General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/13/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/13/01

by Glynis

Luke and Roy are on their way out of the country. They only found two CDís where the Ice Princess was supposed to be. He took the CDís and replaced them. Roy warns him that those CDís might be a trap of some time. Roy is sure that Helena is going to retaliate against Luke for trying to bust into her vault. Luke killed her husband and her first born, so there is no reason to thing that Helena is not going to change her ways. He thinks that the tapes can help him bring Helena down. Roy makes a call to talk with Bobbie, but is unable to speak with her. They are about to land. Luke laughs at Roy thinking that he has it bad. Luke thanks Roy for helping him with this. Roy did it because of Lucky. When Luke was gone, he got close to Lucky and he really did it for him. Luke has some other ideas, but Roy doesnít want to hear any of them.

Back in Port Charles, Helena is notified that someone tried to steal her things from the bank, Helena doesnít need a map to know that it is Luke trying to interfere with her business. She phones the bank and learns that the discs are secure at the bank. She gives strict orders that no one is to have access to the property without her explicit instructions. Luke has failed again. He wasnít arrested, but he is returning to Port Charles and feeling defeated. Helena is sure that Luke will not harm her again. She has Lucky as her best weapon.

Sonny comes to see Scotty and Laura. Sonny thinks that he can see the motive behind Lauraís offer. Scotty intervenes and Sonny tells him to stay out of this. Sonny asks her to name her price and he will buy her out of the business arrangement. Laura tells him that she is not selling. Sonny wants to pay her enough to pay for her own company. Laura has worked on the company by herself and she is not ready to give up the company yet. Scotty tells Sonny to get out of the office. Sonny reminds Scotty that he was the one that came to Sonnyís home trying to open up negotiation over Deception and now Sonny is just trying to respond to that. Lauraís mouth falls open not being sure what is going on. Laura reminds him that Carly wants to do her work through the phone instead of working at the office. She finds out that Scotty came over to his house to offer him 5 million dollars to leave the company alone. Laura acts like she knew all along that Scotty made the offer. Sonny questions if Laura really knew what Scotty was up to all along. Laura acts as if she did know what Scotty is up to. Nothing has been resolved. Sonny is going to leave so that Laura and Scotty can get their stories straight. He walks out and Laura confronts Scotty to ask him why he lied to her. She feels betrayed that he lied to her. He admits that he went behind her back and she doesnít appreciate that. He tells her that he cares about her and he canít stay out of it. He reminds her that Carly locked her on the roof. She hates that Sonny can guess that she didnít have a clue about the buy-out offer. Scotty reminds her that Sonny is a monster. He is sure that one day Sonny is going to make demands on her and she may end up in the river. Scotty thinks that he may even be a murderer. Laura thinks that he is over-reacting. She has to deal with Carly and Sonny by herself. If Scotty canít abide by her wishes she will have to make a decision about them and she doesn't want to do that. She doesnít want a new lawyer, she wants Scotty. She doesnít want their disagreements to get in the way of the company. He wants to know what he is to her. He is actually a lot to her. She wants to be a part of his life. They know each other. They could be apart for years and he could take her hand and look in her eyes and know that they have always been connected. He leans to her and kisses her. She kisses him back. Luke walks in and finds them kissing and remarks, "Well, well, wellÖ. Looks like I got back just in time." Scottie and Laura jump back from each other and look in shock at who has just walked in the door.

Jason arrives and finds Gia and Carly speaking together. Carly dismisses Gia who refuses to leave. She tells Carly that first she is double-crossed and now she is being dismissed for Jason. She is not very happy about that. Carly tells her that her best friend is more important than what they have to talk about and she will discuss whatever Gia wants to the following day, but not now. Jason asks Carly when she is going to stop lying. Carly turns to Gia again and tells her to leave. Gia will not be shut down that easily. She thinks that Carly is taking her for a ride. She tells Carly that she will be the face of Deception with or without Carlyís help. Carly explains that she disagrees with Laura about Elizabeth being the face of Deception. Jason thinks that Carly is handling everything wrong. Carly can tell that Elizabeth has run to him with a complaint about the way that things are going with the modeling. She can tell that Jason is in deep for Elizabeth. It is all over his face. She tells him that in the end, Elizabeth is going to dump him. She is sure that Elizabeth is not right for him. He tells her to leave Elizabeth alone. Carly thinks that they will be filing for Chapter 11 if they take Elizabeth. Jason thinks that Carly has other things to worry about besides this business. She thinks that the business is worth what she is doing. She is sure that she can make it. She thinks that something is wrong with him. Jason begs her to let it go. Carly persists and tells him that Elizabeth has been worming her way in with him. He finally asks her the question that has been burning on his lips. "What is wrong with you? If you canít have me, nobody can?" She denies that she is holding him for herself. She just wants him to be with someone that she thinks is good for him. He didnít interrupt when she got with Sonny and it seems to be working out. That is not the point, Carly thinks that Elizabeth has become his little perfect angel because of what Carly has done in the past.

Elizabeth is with Lucky at her studio and she is still dressed in the gown she wore for her shoot. She lies and tells him that she was at the mall. She tells him that being with him is what matters most to her. Lucky wants to know why she is so sad. She thinks that she is letting him down. He hugs her to make her feel better. He tells her that the only way that she could let him down is by lying to him. He tells her that the next time Carly gets to her, she should just tell him. She doesnít want to lose Deception because it is too important to the both of them. Carly really made Elizabeth feel bad. Lucky thinks that both girls are good models, but different and Laura thinks that Elizabeth is the better of the two for the job and they have to go with that. Elizabeth will never stop loving him. They hug. He feels bad about asking her about Jason. They plan to go and have some ribs for dinner. They are hugging in the studio and Gia is outside listening to them talk. She hears everything that they are saying. Gia walks into the studio and tells Elizabeth that she has been looking all over for her. She almost found Elizabeth earlier she says, "Guess where?" Elizabeth turns around horrified at what the evil Gia might say. Gia says that she was at one of Elizabethís favorite places and she tried to call out to her, but she didnít hear her. Gia gives her a lipstick and says that she dropped it. Gia tells her that she will touch base with Elizabeth the following day. Elizabeth agrees to meet with her later. Gia leaves and Elizabeth sits on the couch and puts her feet up. Lucky has to go, but Elizabeth will meet up with him later. He kisses her goodbye and leaves. Elizabeth breathes a sigh of relief. She goes into the hall and calls for Gia. Gia comes out from hiding and enters the studio. She tells Elizabeth that she lies like a pro. Elizabeth demands to know what Gia wants from her. Gia tells Elizabeth that Lucky was going to bust in on her and Jason. Elizabeth tries to defend her visiting Jason. Gia thinks that she may be fooling Lucky, but she isnít fooling anyone else. Gia tells her that she is the only one that can help her with her problem, but it is going to cost Elizabeth big time. Elizabeth thinks that Lucky would never take Giaís word over hers. Gia is there to help. She wants Elizabeth to remember that there are no hickeys allowed when cheating on your boyfriend. She will make sure that Lucky never finds out about her infidelities and Elizabeth will give up Deception.

Jason takes Carly home and they find that Sonny is not there. Soon he arrives and Jason asks Sonny to get Carly off Elizabethís back. Sonny will do what he can. Carly doesnít like that she is not being conferred with on the idea of Elizabeth. Jason thinks that Elizabeth doesnít need any grief and Carly is not listening to him. Jason leaves. Carly wants to know what Sonny is doing? All she is doing is trying to save Jason from that little witch. Sonny wants to know why she cares. She is sure that Elizabeth is going to make him miserable. Sonny thing that she should lay off Elizabeth. Carly thinks that he is overreacting. She doesnít want to sell Deception. Sonny thinks that they should sell their half of the business and get her something else. If she wants to keep the business, she will have to stick to the rules. Carly guarantees that there will be no more trouble.

Roy returns to the hospital to speak with Bobbie. He meets Amy and finds out that Bobbie missed him. Melissa is not far and hears the conversation. Amy tells him that there is a new nurse there and Bobbie had to train her. He leaves to go and see Bobbie, but instead bumps into Melissa at the elevator.

Lucky is outside taking pictures when Helena arrives. They have something to discuss.