General Hospital Update Friday 3/16/01


General Hospital Update Friday 3/16/01

By Glynis

Jason is home and not feeling very good. He sees one of Elizabethís gloves on the table and picks it up. He turns and sees an apparition of Elizabeth at the door. His mind is playing tricks on him. 

Lucky has just heard Elizabeth talking to his mother in her office and he confronts her about not wanting to be the face of Deception. Elizabeth says that it has been torture trying to work as a model. Lucky hasnít been listening to Elizabeth for weeks and he knows that she doesnít want to be the face of Deception. Laura shows her pictures of herself and thinks that they are not that great because she was nervous. Laura is willing to get Elizabeth a coach to help her get over her fears. Lucky gets angry with his mother for trying to force Elizabeth to take the pictures. Elizabeth thinks that Laura is right that she should try the coaching. Lucky thinks that she is just trying to make him happy. She should have told him how she felt. Laura wants her to be comfortable. Laura wants to set up some meetings the following week with some coaches. Tuesday is the day that they will meet. Elizabeth wants to go, but by herself. She thinks that he should stay with his mother and she will meet him later at Kellyís. Elizabeth leaves. Laura heard her concerns and she thinks that Elizabeth will be okay if they get her some help. Lucky thinks that he is the one to blame. He hasnít been acting right for Elizabeth. He needs to change the way that he has been acting. He tells his mother what has been happening with Jason and Elizabeth. He was really grilling her about her friendship with Jason. Laura is afraid that his reactions to the things that have been happening with Elizabeth have to do with his being brainwashed. He doesnít believe that. When Elizabeth thought that he was dead, she turned to Jason as a friend. He was dead and that is how they became friends. Laura is proud of him and holds him. She thinks that the fact that he can ask these questions proves to her that he is in control. He has to keep listening to his feelings. Lucky thinks that he should find Jason and try to explain to him why he has been acting the way that he has. Laura thinks that would be very nice. Lucky thanks his mother for her help. He leaves.

Alan meets with Monicaís doctor. The doctor will not reveal any information about her condition. Alan begs Dr. Meadows, but she will say nothing.

Monica is in the park with Emily and she is crying. Monica wasnít expecting to be found there. She is trying to change the subject. Emily wants an explanation. There is something that Monica has to tell her. First she asks if Emily is eating properly. Emily has been eating great since she lives at Kellyís. Monica goes to her room at night and sits on her bed. She says prayers for her and sends her a hug wondering how her day has been. Soon she is going to grow up and go to college. Monica needs to spend some time with her. Emily will always be her daughter no matter where she goes. Monica begs her to come home. Emily misses her family, but Zander means too much for her to let him go. Monica is willing to make an arrangement if she would come home. Zander finds them in the park and thinks that he is interrupting, but Monica tells him to stay with them. He tells her that he has spent some time in Canada. Emily and Zander are going over to the carousel and Monica would like to go with them. She is glad to go with them. She does have patients, but would like to go with them another time. She will see them soon. Shed wants Emily to consider going home one day. She leaves. Emily thinks that something is terribly wrong. Zander tells her that her family misses her. They kiss. He tells her that she should believe that good things could happen. Her mother misses her so much that she is willing to put up with him. She wants him to be right. Once the trial is over, Sorel will be in jail. She wants them to be normal. 

Sorel gets a visit from his lawyer and finds out that he may be able to beat the charges. There is only one real witness. The other people involved wonít be a problem, only Zander will be a problem.

Sonny and Carly are in the livingroom. There is a package that arrives at the house and Carly wants to open it. Sonny immediately gets panicky. Johnny isnít at his station and he would have gotten the package first. That worries Sonny tremendously. Johnny isnít there and Carly tries to open the gift as Sonny lunges at her and tosses it to the floor. He thinks that it is a bomb, but it is nothing more than an innocent gift. Carly canít understand his reaction. It is a gift for the rebirth of Deception. Sonny is trying to get rid of his wife for the day. She has some things to do and leaves immediately. Sonny has some concerns. He walks over to the package and picks it up. There is a card in there that says, "Boom! Zander doesnít testify". Sonny calls Jason and tells him to get over there quick cause he has a problem that has to be handled right away. Jason drops the phone and leaves immediately.

Jason arrives at Sonnyís house and Sonny shows him the package and the note. Alexis arrives at Sonnyís also. Sonny wants Sorelís trial date moved up. She canít petition for Sorel to be moved up. Sonny will pay anything. Sonny wants the case over. She is a professional and not his henchman. He thinks that she likes having Zander in her home now that she is not with Ned anymore. Sonny thinks that there is an interest for everyone to have Sorel put away. She guesses that there has been another threat. She doesnít want him going into a safe house. She will see what she can do. He assures her that they are friends. She leaves and Jason tells Sonny that they have to take care of Zander, but Zander doesnít follow instructions. He is a danger to Emily and himself. If Sorel gets out he is going to come after Sorel with everything that he has. Sonny should have taken care of him when he had the chance. Sonny canít even walk down the street. They donít know what they can do. Jason says that he will take care of it. He walks out.

Helena gets a container from her houseman. She opens it and looks at the magnificent contents. It allows her to control Luckyís soul. She has the power to transform every drop of Luckyís anger into a murderous rage.

Elizabeth meets Gia at the park. Gia is acting really cocky. Elizabeth tells her that she is giving things another shot. Laura wants her to try the job again and she is going to do it. Gia reminds her that she hates modeling and the only reason that she is doing it is because of her boyfriend. Every time that she looks in the mirror, she sees the guy that rapes her. She thinks that Elizabeth is cold and selfish. Once Lucky finds out from Gia that she has been with Jason, Laura wonít even want Elizabeth to clean her office. Elizabeth warns her that if she says anything to Lucky, she will regret ever hearing about Port Charles. She is an extortionist. Gia tells her that this is nothing but a job to her. Elizabeth reminds her that Nikolas cares about her, but when he finds out that Gia has been trying to strong arm her, he is not going to think twice before getting rid of her. She really believes that Elizabeth slept with Jason. Gia tells her that she saw her opera gloves in Jasonís room and she knows for sure that she was there with Sonnyís mobster friend in his room over a bar. Elizabeth tells her to stay out of her way. Gia shouts after her that her life with Lucky is over.

Lucky arrives at the bar where Jason hangs out. He climbs the stairs to Jasonís room. He finds the door and knocks. No one answers and he tries the door and enters. No one is there. He turns on the light and looks around. He hasnít seen it yet, but Elizabethís gloves are in the room on the desk under a book. Downstairs Jason arrives at the bar and starts playing pool. Carly walks up behind him wanting to know what is wrong with her husband. She tells him that he wonít tell her anything. She knows that he is in trouble and she wants to know what is wrong. He tells her that he doesn't have to tell her anything. When he gets involved it is always a problem so he is staying out of it. He wants her to go to her husband. She is sure that something else is going on. Jason shouts at her to leave him alone. She wants to know what he is going to do if she doesnít leave him alone. She guesses that Elizabeth is behind this. Carly tells him that she will rip her eyes out for him. Elizabeth is not worth it. She is going to use Jason to make Lucky jealous. Jason asks her again to leave things alone. She walks out. Jason picks up a chair and breaks it over a table. The bartender shouts for him to cut that out. Jason turns and finds Elizabeth standing in the doorway.

Zander comes to see Sonny and Sonny tells him that if Sorel is not convicted there are going to be major problems. Sonny tells him that he is breaking the rules again. He was found out in the open with Emily and so he has lied again. Sonny tells him that he is a punk kid that sold drugs for a living, Zander tells him that he is no better and Zander doesnít have to convince him of anything. Sonny doesnít like the tone of voice that Zander is using on him. Sonny thinks that Zander is acting really great by attacking the man that helps him out. Zander is sorry and Sonny thinks that his apologies are useless. When Sonny sends for Zander he is nervous because he never knows what Sonny is going to say. Sonny thinks that there is no respect. He is a punk kid and not a man. When he goes into the courtroom everybody else there is going to be small. Sonny wants him to speak when someone speaks to him. Then he only answers yes or no. Zander will do whatever he wants to make Sonny happy.

Monica is back at the hospital and she bumps into Alan. She wants her daughter back and she doesnít want to fight anymore. He tells her that he has spoken to Dr. Meadows. He tells her that he was given some information on menopause. He noticed that she has been depressed. She feels that this has nothing to do with menopause. He wants to talk her somewhere where they can relax. He walks her to the elevator.

Lucky is still in Jasonís room. He finally walks over to Jasonís desk and finds Elizabethís gloves. He gingerly picks them up from under the book and holds them closer to his face. Slowly he says, "ÖElizabethÖ" His face becomes contorted in angerÖ.