General Hospital Update Thursday 3/8/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/8/01

By Megan

Gia is looking at her Deception photographs on the couch in her home. She sighs, gets up and dials the phone. Carly, who is at the penthouse, answers. Gia demands that Carly sees her now. Carly retorts, "and you are?" Gia snippily says, "the girl who saved you last night". Carly tells her to come by the office later and also tells her that her picture is in the Herald. Gia tells Carly to meet her in the park. Carly refuses, but Gia semi-threatens Carly that Nikolas might tell. She reluctantly agrees to meet Gia in the park. As Gia is leaving, Nikolas comes down the stairs. He wants to know where Gia is going, she tells him work and he offers to drive. She thought he had a meeting. He pushed it back because he was up late with her. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Nikolas asks for Gia to come work with him and she again declines Nikolas thinks that Gia is off to work for AJ. They disagree about Gia working with Carly. He thinks it's bad news. There is a knock at the door. Nikolas answers it to find. Helena standing at the door; he chuckles and says, "Hi, grandma".

Alexis is walking hurriedly through the park and passes Mac. Hello, good-bye, he says. She turns and comes back to where he is sitting reading the newspaper. He informs her that he quit his job. Alexis says she wanted to speak with him last night, but she couldn't find him or Laura. He explains that he was locked on the roof, thanks to Carly. Alexis asks him how he could quit. What are you doing to me? she questions.

A tired Felicia walks into the hospital and runs into Bobbie. She comments on how nice Bobbie looks and says she was up all night with Georgie and her scratchy throat. They talk about how great of a dad Mac is. Felicia thinks Mac and she are destined to work together, especially after Sorel's case. Felica tells Bobbie that she is thinking of maybe opening up the PI. office with Mac again. Bobbie can't believe her. Bobbie tells her that she can't have both Mac and Luke.

Dressed in his Darius Cassidine outfit, Luke frantically combs his hair. He is explaining to Roy that he should pretend to be a security advisor and make a pitch to the Turkish bank president while Luke tries to get the Ice Princess. Roy thinks he has a better idea. Luke goes to the bank and then 10 minutes later, Roy will follow. Roy will cash a travelers check, that way if anything goes wrong, Roy will be on site. Luke is not thrilled by the lack of complexity in the plan. He agrees and goes back to combing his wig.

Luke reminds Roy that he is just backup. Luke also reminds him that he has the credentials of a Cassidine and no one will suspect anything. Roy reminds Luke of the last time he went to the bank, he used plastic to try and blow up the safety deposit box and set off the fire alarm. Luke tells him not to worry, he was cleared to get in. Roy wants to go in as a family lawyer. Luke tells him not to do it, he would never pass the tests Helena has set up. Besides, Luke wants to rescue the "princess".

Helena lets herself in to Nikolas' place. She says that she has something important to discuss with Nikolas. Gia asks Nikolas if he wants her to stay. He tells her to go ahead, because Helena won't be around long. Gia leaves. Nik reminds Helena that he still doesn't want to see her. If she wants to contact him, do it through Alexis, he says. Helena asks if he is willing to sacrifice Alexis. Is that a threat? he asks. No, she came to warn him. He tells her to take her warnings about Stefan elsewhere--he doesn't want to hear it. She tells him that he doesn't understand the power of his trust. If you think your uncle and I are bad, think about being in the throes of someone evil, she smirks. She says that someday, he will understand the power of family. Until then, her life is dedicated to protecting him. She then hints that Stefan might actually hurt Nikolas. She rehashes Stefan faking his death, and kidnapping Chloe. He is only after revenge, she tells Nikolas. Helena, however, just wants Nikolas on the throne and won't let anyone stop her.

Mac reassures Alexis that she doesn't need to worry about the case. All the evidence points to Sorel, he tells her. Alexis is still worried. She wants to know what Mac will do now. He tells her he is just going to enjoy each day for now and also, spend time with the girls. Alexis tells Mac he matters, and he made a difference. He says its just a job. He will miss the people. Alexis tries to play on that, saying he should go back. Mac says he will miss the experiences he has with the people at work, but it's nothing like the experiences he has watching his daughters. Mac asks her if she is thinking about Ned. She denies it and tells him he has been sitting on the park bench too long. She leaves, but not before telling him that the mayor is an idiot. They each tell the other they hope they find what they want.

Felicia tells Bobbie that it is a perfect time for her and Mac to restart the PI office. Bobbie says great, if you want to give up Luke. Felicia tells her that their is a difference betel her work and social life. Bobbie tells her that Mac and Luke can not share and someone will get hurt. Felicia tells Bobbie that this will work. Mac makes Felicia feel safe and Luke makes it fun, Bobbie observes. Felicia thinks that this was all meant to be. Bobbie suggest that Felicia needs to give Mac space. Felicia observes that Bobbie has the "perfect" life. They hug as Melissa gets off the elevator. They all go separate directions.

Luke is practicing his Darius. Roy tells him its good, but he tells Luke not to go back in. What if he runs into the bank teller from the first time, Roy questions. Luke says not to worry about it. He asks Roy what his cover story is. Roy is Gary the tourist, cashing a traveler's check. Luke tells Roy to come in after him if anything looks bad.

Alexis checks her answering machine. No new messages, it replies. She says of course, no one likes me. She grabs a book and tries to sit in the living room. It is piled with books. She calls it Fort Alexis. She throws down the book and clears a space to sit down. She looks close to tears. She goes to the closet and removes a box. Inside, is a beautiful wooden box with gold trim. She hears Nikolas and frantically tries to hide the box.

Carly is pacing in the park when Gia shows up, apologizing for her tardiness. Carly wants to know why they are here. Gia begins to tell her that it was Carly who told her to lock Laura on the roof. Carly reminds Gia that she was the one who locked her on the roof because once Laura announced that Liz was the face, Gia was truly out of it. Carly tells her that she likes Gia and has backed her since day one. She tells Gia that she needs to lose the attitude because she is not the only beautiful girl in the world. Carly wants to know why she is here. Gia tells her that Nikolas is suspicious. Carly can't believe that Gia called her down to the park to comfort her. Gia is also sick of waiting to be The Face. Carly tells her that the conversation is over. Gia tells her that she doesn't like lying to Nikolas. Carly asks her which is more important, Nik or being The Face. Gia also asks why Carly did not announce her as The Face. She wonder if Carly double-crossed her. She tells her that she is the one who has been blamed for Laura, not Gia. Carly informs Gia that they are having another photo shoot with Liz today. Since Liz will screw up, Carly thinks this is a good thing. She tells Gia that they have nothing ready. If she would have announced Gia as The Face, Laura would have fought back hard, since they already have Liz's face all over posters. Carly tells Gia that they need to get Gia's face on posters, so they can counter Laura's.

Alexis puts the box back in the closet as Nikolas pounds on the door. He comes in and she is still slightly upset. He informs her that Helena stopped by and told her that Nikolas was putting Alexis in jeopardy by having her as trustee. He says that this was a weird threat from Helena, but it shook him up. He just worries that Alexis will be hurt. He offers to let her her tback out of the trustee position. She reassures him and he leaves for work. Alexis goes back for the box, when she hears a knock on the door. She thinks it's Nikolas and opens it up to find a smirking Helena.

Luke "Darius" is shown into the vault, where he harasses the bank personnel. He sends the man away and goes towards the box. He is about to open the box, when the bank teller from his first Turkish excursion walks in and calls Luke an impostor.

Alexis asks Helena if she was lurking in the lobby waiting for Nikolas to leave. Helena replies that ladies don't lurk, but she guesses that Alexis' mother never taught her that. She then tells Alexis to let her in because they have to talk. Do we have to? questions Alexis, who is acting like a child. Helena come in and tells Alexis that she will tell Nikolas to do what she tells him to do. Alexis laughs. Helena threatens Alexis if she does not remove her application for trusteeship.

Gia tells Carly that she appreciates everything she does. Carly tells her that she had better start acting like it. Everyone will be mad when you get to be The Face, she explains to Gia. But, it will be great. She tells Gia to be polite or else. Nik walks up behind her and says "so much for staying away from Carly".

Felicia runs into Mac sitting on his park bench. The talk about how wonderful he feels and that Georgie is doing better. Mac tries to go see Georgie with Felicia. She asks him to reopen Scorpio-Jones Investigations. Where did that come from? he asks in amazed amusement.

Luke tries to act like a Cassidine when he is busted. The bank men try to set the alarm off. Roy comes in pretending to be a treasury agent that has been tracking Luke. Roy clocks one of the bank men and Luke hits the other. Roy tries to hurry Luke out, but he has to get the Ice Princess first. He pulls out the key and Roy yells at him to get going.

Amy comes up to a busy Bobbie and asks her why she and Roy were not at the Deception party. Did you and Roy have a fight, she asks? No, Bobbie says. Why didn't he take you to the party then? she asks. He's out of town, she tells her. Amy keeps prying, but Bobbie blows her off and walks out of the nurses' station. Melissa waits until Bobbie leaves and approaches Amy. Audrey told her to ask Amy about the med.'s computer. Amy asks her name. Melissa Bedford, she says, shaking Amy's hand.

Felicia tells Mac that along with being friends, they are great partners. They reminisce about a past job and the Sorel case. Mac tells her that he doesn't want a job right now. Felicia tells Mac that she really wants to work with him. Mac says it feels like a step back and he needs to move forward. He asks if she'll tell Georgie he'll stop by, and he leaves.

Gia tells Nikolas she won't be rude to Carly. Nik reminds her that Carly was the one who locked Laura on the roof. Gia tells Nik that he is always telling her to be nice and that's what she was doing with Carly.

Alexis and Helena continue to trade threats and insults. Alexis tells Helena that she works for Sonny and he would not like here threatening his attorney. Helena calls Sonny a thug and tells Alexis that she will lose, because this is about family. Helena heads out the door and warns Alexis she has no idea what is coming. Alexis hollers after her, you always say that!

Luke frantically tries to open the safety deposit box. Roy tries to hurry him up. Luke opens the box and has an immediate look of dissatisfaction on his face.

Amy and Melissa come back from a tour of the floor. They arrive back at the nurses station, where Amy introduces Melissa and Bobbie. Melissa sticks out her hand and Bobbie stares at her in disbelief.