General Hospital Update Monday 3/5/01


General Hospital Update Monday 3/5/01

By Glynis

Emily is watching as Zander is beat up by some thugs. They beat on Zander and then they take him away. Emily runs back into the diner and grabs the phone to dial frantically.

Laura is at her party making an announcement about the new company. She speaks of their new fragrances and cosmetics. They have accomplished a great deal in a short time. Carly is whispering with Gia as she speaks. Laura is telling everyone that they are going to announce very soon the new Face of Deception. Carly tells Gia that she has to get Laura up on the roof for 30 minutes if she wants to be the new Face of Deception.

Carly goes over to speak with the reporters. Boy, is this her night to shine. Elton has the new Deception fragrance and is spraying it around the room, so that they all can get the experience of it. Laura didn’t know about this tacky little display and tells Carly that she didn’t expect that. It is apparent that the two women are not seeing eye to eye on many things and this is only one of them. Carly sees AJ and didn’t know that Laura was going to invite him in spite of her being sent the guest list. Due to her sudden remarriage and trip to Martinique, there was no way that she could have brought herself up to speed on the recent events of the company, much less the contents of the guest list for the party…. Amy tells Scotty that he has to do something to get close to Laura…. Gia greets Hannah and AJ and they think that she looks great… A reporter is trying to get close to Sonny, and Alexis gets in between them and stops the reporter. He is very grateful for this…. Elizabeth is approached by a reporter that questions her about being the Face of Deception…Laura tells Mac that she can’t announce the Face of Deception because the party would be over. She would rather wait until later. Gia is acting very nervous and Nikolas sees that. He thinks that they should think about something else. He convinces her to meet some of the people there and make some contacts. She goes over to the famous photographer and he doesn’t want to talk with her, he only wants to get close to Sonny. He walks off and leaves her standing there…. Elizabeth isn’t giving any hints as to whether or not she is the new Face of Deception. Chloe greets Carly with Ned in tow. Ned is acting sarcastically when AJ walks up. Ned thinks that AJ should be falling down drunk by now. AJ takes a shot at the fact that Ned isn’t with Alexis anymore. Ned knows enough to ignore AJ…. Alexis asks Sonny if Ned is still looking at her. Sonny really doesn’t want to get involved in her problems and she walks away. Gia comes over to tell Sonny that she thinks that it is great that he is supporting Carly the way that he does. Sonny gets the feeling that Carly is up to something. Gia goes over to the famous photographer and tells him that Sonny would like to meet with him. The photographer is suspicious of her running messages for Sonny Corinthos.

Emily is sitting in the dark in the diner and Jason arrives to help her with the things that she saw earlier. Thank God that she had the good sense to call Jason to help her. She tells him that there were these two big guys waiting for him. She thinks that they may work for Sorel. She heard a car pull out. She told Zander that he should call Sonny’s driver, but Zander thought that was stupid since he had only to go 3 blocks. Jason warns her that they have little time. She remembers that Zander has an ankle monitor on. The cops are not going to be called. Jason insists on that. She says Zander’s eyes closed and he couldn’t breathe. Emily remembers that one of the men had on cowboy boots. Jason has what he needs. He tells her to lock the doors and stay inside. No one can know about this, he warns, then he leaves.

Zander is brought to a location that looks like a storage room. He is punched in the stomach. They put him on a chair. Zander tells them that Sonny will find him. One of the thugs tells him that Sonny’s limousines end up crushed. He wonders if Zander ever heard a car crushed. He is sure that Sonny is never going to be able to help him and like Sonny’s cars, Zander is not going to be found. Zander tells them that killing him will be like killing themselves. They ask him how he would like to experience the car crusher. Would he like to be alive, or should they shoot him first?

Edward is home after coming home from the party at Deception. Alan enters and talks with Edward. He remarks that Reginald never does anything to help him and Alan. Alan thinks that it is Edward’s fault that the staff doesn’t listen to him. Alan thinks that Edward is the most annoying person and that Edward’s behavior has made Emily bond with Zander even more. Edward thinks that Alan is too blind to see who is really to blame. He is not the only man to fail at being a parent. Edward asks him to look around him. His 3 children are doing terrible things. The place is a disaster and it is all because of Sonny Corinthos. This is the reason why Alan wouldn’t have been good in business. He has no vision. When Jason left the house, he was damaged and didn’t know how to make a life for himself. He could have come back and fixed his life, but Sonny didn’t let him do that. AJ couldn’t deal with dealing with his life and now there is Emily who has gone off to be with a criminal. Alan thinks that Sonny is not the one that caused the damage to the family. Alan thinks that Edward is the reason that the family is the way that it is.

Alexis would like to go home now. Carly thinks that she is being paid and shouldn’t worry so much… Gia gets the famous photographer to agree to meet with Sonny outside. He leaves…. Elizabeth tries to fend off the reporters and Lucky helps her to move them away from her …. Gia asks one of the waiters to get Laura on the roof for some pictures. The waiter has no problem with his instructions and he goes off to do as he is told…. Carly gets Alexis to stay. Ned decides to go over to speak with Alexis. Sonny and Carly walk off, leaving them alone. Ned ignores Sonny and Alexis thinks that it wouldn’t have killed him to say hello to Sonny…. Nikolas is frantically looking for Gia… The waiter approaches Laura as Gia watches. Amy finds Gia standing by herself and greets her. She thinks that it is great that Gia managed to show up in spite of losing the job at Deception…. Sonny is very suspicious of Carly’s behavior… Laura thinks that Gia has been staring at her all night and she is not comfortable with that. She turns to Gia and Gia waves. Laura thinks that Gia really has guts showing up there like that. Laura tells Mac that she is going to go on the roof and see if the photographer is there. Mac offers to go with her. They leave as Gia watches…. Alexis thinks that Chloe has been trying to get them together and Chloe denies that she was doing anything. Alexis hates the party and so does Ned. Ned leaves her to speak with some other people. Chloe tells Alexis that she should never give up on true love. Chloe says goodnight to everyone and leaves with Ned. Alexis is left standing with Nikolas and he actually has been the best company that she has had all night…. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Laura wants her to say something or other. Lucky thinks that it is standard. He won’t let her freeze up, and he will be there every step of the way. She can’t help thinking that she will have to go to parties like this all the time.

Laura and Mac are walking up to the roof. Behind them, and following slowly, is Gia. They get to the roof and walk outside. Laura calls for Mr. Schaffer and they don’t get an answer. Laura can see the beautiful view, and as they walk closer to the edge to look at the moon and the whole city, Gia sneaks up behind them and pulls the door closed, locking it. She then runs downstairs, leaving the two on the roof. Outside on the roof, Laura and Mac decide that they should go back downstairs.  When they try the door to leave, they find that the door is locked.

Gia returns to the party and no one seems to notice that she has been gone. She goes to get Carly and takes her to the ladie's room. She tells Carly that she got Laura on the roof and she is with someone else, Mac. Carly reminds her that he used to be a private detective. She tells Gia that she has to fix this. Carly can’t make the announcement now and Carly doesn’t know what to do. She hands Gia some glue and Gia realizes that she has to put glue on the lock if she wants to be the Face of Deception. Gia takes the glue and leaves to go and solidify her scam. Carly waits a minute and then returns to the party. AJ approaches Carly and Sonny tells both AJ and Hannah to leave right away. They take off and Sonny tells her that she has to wind this down as soon as possible so that they can get out of there.

Up on the roof, Laura figures out that Carly must be behind this. Mac doesn’t care; he carries his handy-dandy lock picking tools with him everywhere. Gia has just arrived back upstairs near the roof door and is applying the glue to the lock. Mac gets his tools out and starts working on the door…. There is no way that they are going to get out this for a while. Laura is freaking out. She knows now that she shouldn’t have worked with Carly. She knows that Carly is downstairs announcing Gia as the new Face of Deception.

Scotty and Carly get into it at the party. Sonny tells them to cut it out and he tells Carly again to wind the party down. Scotty wants to know where Laura is. Carly takes her place at the podium and announces to everyone that she has an important announcement to make about the Face of Deception. She talks about the cosmetics and fragrances that Deception will be selling. The company has been useless until now, but they are very near the end. Someone asks where Laura is and Carly answers that Laura is probably working now. Gia returns to the party and Nikolas is suspicious of Gia’s whereabouts and Carly doing so much talking…. Elizabeth and Lucky think that it is funny that Laura isn’t there. What is going on? Everyone demands to know who the new Face of Deception is. Carly looks out to the crowd, anticipating the moment and Gia watches, hopeful that Carly will have the courage to do as she promised.

Emily is still hiding in the dark in the diner when Hannah and AJ show up. She is freaked out and scared, so AJ comforts her. He wants to know what is wrong.

The thugs are manhandling Zander and he is trying to save his life. They are holding a gun on him. Jason shows up and sees through a broken window what is going on. He puts his gun through the window and aims.