General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/6/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/6/01

By Glynis

Emily is crying on AJís shoulder at the diner. Hannah and AJ have just arrived after Zander was kidnapped. Emily tries to cover. Hannah thinks that she should have a good night sleep. AJ brought her some chocolates and she is grateful for that. AJ guesses that Zander upset her. Emily covers by saying that she wanted to go to the party to support Elizabeth and she wasnít able to make it. AJ tells her that she didnít miss anything. Emily tries to cover and offers the duo some food. Hannah thinks that she should call it a night. AJ thanks her for making his night. She really thought that the night would have been a big ordeal. She kisses him. And at that moment, Taggert walks in with his mother. Hannah is really embarrassed at that. AJ goes to Florence and tells her that she should be proud of her daughter. He saw her at the party for Deception and Florence should be proud. AJ leaves.

Zander is at the secret location and Jason is outside watching through a window. Zander tries to explain that he was only trying to save his own life. Zander gets a hold of a piece of pipe and tries to fight his way out before the men put him in a car and take him away. The thugs tell him to make it easy on himself. They notice that Zander has a monitor on his leg. Jason breaks into the place and holds his gun on the thugs. He tells Zander that Emily led him to them and she saved his life, but he doesnít deserve it. Jason knocks out the thugs. Zander thinks that the thugs should be dead for what they did to him. Jason hands him the gun and tells him to suit himself. Zander canít do it. They leave the location and Jason tells Zander that he didnítí follow orders and because of that he jeopardized a lot of lives. The only reason that Zander is alive is because he can put Sorel away.

Carly is at the party while Laura is stuck on the roof. Carly announces the finalists. Gia and Elizabeth are both wondering what is happening. Carly tells them all that they are going to hold a press conference where the face of Deception is going to be announced at a later timeÖ. Nikolas goes to Gia and asks her what is going onÖ. The photographer that Gia sent outside arrives and asks Gia what kind of game she is playing sending him outside to meet with Sonny when he was never coming out there.

Laura is on the roof with Mack and she is mad. She is stuck on the roof and she tells Mack that she is mad and she is sure that Carly is behind her getting stuck on the roof during her own party. This is going to be Carlyís last maneuver once Laura gets off the roof. The two are shivering and shaking and pacing back and forth trying to keep warm.

Edward is up when Alan arrives. Edward was thinking about what Alan was saying to him earlier. Edward doesnít mean any harm to his family; he is just showing Alan how to treat his family. Alan doesnít think that Edward has been a good father. Edward thinks that some charges should be laid to force Emily to come home. Alan knows that Emily would just leave them as soon as she was old enough. Edward doesnít have any remorse for the things that he has done. Edward does have remorse and has made mistakes. He is just like Alan. Parents want to save children from making mistakes and then they drive their children away. Edward hasnít been the best father, but Alan has still been there. Edward wants Alan to have his children. Alan doesnít know how to get his children back. Alan tells Edward that Monica has been distracted because of all this. Edward thinks that this is proof of what he has been saying. Edward will not allow Emily to risk his life. How are they going to get Emily home? Alan knows that Emily and Jason are going to find their way home. Alan thinks that he may be the one that breaks the routine that the family goes through.

At the party for Deception, everyone is wondering where Laura isÖ. Gia tells the photographer that she just passed on a message from Sonny. The photographer doesnít believe her and he walks offÖ Elton tells everyone that they have to leave now because the party is overÖ. Elizabeth thinks that maybe Laura did leave the party for some reason. Lucky doesnít believe that his mother would leave the party for any good reason. He goes to Nikolas and Gia and asks about his mother. They say that they donít know anything. Lucky goes over to Carly and confronts her about her mother leaving the party the way that she did. Carly acts like she was left alone to run the party and that she was the one that was screwed. Lucky canít believe that Laura would leave Carly to announce that there are finalists for the party. Sonny backs Carly up and tells Lucky not to talk to his wife the way he is. Carly leaves the party with Sonny. Lucky is sure that Cary set up Laura and he will have her head for it. Gia slinks into the background hoping that this would all end.

Laura is on the roof with Mack freezing her butt off. Mack tries to make light of their plight. She thinks that they should share her coat. They hug and she gives him her coat. Scotty is walking up to the roof and gets to the door. He shouts to her, but they canít hear her. He tries to pick the lock, but he canít because of the glue. Laura and Mack are dancing together and actually smiling as they dance together.

All have left the party now. All but Gia, Elizabeth, Lucky and Nikolas. Gia is trying to make suggestions as to where Laura is. Gia is acting really defensive over Laura missing. She tells them that they are hung up on Gia being named the face of Deception. Nikolas returns and announces that there is a maintenance man and he is going to help to find Laura.

Scotty brings the maintenance man to the door to the roof and tells him that there is glue on the door. The man tries his best to get through the lock.

On the roof, Laura is with Mack and they are talking about dancing. They are dancing together and trying to keep warm. Laura is going to make this company work no matter what she has to do. Mack thinks that no one is going to stop her from making a success of the company. Just then, Scotty breaks through the door and finds Laura in Mackís arms. He apologizes for interrupting them. Scotty is not happy finding them together. He tells Laura that Carly announced that a decision hadnít been made about either of the girls being named the face of Deception.

Carly and Sonny arrive at home. Carly thought that the press was really eating up the whole thing at the party. She is sure that she is going to be good at running the party. Sonny remarks that the hard part about the party was getting rid of Laura. He wants to know how she did that. Carly is sure that Laura is all right now. Sonny doesnít care about that and knows that Carly had something to do with Laura disappearing. Carly admits that Laura got locked out of the party. She wants to know what Sonny is going to do. He goes to the phone. He is not pleased with her at all. He makes a call for information. He finds out that Laura was found on the roof. Carly knows that she wouldnít have been in trouble. Carly did do something wrong, but Gia is the best for the job. Carly did what she had to do. Sonny hates that she says that. He handles his business the way that he feels fit, and she should be treated the same way. He tells her that if she plays dirty, she has to pay for the consequences.

Emily gets a call from Zander at the diner. He tells her that he is okay. She tries to cover her reaction because Taggert and Florence are there. She tells him that she canít have him come over there. She will talk to him later.

Gia is at Deception telling all there that Laura is probably okay. Lucky wants to know how she knows that. Gia covers. Laura tells all that somebody locked her on the roof and she has no doubt as to whom it was. Gia cowers at her words. Laura thinks that Carly was mean and manipulative to both of the girls. There is nothing that can be done at this point. Gia tells Laura that she is glad that Laura is okay. Laura thanks her but is not sure that she should be thanking her. Mack hugs Laura and leaves. Laura is alone with Scotty. She canít believe that she missed the whole thing. Scotty tells her that it wasnít much of a party. Scotty thinks that he may have found her a little too soon. She thinks that he sounds jealous. He wants to be there when she goes after Carly. He wants to fight Carly with Laura.

Taggert and Florence sit together and discuss Gia becoming a model. Florence canít accept that Gia is going to be a model. Taggert thinks that she should accept the fact that they have to live their own lives. Taggert rises to get the check. He pays Emily and right then, Zander and Jason arrive at the diner. Taggert thinks that it is interesting that Zander comes into the diner with Jason. Zander thinks that he is being protected. Taggert leaves and Emily runs to Zander and hugs him glad that he is okay. Jason hates to see his sister hung up on this jerk. She is glad that his life was saved. Jason is upset and thinks that there will not be a next time. Elizabeth and Lucky arrive and wonder if they are interrupting anything.

Gia and Nikolas arrive home. Gia tells him that she is exhausted. Nikolas has to know if it was true that Gia locked his mother on the roof.

Laura arrives at Sonnyís home unannounced and tells Carly that she hoped that she enjoyed the evening because it is going to cost her big time. Carly is shocked at the intrusion into her home.