General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/21/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/21/01

By Glynis

Monica is working on scheduling the biopsy for herself. Her husband walks in and she ends her call leaving her papers on her desk. He wants her to forget work. He wants her to think about their trip. Emily walks in and greets her parents. She is fine and Monica says that she is fine. Alan reads into Emily being there and Monica tells him to calm down. Emily brought over some college applications and she drops her work on top of Monicaís papers for her doctor. Monica signs some forms for her. Emily is going to spend some time with her grandmother and Alan is glad to hear that. Ned arrives and sees Emily and thinks that she is there because something happened to Zander. He is there to visit his grandmother. Monica and Alan get into it like usual. Emily moves away from them and picks up her books and puts them back in her knapsack. While picking up her books, she accidentally grabs the medical folders about Monicaís health as well. Alan and Monica leave the room and Emily talks with Ned about Zander. He canít help her. She canít wait until tomorrow. She suspects that something is wrong with Monica. She wonít say what is the matter and Zander will make her feel better. Ned agrees to help her get to Zander. She tells him that he is just wasting his time trying to keep her from Zander.

Elizabeth is with Lucky talking about Jason. She wishes that she knew that Jason was unpredictable. Lucky tells her that he is a thug. Elizabeth thinks that she does turn into another person when she is with Jason. She never thought that she would ever cause Lucky to be hurt. Lucky thinks that he has been a jerk to her. Whenever they fought or she got scared, she ran to Jason. He tells her that Jason came out of nowhere. Elizabeth remembers the look on Jasonís face. He was so blank. He wasnít going to stop. Lucky can see that Jason is never going to stop. He has been playing them against each other for a very long time. Elizabeth tells him that she is the one that has caused this to happen. She lied to him and feels that is the reason why they had to go through all of this. Lucky wants to know if she slept with him. She tells him no. He believes her. She remembers at the docks when she asked him to kiss her. Lucky ran away, but she loved him then. He gave her back her life. He used to imagine her when he was locked up. Sometimes he would get confused. Elizabeth thinks that they should go back to the boxcar and spend the night sometime. When Lucky looked in Jasonís eyes, he saw someone that was dead, detached and professional. He loves her so much and Elizabeth loves him too. Jason came out of nowhere and he was like a possessed man.

Jason is telling Sonny about his being attacked by Lucky on the waterfront. Elizabeth thinks that Jason was the one that attacked him. Jason reveals to Sonny that Lucky came at him with a knife and that is how things got out of hand. He is very upset. Sonny tells him that he has to concentrate on Sorel and what is going on with his family. The attacks from Sorel havenít stopped and he is very concerned about that. Sorel has to understand that his behavior is not acceptable. Sonny has to handle this himself. Jason thinks that Sonny should just wait a moment and not go running off half-cocked. Sonny tells him that he is not the one that gives the orders, he takes them. Sonny is going out and doesnít want Jason to go with him. Sonny gets his coat and quickly leaves.

Hannah is on a stake out looking out the window. She is watching a suspect and there has been no activity. She gets someone knocking at the door. She moves to the door with her gun, and it is AJ. He enters and she is very upset with him being there. He brought her some ice cream because he knew that she would be working and bored. He wasnít supposed to know where she was, but he has been paying attention to what she has been doing lately and he found her. He offers her some ice cream. He admits to her that he has quit drinking because it is time for him to quit. One day this winter, he woke up and had no memory of what happened to him. There was mud on his shoes and coat and he didnít know what happened. He woke up on his floor and the clock was showing 4:47am and when he found the remote control and turned on the television, all the shows were cartoons and soaps. He missed out on time. There were bottles everywhere and he felt worse than he usually did. He tried to get dressed and he couldnít even put on his own socks. His son could put on his own socks. Something happened that day. He threw away all his empties and he was done with drinking after that. Hannah turns to the window again and sees that the guy got away. She is very upset. She has been sitting there for 15 hours and the guy got away. AJ thinks that she will probably get the next one. She realizes that she let everybody down. He thinks that this is good because she has the rest of the night off and can spend time with him. Also, she has this nice big bed over there. She is astonished at his inference and slaps him hard on the mouth. He disrespects her work. He could get her fired. He thinks that she wanted to be with him. She thinks that her judgment is completely gone. He is a civilian and he shouldnít even be there. She keeps telling herself that the way that he behaves is just an act. What about her life? She screwed up on the Corinthos case and since then she has been trying to make the best of it. It is her responsibility and he doesn't seem to care. He tells her that he cares about her. She tells him to forget about her because this ride is officially over. She walks out slamming the door.

Zander is having a heart to heart with Alexis. She is trying to make him see that he is in grave danger and tries to get him to practice being on the stand. Zander is afraid that he will let Sonny down. She gets a bag and offers it to Zander. It is a gift from her to him. She hasnít had time to wrap it and he looks in the bag. It is a watch. He doesnít understand why she would get him a watch. She wants him to pay attention to his curfew. It is an expensive watch and he doesnít understand her giving him a watch like that. No one has ever given him anything like that. Alexis believes in him and he is loyal and courageous. She admires him. Once he almost had a watch like this before. When he was selling drugs, he almost bought one. He tries to mother her and he doesnít exactly understand that. She knows what she is doing. He thinks that he may lose it on the stand and get dragged out of court. He did thinks that were wrong and he is afraid that he is going to screw up. She cautions him to only answer questions that he is asked. She puts him through a test. He sold drugs for the money and she thinks that the DA is going to make him sound like a petty thief that should be locked up. If he gives more information than necessary, he could get Sorel off. Emily and Ned come to visit. Emily runs to Zander. They want to be alone and have to go out into the hall to do that. Ned enters Alexisí apartment and they find that they have nothing to talk about. He explains that he brought Emily over because she wanted to be with Zander. She tells him that he left his sound machine there when he packed his things. He left it on purpose for her. It was a gift. She remembers other gifts that he gave her in the past. She misses them being together. She offers him some popcorn, but he doesnít see the point if she canít take the next step. She canít make a commitment. She would rather work than be with him. She agrees. She thinks that they should forget about what she would rather do. She wants to give him what he wants. She starts taking off her clothes. He doesnít understand what she is doing. She thinks that he is right and she is proving that he is right. She is going to stop working so hard. Zander is a deviant and she shouldnít be working so hard to save people. She starts throwing her files into the garbage and she will throw away her files and papers. He wants her to stop. She wants to be what he wants her to be. He wants her to be constantly available. She can be Eddieís angel. She trashes all the things off the desk and she jumps on the table and thinks that they should be making love all the time. She storms out of the room and Zander shouts for Emily. Emily and Zander enter the room and they can see that something terrible has happened in their absence. Ned takes Emily out of there and Alexis shouts for Zander to go upstairs. They will finish work the next day. He goes upstairs and she comes out of the kitchen crying and feeling bad.

Monica is panicking. She is looking for her medical forms and canít find them. She searches the garbage and while doing so, Alan walks in. She tries to lie to him about why she is acting so strangely. She shouts at him to leave her alone. He turns and goes to the door. She calls for him and he tells her that when she decides what she wants from him, she should let him know.

Emily and Zander are in the hallway together sitting on the floor. He tells her that Alexis believes in him. He wishes that they could be on the road with no one to tell them what to do. She tells him that something is wrong with her mother and she doesnít know what it is.

Sorel is in his cell when he hears someone coming in. He calls for the guard and no one answers. He is like a caged animal. Sonny appears all of a sudden. He tells Sorel, "Nice to see ya". Sorel turns abruptly to see Sonny coming out of the darkness on the other side of the bars. Sonny wants to know if Sorel is panicking. He tells Sorel that Alexis is going to take care of him in court. Sorel questions if Carly liked the present. Sorel has made a mistake. He has gotten too close to the bars of his cell and Sonny is able to grab him through the bars and hold him by the throat. He pulls Sorel up to him, his face right in between the space in the bars. He holds him there with his death grip.

Ned is in the hotel room where Hannah has left him thinking, "Ainít love grandÖ"

Jason is worried about Sonny. He calls Benny to go and watch out for Sonny. It may be nothing, but he knows that Sonny is worried about Sorel. Jason continues to wait for Sonny at his house.