General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/14/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/14/01

By Glynis

Helena has found Lucky outside taking pictures. He clearly doesnít want to talk to her, but she doesnít get the message. She tells him to say hello to his father for her.

Luke has just walked in on Laura and Scotty kissing. He goes to talk to Laura. Scotty butts in and Luke threatens him. Laura tries to intervene. She tells Scotty that she will be all right. She will call him later. He leaves. They will pick up where they left off later. Luke is sorry that he interrupted. They have a problem and that is why he is there. He tells her that he went to get the Ice Princess and there were some CDs there. Laura doesnít know what they were thinking breaking into the bank vault. He has angered Helena. He has run the risk of being arrested again. He wonders if she would come running to Turkey to rescue him if he had been arrested. She wonders instead where Felicia is instead. He tells her that Felicia is a lot more devoted to her children than him. Laura has a job and doesn't have time to go running around after him. He isnít sure that Helena is going to retaliate. She thinks that they may have won when they got Lucky back. Luke is not so sure that Lucky is over his trauma with Helena. He thinks that something ugly is happening. Lucky is fine to her and she thinks that the only one caught in the past is Luke. Luke is sure that Helena isnít finished with him. That is why he is there. He didnít want to involve her in this, but Lucky was in danger once and maybe he is in danger again. She tells him to stop dragging her into his drama. Is there any indication that Lucky is still in Helenaís clutches? Luke is sure that Helena is after their first born because her first born was taken. Lucky walks in and is disturbed at what he hears his father saying. Laura jumps to Lukeís defense. Lucky thinks that Helena would be finished with her business if Luke would stop pissing Helena off. Luke tells him that the vendetta will not be over until she wins. Luke suspects that Lucky has seen Helena lately and wants to know if he has. Lucky doesnít exactly answer that question. Luke warns them one last time that this isnít over at all.

Gia has just put her cards on the table. She has revealed to Elizabeth that she knows that she was with Jason. Gia threatens to tell Lucky the truth if she doesnít give up the face of Deception. Gia knows that she doesnít want to be the face of Deception. She knows that Elizabeth must be having a hard time lying to Lucky about wanting to be with Deception. Gia knows that Elizabeth canít do the job. She doesnít understand why Elizabeth wants to take away Giaís big chance. She thinks that there is some other reason why Elizabeth wants the job. It is a good thing that Gia was the one that found Elizabeth. She doesn't have to lie to Gia. Gia knows the truth. Elizabeth tells her to get out. Lucky trusts her and earlier at Jake's, she should have seen Nikolas truing to convince Lucky that she wasnít upstairs. Gia tells her that if she doesnít hear from Elizabeth by noon the following day, she is going to go to Lucky and tell him the truth.

Nikolas goes to see Jason. He wants to discuss Elizabeth. Jason doesnít want to talk with him. Nikolas is there for Elizabeth. He thinks that Jason is hurting Elizabeth. Jason tells him that Gia is hurting Elizabeth, not him. Jason tells him that Gia blackmailed Emily and she was there that night with Carly. Gia was the one making all the demands. Jason just wants Gia to back off Elizabeth. Nikolas has seen Jason do this before. He thinks that if Jason really cared about Elizabeth he wouldnít be there. If Jason really cares about Elizabeth then he would stay away from her. Lucky is the one that Elizabeth loves. If Jason really loves her he will stay away. Jason will not take orders from him. He gets his coat and leaves that bar.

Bobbie tells Audrey at the diner that Roy is on his way home. Bobbie tells Audrey that the new nurse that she hired knows Roy. Audrey didnít know that.

Melissa is at the hospital with Roy and she is telling him that she works there now. Roy didnít realize that. He remembers her saying that she wanted to find somewhere else to work, but he didnít think that she would have picked this hospital. He thinks that she had some other reasons for picking that hospital and she admits that she did. She came there to see him. When she mailed out her application, she wanted to leave all the stuff behind and start over again. So she chose Port Charles. They got back to her with a great offer and the position needed to be filled immediately. He is not sure if this is a good idea. It seems strange to him. She was looking at a list of 10 places and she didnít know anyone at the other places. At least there, she knew one person. This was a chance for her to start again. They sit in the waiting area at the hospital. They only talked in Chicago for a couple of hours and Port Charles wasnít mentioned. Melissa was comforted that she was moving somewhere where there was someone that she knew. She had another offer in Seattle, but she doesnít know anyone in Seattle. She tells him to say that her being there is too much for him and she will find another place to go. Where she lives is not up to him. She wonders if he has a preference. Will he be groaning if she lives there? Does he mind having reminders? He cares about what is best for her. He was a big part of the worst thing that has happened to her. She has forgiven him and she doesnít see Leo. She sees friendship. She believes that things happen for a reason and then there is a great job waiting for her and she thought that this all fit. Maybe she was wrong. He is not telling her to go, but she can tell that he is not comfortable. She asks him what he would have chosen. He knows what she is doing. Melissa tells him that Bobbie knows that Melissa is there and she is surprised that Bobbie hasnít told him the truth. He tells her that he has been away and hasnít been able to speak with her yet. She asks if he knows a good mechanic. A month after the car went off warranty; he car started giving her trouble. She tried to sell the car, but no one would even steal it. They even recognize her voice at the auto club. That is how bad her car is. She had to tow it to town on the back of her truck. Roy doesnít know anything about auto repair, but there is a place in town and if she doesnít mind being in town to haul her car to the place in town, he doesnít see any reason why should have to haul her car to another town. This was a surprise, but they seem to be handling it well. He gets up and leaves.

Scotty arrives at the diner and sees Bobbie there. He tells her that he canít believe her brother. This is part of his ongoing rant about Luke. He is always pulling some stunt. He is sure that Luke is up to something again. Bobbie realizes that if Luke is back then Roy must be back too. 

Gia returns to the bar where Nikolas is and she explains that she thought that Laura might have changed her mind about Gia being the face of Deception. When she met Carly there, she found out that she is not going to be the face of Deception. She is really playing a head game on her. Nikolas tells her that he wasnít trying to give her a hard time. He just canít believe that Gia would talk to Carly after everything that happened. Nikolas tells her that he saw Jason a while ago and he warned him to stay away from Gia.

Elizabeth is in her studio alone thinking and crying to herself. Now she is really in it. What are the answers? She doesnít know. She looks at one of her paintings and goes to the window to look out. Someone comes to the door and it is Jason who enters. He has something to tell her. She tells him immediately that he shouldnít be there because Lucky may be coming over there. He sees that she is crying and she tells him that it is nothing. He wants to help her and he holds her to make everything all right. She shouldnít be doing any of this. She shouldnít be letting him have contact with her. Jason doesnít see anything wrong with him being with her. He takes her away from everything that hurts and she shouldnít need that anymore. Her life is better than okay. She doesnít believe that what she is saying is true. She keeps saying over and over that everything is okay, but that isnít true. When she imagines things, she imagines being with him. It is a mistake. That was before she knew that Lucky was alive. Every time that she has a problem, it leads to him. Lucky is so excited because of the photography thing and he canít hear her right now. The solution is not for her to take her problems to someone else. Jason thinks that something more is going on, but he canít help her if he doesnít know what is going on. She tells him that to help her, he should do as she asks and leave. She goes to the door and opens it. She hates herself for lying to Lucky. This canít happen anymore. She canít keep doing thinks that he doesnít know about. He is jealous of Jason and she needs to respect that. She canít come to see him anymore and he canít come to see her. If that is how she wants it, Jason will comply with her wishes. Lucky has too many reasons why he shouldnít trust her. As long as she lets him come to see her, that is not fair for either of them. Jason is making this very difficult. Jason tells her that he will not come to her again, but he will not turn her away if she has to come to him. He walks through the door and leaves. She watches him walk out thinking of what might have been.

Bobbie is trying to reach Roy. She calls him again to let him know that she is looking for him. She hangs up and continues talking with Scotty at the diner. HE thinks that Roy is still a bit of a criminal. She should be careful. She wonders if she should hit Roy with bad news right after coming from his trip. The news is that someone from Royís past has shown up and that may cause problems for Roy.

Helena is walking with her houseman. Helena thinks that it is time for her to proceed with her plan.