General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/7/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/7/01

By Glynis

Lucky and Elizabeth arrive at the diner after the party at Deception and they find Jason, Zander and Emily there. Elizabeth tells them that Carly locked Laura on the roof of the party so Elizabeth didnít even get to be revealed as the face of Deception. Lucky doesnít want to be there. He doesnít want Elizabeth to be there. Lucky goes upstairs and Elizabeth dutifully follows. Jason watches the whole thing, not sure what to think. Emily thinks that they should sit and have something to eat. Jason tells her that they should go back to the penthouse. Emily wants to talk with Jason for a minute. She wants to know if Elizabeth going upstairs with Lucky upsets him. He tells her that he has to get Zander back to the penthouse. Zander promises to do as he is told from now on. They kiss and Zander and Jason leave. She watches them leave grateful that Zander is safe once again.

Monica is up and Alan comes to meet with her in the livingroom. Monica remembers Emily bringing her hot chocolate a long time ago. She was making hot chocolate for Monica and that was the first time that Emily offered her something for breakfast. Alan thinks that it is good that they know where Emily is and they shouldnít worry so much. Alan also remarks that AJ is not drinking that much. Emily is their daughter and they canít understand why she doesnít want to be in the house with everyone else. Monica has something to tell Alan and he can sense that there is something that she has to tell him. She wants to be him. He doesnít understand the conversation that they are having. She admits that she doesnítí tell him everything. He has noticed that something is wrong with her. She wonders if everything if over. She was having symptoms. She was having her hopes up. She didnít want to tell him that she couldnít have anymore children. She is worried that he will stop loving her. She starts to cry. Alan holds her. They havenít had a good fight in a long time. She wanted them to have another chance and now they wonít. They havenít done that badly. She thinks that they sent their children off to boarding school at the drop of a hat. Emily is their last chance. They love their children and they now it. Alan holds her thinking that they are a couple of losers.

Nikolas thinks that Gia could have sabotaged the party and locked Laura on the roof. He thinks that maybe she made a deal with Carly because Carly promised her the job at Deception. Nikolas reminds her that she only had to work the room to get another job offer. He wants her to believe in herself. He tells her that she shouldnítí be like Carly to get what she wants. She tells him that she doesnít need this. She stars picking up her things to go upstairs. Nikolas tells her to watch her backÖbecause that is her best side. He wants him to take her back. He was joking. She starts hitting him with a pillow and he offers to give her a gift to stop her antics. He offers her a book and she opens the book to findÖ She reads to him from the book. "Do you have delusions for grandeur?" Nikolas starts laughing at her reading to him and tries to take the book from her. Gia and Nikolas end up in a wrestling match fighting for the book.

Laura and Scotty bust into Sonnyís house and confront Carly about being locked on the roof. Carly thinks that she shouldnít have been forced to agree with Laura for her decision of being the face of Deception. Laura tells her that Elizabeth is going to be the face of Deception. Laura had reservations about being a partner with Carly in Deception. Now her life has been in danger and she wants Sonny to take his wife and get out of Deception right now. Carly tells her that if Deception is too much for her, she should sell it. Laura is through with her. Carly tells her that she disappeared at the most important time of the business. Laura tells her that she didnítí show up or take her calls when she should have. Laura was warned by everyone not to work with her. Sonny tells Laura that this is enough. That is it! She has not respect for him or his wife. Sonny admits that Carly locked him on the roof but she shouldnít be acting this way. Laura thinks that she has been harmed and injured. She wants a graceful way to resign. Sonny tells her to give up her end of Deception. Scotty thinks that Sonny is being unreasonable. Laura is shocked at his stance against her. Carly tells them that they should leave. Laura knows that Carly knows how important Deception is to her. Sonny isnít the man that Laura thought. She calls Scotty to leave with her. They leave and Sonny isnít very happy with the way that Carly has conducted her business. He tells her that if she doesnítí fly straight he will sell Deception out from under her.

Lucky and Elizabeth go upstairs and discuss her not being announced as the face of Deception. He thinks that she was great, but she knows that she was a wreck. She is glad that the night is over. She wants the makeup off her face. Lucky thinks that it is great they are going to work together. Emily seems to be off tonight and Elizabeth is worried about that. He thinks that she is worried because she wasnít announced as the face of Deception. He wants her to remember every second of that night and how great she was. She turns to him and tells him to stop. That night was really difficult for her. He thinks that she knows that. Maybe this isnít want she really wanted. He thinks that she is great and she doesnít even know it yet. She would rather be in her studio painting all night long. He knows her. He wants to change his clothes. He is going to take a shower and come back in a while. He thinks that she will feel better in a while. Lucky is carried away with this but he should be thanking her for turning his life around again. She was the one person that he could turn on. He tried to push her away, but she didnít budge. They have been through some hard things lately and when he looks through his camera lens, everything makes sense. He knows now what he wants to do. This is their dream like when they were living in New York. This is their life together. He leaves to shower and change. Elizabeth goes to the mirror and looks at her image. She touches her face, but with a worried look.

Jason brings Zander to the penthouse and Zander wonders if they have to tell Sonny about this. Jason doesnít make that promise. Zander thinks that Jason is going after him because Jason has feelings for Elizabeth. Jason ignores the questions. Zander makes mistakes and Emily is in danger when he makes those mistakes. Jason tells him not to tell anyone about he night that they just shared. Zander leaves.

Elizabeth and Emily are together in the diner talking together while Lucky showers and changes. Emily offers hot chocolate. Elizabeth can tell that something is wrong. Emily doesnít want to talk about her night; she wants to talk about Elizabethís night. Elizabeth tells Emily that she was glad that she wasnít named the face of Deception. Emily really wanted to go to the party, but she cried and some dishes broke. Emily has this fantasy about her and Zander dancing. She was hoping that the party would be like that. Elizabeth turns the subject to Jason. Elizabeth tells Emily that Zander would have hated the party. Gia came in a Chloe Morgan original trying to make Elizabeth look bad. Emilyís family didnít show up and Emily things that was for the best. Elizabeth has to wonder what dream she is livingÖ. Hers or Lucky. Elizabeth is realizing that she doesnítí want to be the face of Deception. She hasnít told Lucky yet. Lucky is so excited about the idea of being the photographer for Deception. Emily thinks that she should tell him how she feels. Elizabeth doesnít think that Lucky will understand.

At the hospital, Monicaís tests return and they have to schedule another round of test.

Laura and Scotty are together at Deception. Laura canít believe that Sonny turned on her. Scotty is trying to lighten up the mood, but Scotty wants to talk about her being up on the roof with Mack. Laura laughs uncontrollably. Scotty wants to know when was the last time that she danced with him. He wants to dance with her now. Laura and Scotty dance together to a song. During the dance, Scotty and Laura kiss and she tells him goodnight for now. Scotty gets his coat and leaves. Once outside, he allows himself to feel the triumph of his feelings for Laura. Inside, Laura is rejuvenated by the revelation that Scotty still feels for Laura.

Zander is looking out his window wondering what Emily is doing.

Elizabeth goes back to the mirror to look at her face some more. Lucky arrives and she goes to him and he holds her and makes her feel safe.

Jason is alone in the snow thinking to himself.

Carly is by the fire sitting and Sonny arrives to be with her.