General Hospital Update Friday 3/9/01


General Hospital Update Friday 3/9/01

By Megan

Bobbie asks Melissa what she is doing at GH. She tells her that she is on staff. Bobbie accuses her of moving to P.C. for Roy. Melissa tells her that she is her for the job. Bobbie tells her to find another hospital in another town.

Luke opens the safety deposit box, and NO ICE PRINCESS! He finds a collection of CD's with black and white covers. He starts to take them out, and Roy tells him to hurry.

Sonny and Jason are in the penthouse. Sonny is not happy. He tells Jason that Zander was stupid to think that he is not in danger since Sorrel is locked up. Zander doesn't think, Jason says. Sonny demands that Zander be put in a safe house until the trial. Jason says he will take care of it. He says Alexis can't handle Zander. There is a knock at the door. Emily and Zander are there. Emily says she screwed up. Jason corrects her, Zander screwed up, not you. Emily begins to pled Zander's case, but stops when she sees Sonny.

Gia tries to leave claiming she has work. Gia tries to get away from Nik and his questions. He offers her a ride, but she refuses. He was trying to surprise her, but she is playing hard to get. After she still refuses, he accuses Gia of going to sabotage Liz's shoot.

Lucky hollers for Elizabeth. They are in the photo shoot gallery. Laura walks in. She tells Lucky she is so happy that he is doing the photographs. Liz comes out dressed in a very elegant gown with beautiful jewelry and a tiara. She is better than he could have ever imagined, he tells her. Laura tells Liz that she is everything she wanted for Deception. Liz steps in front of the camera as Scott walks in. He congratulates Laura on launching the business. Laura tells Scotty she had a great mentor. The photo shoot begins and Carly walks in saying, you didn't start without me did you?

Gia tells Nik that she is not going to sabotage Liz's photo shoot. She says she has no need to wait around for Liz to screw up. He tells her that she tipped her hand when she didn't get excited about his surprise. She claims that after his last surprise, it's no wonder why she's not jumping up and down. Nik tells her that he won't let her quit trying to be a model. After a moan and groan, he whisks her away for the surprise.

Carly asks who Elizabeth is supposed to be marketing to, the over 70 crowd? Laura tells Liz to keep going. Lucky tries to get Liz's attention focused back on the shoot. He gets her to think about ice skating. Carly interrupts and throws Liz's concentration. Carly upsets Liz, who accidentally knocks over the Deception bottle. Carly then, tells everyone to take five.

Emily runs in and begins to plead her case to Sonny. Sonny tells her to wait outside. She asks if she did anything wrong. Emily says it was all her idea to come over. Zander begins to explain, but is cut off by Sonny. He tells her not to hide behind a woman. You are supposed to protect them, he screams. Zander again tries to speak. Sonny yells at him to nod if he understands.

Melissa tells Bobbie that this is not personal. She just wants to move on with her life. She tells Bobbie that Roy inspired her to move on with her life. Melissa tells Bobbie that she applied to 10 different hospitals and this was the best offer. She thought Bobbie would understand. Besides, she knows both Bobbie and Roy in Port Charles. Bobbie says she doesn't like it and she knows Roy won't either.

Roy tries to hurry Luke. Luke is locking the box back up. He tells Luke that they are about to be on camera. Luke grabs the rest of his things. Luke and Roy walk out of the bank just a an alarm is going off.

Alan responds to Bobbies page by showing up at the nurse's station. He wants to know what is wrong. She tells him that they made a mistake hiring Melissa. Really? Why is that he questions. She tells him that Melissa is in town to get to Roy. She explains the botched brake job and missing tax payment. She can't prove this, but she is sure Melissa is working with a former FBI agent named Larkin to get at Roy. Sorry, but without proof there is nothing he can do.

Sonny and Zander continue their conversation. Sonny tells him that he will listen to what he tells him to, because he is putting Jason, Emily and even Sonny's family in danger. There is a knock at the door. It's Alexis followed by Emily. Alexis tells Sonny that Emily thinks Sonny is going to make Zander disappear. Tell me it's not true, says Alexis.

Chloe and Ned are running by the docks. Chloe thinks its exhilarating, but Ned thinks its cold and he hurts. Chloe accuses him of being just like Edward. He says he is beginning to agree that it's his fate to be Edward. He compares himself to Edward, at least all the bad things. Chloe says that he is like Edward in the way that he also found a wonderful woman that loves him.

Laura tells Liz not to worry about the bottle. Liz gets her makeup redone. Laura tries to get Carly away from Liz. Lucky starts to shoot pictures again. Carly makes fun of her again. Carly, Laura and Scott begin to argue threatening to call Sonny and take the other to court. Liz finally screams stop it! She says she can't do this. Carly tells her that she is no model. Carly then bullies the staff. He then attacks Lucky and asks her who is the best model, Gia or Liz. Lucky says they are both beautiful. Liz runs out. Lucky catches up with her and tells her to stand up to Carly. She just wants to be alone. She runs off, leaving Lucky behind.

Ned wants to know if there is a 12 step program for people like Chloe, Romantic's anonymous. Chloe explains to Ned that maybe they weren't married together. Ned asks Chloe if maybe they weren't married to the wrong people. Alexis and Jax accepted each other, he tells Chloe. Ned thinks they were a perfect couple. He said they had no expectations, just like our marriage, says Ned.

Alexis tells Sonny that she is the one in charge of Zander. Sonny may have put up bail, but he's not in charge of his life. Sonny starts to yell at Alexis, but backs off. He tells her that he is just trying to keep Zander alive. Sonny tells her to step up the trial date and leave the protection to him. Alexis tells Sonny that if Zander is moved around, she has to report it to a judge or the D.A. or face disbarment. Also, if Zander is being influenced, she must also report that. She tells Sonny that he would be jeopardizing the case against Sorrel. Zander says he will do anything that Sonny says, even if it means leaving. Emily tries to stop him from talking, but Alexis sends them both to her penthouse. Sonny agrees. Alexis tells Sonny and Jason they are to run everything by her regarding Zander. If they take him, she will charge them both with kidnapping. Sonny and Jason both argue with Alexis. They are trying to protect him, they say. She tells them that they will ruin her case. Sonny asks her if she would rather Zander end up dead.

Alan thinks Bobbie is overreacting. Am I jealous, she asks. Enter Dr. Matthew. She wants to know if Monica is around. No, she has the afternoon off Alan tells her. The doctor wants Monica to call her and set up an appointment to go over the test results. Alan will convey the message. Dr. leaves. Bobbie asks if everything is ok with Monica. Alan tells her it's just a check up. Alan tells Bobbie not to worry about Melissa. He understands about going after people who he thought were out for his spouse.

Chloe tells Ned that if he is going to ask her to marry him, then she would say no. She couldn't be with someone who is in love with someone else. She tells him that if he and Alexis are over, then she's sure he won't be alone. He's too romantic, she tells him. Exactly, we feel the same way about love, so we should be married. She tells him that in two years from today, they should meet on there on the peer. If neither of them are involved or married, then he can ask her to marry him again. She doesn't promise to say yes, but she does promise to date Ned for at least four months. They shake on it. Chloe tells him that by then, he will be married to Alexis.

Nik and Gia walk back in the park, she is limping. They had gone horseback riding and is very sore. He gives her a doughnut. And offers her a bath and massage. They share a sweet kiss. Lucky walks towards them. Gia asks how the photo shoot went. He said it didn't. Gia tries very hard to hide a smirk.

Back at the photo shoot, Scotty calls Carly a nut case. Scotty tells Carly she will see her in court. He tells her that he will tie up Sonny and Alexis with all sorts of commercial litigation until she sells Deception to Laura. Carly tells her that it will just hold up Deception until there is a settlement. Carly says she will run the place by herself. Laura thought that everyone was wrong about Carly, she thought she was a caring human being, but Laura was wrong. She tells Carly that it doesn't mean she is a caring human being if she agrees with Laura, but she doesn't have to humiliate Liz. Business is business, Carly tells her. Laura tells Carly she is sabotaging this like she does everything else in her life. She says she feels sorry for Sonny, because she will destroy her happiness with him too.

Sonny tells Alexis that he is just trying to keep Zander safe. She tells him that she can deal with this legally. Sonny wonders how objective she is on the case. She treats him like a brother, not a client. Alexis tells Sonny and Jason to butt out. Alexis figures out that Sonny is just trying to protect himself. Isn't that what I pay you for, he replies. Yes and I do a good job, don't I she asks them both. Zander stays with me she says and flies out the door. Leaving Sonny and Jason shaking their heads. They both agree to find another way to protect Zander. If the law doesn't put Sorrel away, then I will says Sonny.

Bobbie is on the phone discussing a chart. Amy informs Bobbie that Melissa was in charge of that patient. Figures, says Bobbie. Amy finds the chart. Give her a break, says Amy. Melissa walks up to their conversation and asks if there's a problem. No, it's all right, replies Bobbie. She just explains how to correctly file the charts to a flustered Melissa. Amy asks if Roy and Melissa had a thing. Bobbie tells her to back off. Melissa is not staying, she tells Amy.

Luke and Roy are in the bottom of a ship. They are trying to figure out where the Ice Princess is. Roy wants to know why he needs the Ice Princess. Because of its re-sale value and it's rights of ownership. He pulls out the CD's and wonders what is on them.

Lucky tells Gia and Nik what happened with Liz and Carly. Gia seems just a little too excited and Lucky tells her to calm down. Liz is still the face. Gia tries to talk back. Nik asks where Liz is. Lucky thinks she is at her studio. He's on his way to find out.

Liz walks down a hall way and knocks on a door. Jason answers. She says hello.

Carly and Laura continue to fight. Each threatening the other with court.

Sonny is standing in the penthouse. When there is a knock at the door. Later Johnny, he tells him. Johnny tells Scotty that he'll have to come back another time. Stop hiding, yells Scotty. Sonny goes to the door and lets Scotty in.