General Hospital Update Monday 3/19/01


General Hospital Update Monday 3/19/01

By Glynis

Felicia goes to the hospital looking for Melissa Bedford, but she is not around. Roy walks up and talks with Felicia. As he talks, Melissa arrives and hears Felicia mention her name. She walks off. He knows that she is looking for Melissa and Roy tells her that he doesnít want to see Bobbie hurt. Felicia questions Melissa being there. Felicia reveals that she knows the story of Melissaís brother. Roy thinks that it is true that Melissa has no other friends or family and he does owe her. Felicia thinks that she is there to collect. Roy doesnít owe her anything in her mind. She is not sure of Melissaís intentions. Roy wishes that he could buy her a house or a car that works. Felicia thinks that Roy is pushing it. He only wants to be a friend and help her. Felicia reminds him that Bobbie has needs too. Isnít there a way that Roy can help Melissa and have her far away at the same time. Roy has been thinking about this. He has loved Bobbie for a long time and he shouldnít think that love is going to last forever. He understands that she is just watching his back. She has to leave and Roy guesses that she is going to see Luke. She leaves and Melissa turns up across the floor with a little boy. They are playing with toys and Roy watches her with the boy. She introduces the little boy to Roy. Roy sits with them and they play trucks. A nurse comes to get the boy for dinner. She promises to get him some cookies if he eats his dinner. He leaves with the nurse. Roy and Melissa discuss the toys and she tells him that she learned about trucks from her brother. She never got a chance to go to the monster truck show. She has found a place to live over the harbor. It is a nice place to live. It is not easy to start over. Roy has been thinking that there is a better way for her. He thinks that she should move away. She did have some other offers. He thinks that her leaving would be best for everybody.

Luke is in his office trying to figure out the code to find the Ice Princess. In walks Bobbie. He tells her that he went to Turkey to get the Ice Princess and all he got was a code. He believes the code will lead him to the Princess. He wants to take the Ice Princess from Helena so that she will suffer. She tells him that she is not sure if she should trust him. She wants to know if Roy has spoken of Melissa to Luke and he hasnít. She tells him that Melissa is going to be working at the same hospital that she works at. She canít believe that Melissa has tracked him down and now lives in town with them. Luke stands up for Roy and reminds her that this is the same Roy that she used to know and she should have more faith. She shouldnít screw up her second chance with him. He hasnít been living the life of a monk and neither has she. Luke still thinks that he is better than a lot of people in town. He shouldnít have to pay for the crappy luck that she has had with men. Luke believes in Roy and she should too. Her problem is that life is so complicated. She remembers the times that they had at the disco so many years ago. It never pays to look back. Bobbie tells him that he is going to regret screwing with Helena again. Bobbieís mind is on one track. She wants Roy to send Melissa packing. She thinks that she canít pick a good man. Whether she trusts him or not doesnít matter, Roy is going to do what he wants. He gives her good advice. He wants her to keep her spirits up. She leaves. Luke returns to his desk and his project. He tries to use the supernatural to get help with breaking the code to the Ice Princess.

Helena tells her houseman that Luke taught his son many things. She is going to make Lucky even stranger than when he came back to town. Helena is going to make Lucky get in touch with his anger. She is going to make him capable of doing terrible harm. It doesnít matter who he gets angry at, as long as he gets angry, and the great thing is that he will not remember what he has done at all. She has spent a great deal of money brainwashing Lucky. The queen is long gone and all they have now is the Ice Princess.

Lucky is in Jasonís room upset because he has found Elizabethís glove in Jasonís room. He is very angry with that. He puts the glove back and leaves the room. Jason is downstairs in the bar from his room and Elizabeth has just walked in. Jason asks her what she is doing there. Lucky has just come downstairs and sees the two together. He hears her asking for her gloves and trying to tell him that she is going to tell Lucky everything that night. He is trying to avoid her and she is not making it easy. He goes to get her gloves and she asks to go with him. She follows him to Jasonís room as Lucky watches. He canít believe what he is seeing. He is very hurt and cries to himself.

Gia arrives home and makes a call looking for Lucky. She canít find him and leaves a message for him to call her as soon as he gets in. Nikolas arrives and Gia has reverted to her old snotty self. Lucky arrives looking for Gia. Lucky is ranting and raving and tells Nikolas that Elizabeth is with Jason right then. Lucky thinks that it is his fault for bossing Elizabeth around. Nikolas is upset because he told Jason to back off. He knows that she turns into someone else when she is with Jason. Gia enters the room and Lucky turns to her. She can see that he is upset. He looks terrible. He asks about the day when he actually saw her at the photo shoot. He wants to know if she really saw Elizabeth at the mall. Gia admits that she didnít see Elizabeth at the mall. Nikolas canít believe that she was covering for Elizabeth. She tells him that she saw Elizabeth at Jasonís. She thought that Elizabeth was with Jason and she went upstairs. She heard Elizabethís voice and she knocked. There was no answer so she went inside and she only saw Elizabethís gloves. She didnít want to go to Lucky because he has been very nice to her and she didnít think that it was her place to say anything. She didnít have the heart to tell him the truth. Lucky tells her thanks. They want to give him something to drink, but he wants to leave. Lucky wants to go back to Jakeís because Elizabeth is there. Nikolas wants to go over there with him, but Lucky wants to go by himself. Nikolas tries to get him to promise that he will not go over there. Lucky promises that he will not go there. He wants to be home to talk with Elizabeth when she gets back. Lucky is very thankful to the two of them. Gia apologizes for making things worse. Lucky leaves. Nikolas understands now what Gia has been up to. He thinks that she lied to Lucky about Elizabeth earlier and that was why she was having such a terrible time with her lately. Lucky has been hurt enough. Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth doesnít seem so perfect anymore. Gia is sure that Elizabeth is responsible for the things that she does. Nikolas thinks that they may not be able to work out their problems. She has lied over and over. Nikolas knows that he couldnít deal with someone lying to him over and over. He is glad that he has someone as honest as Gia. They hug.

Elizabeth and Jason are in his room and he returns her gloves. He thinks that is all that they have to talk about. She tells him that she is going to tell Lucky the truth. He doesnít want to hear how she is going to tell how she loves Lucky. He wants to know what she wants. She wants Lucky and Jason and that is not going to work. It doesnít make sense. When Lucky came back, it was a miracle and she is not going to leave him and let him down. Jason tells her to go. She wants to stay and he can see that. She thinks that what she wants doesnít matter. He asks her why she is doing things that she doesnít want. She tried to get out of the modeling but she just canít. Jason is not going to force her to do anything. She doesnít think that she can live the rest of her life on the back of a motorcycle. She is doing this because she loves him. She is sorry. He comes closer to her. She is sorry for hurting him. He moves to kiss her, but she leaves him there.

Felicia comes to see Luke in his office. He is working still on his code and trying to break it. She wants to work on the code for a while too and she takes his seat. He sits across from her and watches her as she works. The code looks like nothing but jibberish. Helena may be setting him up, but he still has to check. Helena may be carrying the diamond around in her bag. They consider that for a moment. Felicia offers to keep looking for the answer with the code. They need someone that knows computers to break the code. Luke has to go to the yacht that night. He thinks that he needs to go by himself to sort things out. Luke wants to try to do something a little different. He suggests that she stay in his office and try to crack the code on the computer. She agrees to work on the code. He kisses her and leaves. He wonít be long. Felicia looks at pictures of Laura and Luke on the table. She gets an idea. The computer starts doing something and she canít stop it. She starts shouting at it to stop.

Lucky is at the waterfront and he bumps into Helena again. She can tell that he is upset. He tells her that he has someplace to be at the moment. She stops him from leaving and leaving and waves the Ice Princess in his face. The sight of that stops him from doing anything else. He is unable to move. He just stares at it entranced. She puts the Ice Princess back in her purse. She thinks that he is angry, but he denies that. He tells her that Jason is after Elizabeth and that makes him angry. She is with him right now. Helena can understand. She doesnít think that Lucky shouldnít have to take that from Jason. She tells him that keeping anger in can make him very angry. She gives him a knife. She tells him that if he is angry, he needs to do something about it. She walks away from him. Lucky looks down at the knife in his hands.

Bobbie walks up and finds Roy talking with Melissa. She asks Roy if he has a minute to talk to her.

Helena walks into her livingroom and finds Luke sitting with his feet on her table. Andreas leaves the room and he takes his foot and taps a container on her table. He remarks that this is a great place to keep an Ice Princess. She tells him that he is obsessed.

Jason is walking by on the waterfront and Lucky jumps out from nowhere. He grabs Jason and puts a knife to his neck. He tells Jason that he has asked him to stay away from Elizabeth and Jason hasnít been able to do that.