General Hospital Update Thursday 3/15/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/15/01

By Glynis

Bobbie is home and Roy arrives. They hug after missing each other. Roy tells her that he had an interesting trip. She wants to know why she didnít see him sooner. She takes off his coat and can see that he has jet lag. She tells him that Melissa is in town. He tells her that he saw Melissa the night before. He explains how he bumped into Melissa the night before. HE had no idea that she was coming to Port Charles. He would have told Bobbie. She wanted him to call her and come over to her house, but he needed time to process her being in town. He has been thinking about this all night. He has come to a decision and she is curious as to what it is. He doesnít know what he is supposed to be deciding. He goes to get a beer and she wonders if he knows that Melissa spoke to her. Melissa told him that he should talk to Bobbie about their conversation. Bobbie thinks that this is all a wonderful coincidence. Roy understands that she wanted to leave Chicago and that she moved there because she wanted to have a friend nearby. Roy is worried about Bobbieís fears. He understands her fears. Roy tells her that Melissa would leave if he asked her to. Bobbie canít believe that and wants to know if Roy took her up on her offer. Roy still feels responsible for her life turning out the way that it has. Bobbie thinks that that she may have an ulterior motive. She told Roy that she has forgiven him for the things that have happened. Bobbie is sure that Melissa is there because she wants to rekindle the relationship that she used to have with Roy. She wants him to go to Melissa and ask her to leave. Roy asks her if she trusts him. It is Melissa that she doesnít trust. He tells her that what he used to have with Melissa is over. He told her that Bobbie is the only one in his life and Melissa is clear on where he stands. He feels that she is worrying too much. If she leaves or stays is not going to change the way that he feels about her.

Alan is with Monica and she is getting ready for her appointment with Dr. Meadows. He tells her not to worry because they are going to get old together. Melissa brings Alan some files and he is thinking to himself that she is going to fit right in.

Monica is with her doctor and the news isnít very good. They found a growth in her fallopian tubes. The results show an anomaly. The growth may not be dangerous, but they wonít know until they do a biopsy. Monica immediately thinks that she is going to have to relive her cancer again. They donít know if this is an occurrence and they wonít know until they do a biopsy. She doesnít want Alan to know. She would like to wait and see what comes of the test. The doctor thinks that she should talk to somebody to help her get through this. Monica is getting very upset. The doctor thinks that this would be a mistake to face this alone.

Elizabeth is trying to paint in her studio, but she is having a terrible time. Everything that she starts ends up in a crumpled head on the floor. Lucky comes to see her and he tells her that something is wrong with his father. At first when she sees him, she thinks that he somehow has spoken to Gia and that she has been busted. Lucky was sure that the war with the Cassidines is not over, but his father thinks differently. He thinks that his father is obsessed with this whole Cassidine thing and he will not let it go. Lucky hates fighting with his father. Angry words come out of his mouth. Luke thinks that Helena is up to something and he doesnít even know what. Lucky is worried that Helena is going to cast an evil spell on him. Lucky is mad at his father because constantly he is in situations that have to do with Helena because of his fatherís behaviour. Now, with the photography, Lucky feels like he is starting a new life. He thinks that his good fortune has to do with the both of them being together. He needs her close to him and she is the only person that he can trust. Elizabeth reminds him that he has other people that support him. He thinks that his family canít be objective. He needs to feel safe and Elizabeth is the one person that helps him to feel safe. This is the one thing that makes him feel safe. They hug.

Luke is at his bar in his office when he gets a visit from Laura. She is a lot calmer than she was the night before. She was thinking about his talk with her the night before when he was going on and on about Helena and her vendetta against her family, and she has something to say. As she is about to start, Felicia bursts in wanting to know the juicy details of his trip. She leaves so that they can have their private conversation. Laura thinks that Lucky believes that his problems with Helena are over. She agrees though that as soon as they let their guard down, Helena may come after them again. She is always the one that saves the family. Luke is determined to help Lucky whether he likes it or not. She thinks that things would go much more smoothly if Lucky wanted Lukeís help. She tells him that Lucky has turned into a wonderful photographer and Luke thinks that is great. He still is going to protect his son though from Helena.

Monica has left the doctorís office and she gets on the elevator stunned at what she has just learned. The elevator door closes and Alan runs up to the front desk and asks Melissa if his wife has been seen. She tells him that no; Monica hasnít been around lately.

Felicia meets Mack in the park and asks him again if he has thought about going into business with her. Mack hasnít thought of it and doesnít think that it is something that he would like to do. He thinks that it is time for a new start for the both of them. He liked working with her, but they werenít officially partners. He hasnít made a decision yet on what he wants to do. She tells him that when she starts her business, he is going to jump in and help her whenever she needs him. He thinks that she should start her business first and if she needs him, he will be there for her. They agree to that. 

Emily comes to see Elizabeth at the studio. Elizabeth tells her that Gia is blackmailing her. Emily thinks that is unbelievable. Emily thinks that they should have called the police on Gia a year ago so that they wouldnít be going through this now. Emily wants to know how Gia is blackmailing her? Gia is a lying witch. Emily thinks that Elizabeth should talk to someone about this. Elizabeth thinks that there is no one to blame but herself. Emily admits that this has to do with Jason. She tells Emily what happened the night before and how she ended up at Jasonís. Gia found out that Elizabeth was with Jason. He listens to her and he can unload all her feelings. It wasnít okay because she told Lucky that she wasnít going to see Jason anymore. Elizabeth feels awful and he really wants to trust her. Elizabeth has to give in to Gia. She doesnít want money this time; she wants to be the face of Deception. Emily is horrified. She thinks that Elizabeth shouldnít give in to Gia. It doesn't matter to Elizabeth. Lucky means more to her than anything else in the world. Elizabeth canít think about Jason. He canít matter to her anymore.

Melissa is at work when she gets a visit from Luke. He can tell that she is new. He hasnít seen her before. She tells him that the doctor that he is looking for is in his office. Alan returns and hasnít been able to find his wife. He wants Melissa to tell his wife that he is planning a special dinner for the both of them.

Luke meets with Kevin and wants to know how Lucky is doing. Luke wants to know more about the deprogramming. Lucky seems to have recovered from his brainwashing. Luke feels that he is really stuck because there is no way to ensure that Lucky isnít still under program. Kevin thinks that there may be nothing else to look for.

Mack is talking with Kevin and thinks that he shouldnít get involved with Felicia in her venture to become private detectives together. Mack thinks that he should be moving forward with his life. There are other jobs that Mack could do. Kevin can tell that something is bothering him. Mack tells Kevin that he wants to get over Felicia, but he canít. Every time that he looks at Felicia, he thinks that he is never going to get over her. He is as in love with Felicia as he has ever been. Living apart from Felicia hasnít fixed things for him. He really wants his friendship back and he would like to work with her, but there is so much water that has to go under the bridge. Kevin thinks that Feliciaís feelings might change for Mack. Kevin has seen Mack and Felicia together and he doesnít think that other people canít get rid of the feelings that Felicia and Mack have for each other. Kevin thinks that Mack should consider getting Felicia back.

Lucky arrives at his motherís office and he goes to some proofs to look at some pictures. Laura apologizes to him for him getting the wrong impression the night before about his father. She reminds him that his intentions are good. It is only natural that his parents try to look out for him. Lucky doesnít want to rehash the things that have happened. He thinks that she sounds like his father. He doesnít want to snap at her. His missing year is behind him and he doesnít think of the Cassidines anymore. He was caught in a time warp and now she has given him this job. She assures him that he is a wonderful photographer. She canít think of two people that deserve this more. Lucky assures her that Helena canít mess this up for him.

Alan goes to see Dr. Meadows to see how the appointment for Monica went earlier.

Monica is sitting in the park crying when Emily finds her. She goes to her mother and asks her what is going on. What is wrong?

Luke bumps into Felicia at the hospital. He was too busy to speak with her earlier when he was with Laura, but he has time for her now. He tells her that he wasnít able to get his hands on the Ice Princess. Luke is worried about his son being in danger. Laura has offered to play go-between to smooth things over. It looks like they are going to team up against the Cassidines. Mack walks out of Kevinís office and sees Felicia sitting with Luke. He wonders fi getting back with Felicia is such a bad idea afterall.

Elizabeth goes to see Laura to have a talk with her. She has been doing a little thinking and she thinks that she doesnít want the job anymore. Lucky walks in and hears Elizabeth giving up the dream job. Elizabeth tells Laura that she really doesnít find that the job as face of Deception is the thing that she wants. Elizabeth sees Laura looking over her shoulder and she turns to find Lucky standing in the doorway with a questioning look on his face.