Jason acting up again. After he leaves, she makes a call but then changes her mind dropping the phone.

Luke is working on decoding the disc and it almost deletes again. Felicia enters and sees that he has been up all night. The computer is buzzing away. She brings him something to eat for breakfast. Luke hasnít been able to find out anything about the disc or how to decode it. Felicia doesnít know how much longer she can do this with him. He looks at her mystified. There is a wall in between them. He has the discs and he is trying to crack the code. She wants to be let in. He tells her that she knows what is going on. He canít protect his son and that makes him feel like hell. She understands that. She wants to know if he only wants her around for the fun stuff because she would like to be around for all of it. He thought that they wanted to be carefree in their relationships. She wants to know if he wants her to back off. He tells her that she is a perfect fit and he would like to prove it to her. He wants her to know that when she comes into the room, he thinks about her. If he only thinks about her though he will never understand the disc. Felicia thinks that Helena is not capable of encrypting the discs. Whoever did though probably knows what is on the discs. She is trying to get his attention but he doesnít let up on the codes. He thanks her for breakfast and she leaves. Soon there is more knocking on his door. He is sure that it is Felicia. She just canít stay away from him lately and he shouts that out as he walks to the door and opens it. Turns out that it is Laura standing there.

Hannah bumps into Alexis at the courthouse. Zander is already in talking to the Grand Jury. Hannah tells her that there is no more AJ in her life. What is it about the Quartermaine men? Hannah walked away.

Monica is in her office when she sees Emilyís note. Bobbie comes to see Monica and asks for some files. Bobbie mentions that Emily came by and she is very worried. Monica tells Bobbie that she thinks the cancer is probably back. She was worried that she was having menopause and now she finds out that she is having a biopsy. There are many reasons why she could be getting sick. She feels very betrayed. She has been cancer free for 5 years. She thinks that she tempted fate. She had to ask for more. She thinks that she set herself up wanting to have another baby. Bobbie thinks that having a baby is a blessing and God doesnít punish people for that. She hasnít told Alan yet what is going on, but she thinks that he may already know. Bobbie thinks that she should tell Alan. She thinks that she may be fine. If she isnít then she will accept the verdict and go through with the surgery. She will treat the cancer aggressively. Bobbie tells her that she really needs to tell Alan the truth. Monica doesnít want to tell Emily that she may lose 2 mothers to cancer. She thinks that because of the cancer she may have to keep cutting herself out and lose herself piece by piece. Bobbie will help her to get through this but she still needs to tell her family. When you shut out the people that love you, it is like putting up a wall. That is how it is. If she doesnít want to tell Emily then that is fine, but she really should tell Alan. Alan walks in and Bobbie leaves. Monica goes to Alan and tells him that she doesnít know how he puts up with her. He really wants to know what is going on.

Emily and Zander are back at Alexisí home and they think that it is great that they are finally free. Something is wrong with Zander. If he can testify and say what he wants and then Sorel gets the death penalty, only then will Zander be okay. She is sure that they will be okay. She wants him to trust her and she is the only one that he does trust. She got her parents to sign and get her into PCU. She opens her books and shows him the papers. Everything is going to be okay. On her bed, some papers have fallen and she has not noticed them yet. They are Monicaís medical forms. Finally she sees the forms. She reads them and gets a saddened look on her face. Zander wants to know what is wrong.

leaves the courtroom and someone is looking for her to sign for a note. She reads the note and it says "Meet me on Elm Street Pier..Ned"

AJ arrives at Hannahís place and he walks in to find her packing her stuff. He has a very nice present for her in his pocket and he is dying to give it to her.