General Hospital Update Friday 3/2/01


General Hospital Update Friday 3/2/01

By Glynis

Elton announces that a top featured photographer is going to be covering the opening of Deception. They are dressed to the teeth for the occasion. They have to pull off a successful launch. Elton is going to make sure that they have a successful launch. They are going to go ahead with the launch as planned.

Elizabeth is getting ready for the party. She thinks about being the object of desire for men. Emily comes to see her. Elizabeth is worried about her clown lips. Laura sent a stylist over to help her with her makeup but she thinks that the stylist went overboard. Emily doesn’t want to come to the party if Zander is not going to be there. Emily helps her to get dressed. Elizabeth is also uncomfortable with the ad campaign coming out. Lucky arrives all dressed and ready to go. Elizabeth gets dressed finally and they are ready to go. Emily wants her to keep her head high, as she is sure that she will do a great job. Emily tells Lucky that she will be spending the night with Zander but hopes that they have a great time. She leaves. Lucky can tell that Elizabeth is nervous about the party and he thinks that she shouldn’t worry. He is going to be beside her all night. This is a great opportunity for both of them. He doesn’t have to be a handyman anymore. He can’t thank her enough after everything that they have been through. He gets her coat and shawl. From now on, people will recognize her and love her wherever she goes.

Nikolas is waiting for Gia to get ready so that they can leave. She shows up totally dolled up. Nikolas is speechless. She is gorgeous. She has achieved the desired effect. She wants the whole room to fall at her feet. He guarantees that all eyes will be on her. She wants all eyes to be on her when she arrives. Nikolas is worried that Carly is going to drag Gia into one of her schemes this night. This whole thing can blow up in her face. Gia is sure that nothing will happen. He tell her that she shouldn’t go to the party thinking that she is going to somehow end up as the face of Deception. Gia tells him that she has put this behind her. Laura has done her a favour. She can meet some people now that she has had a taste of modeling. She is not going to skip going to the party because of anything that has happened. He thinks that she is the strongest person that he has ever known. There will be a lot of other opportunities. He does want to know something. How did she manage to pay for her dress? She tells him that she saved up 5 months of rent to pay for her designer dress. She thinks of it as investing in her future.

Carly is getting ready for the party and she is talking to Elton on the phone. She wants him to call the caterer and get some crab cakes..something skewered…some capers. If Laura says anything about it, she wants it to grow through anyway. Elton is sure that he can make both of them happy. Sonny gets the phone from her and tells Elton that they will be there shortly. It is going to be a big night. He pours her a little champagne sure that she is going to enjoy the evening ahead of them. He thinks that she is doing a great job. She is thankful. She tells him that tonight is the night. She is going to show people what she can do tonight. Sonny makes a toast to his brilliant life. He makes her promise that she has no secret plans. He is thinking that she has a secret scam for the party that night. She is sure that there are some complicated decisions that he has to make and she has faith in him, so he should have faith in her. She is grateful that he has faith in her for the company. She is going to make him proud. He tells her that they have to wait for Alexis. She can’t believe that he invited her. He wants to have someone to talk with while she is working. She jokes that Elton can entertain him. Alexis arrives and looks wonderful. She says that she heard Carly talking about her. She really doesn’t want to go to the party, but Sonny thanks her for coming. She tells him that Zander has been following the rules so far. Sonny owes her for coming to the party. Carly thinks that she should stay home. Sonny doesn’t want Carly to start in on Alexis. She is Eddie’s Angel and she doesn’t want that being brought up at the function. She wants Alexis to keep a low profile. Alexis really doesn’t want to go. Sonny is the one that wants her to go to the stupid party. They all get ready to leave together. He goes to get his coat and he opens the door for the ladies as they leave. Carly almost lets the elevator door close without Alexis being on the elevator with them. The door opens and Alexis gets on. Carly pretends to apologize and the group leaves for a night of fun and excitement.

Elton tells Laura that Carly called in with some changes to the menu. Laura figured that she would. He found a way to make both the ladies happy. He tells her that this evening is going to be pure perfection. Mack arrives for the party and Laura is glad to see him. She felt like a little girl getting dressed that night. Mack thinks that is a good sign. She thinks that she should invite him over more often. He has brought her a present. She opens it and finds that it is an emergency road kit. Scotty arrives and greets Mack and Laura. He sees the emergency road kit and wonders what that is for. Laura makes a joke and all are happy.

Chloe’s date, Ned arrives to pick her up. Chloe thinks of this as a way to renew her contacts and show her face. She tells him that this is not a ploy to get him with Alexis. She doesn’t think that Alexis will be there. If she is there, Ned doesn’t have to speak with her. Ned doesn’t think that he has to hide his face. She is the one that has panic attacks every time that someone mentions commitment. She is the one with the problem. He can’t convince her otherwise. It is over. Chloe thinks that he is not in the mood to go to a party. He is on his own and he is glad of it. He would like to sip champagne and make a party of it. Chloe thinks that he is protesting too much. She takes his arm and they leave together.

People start arriving at the party at Deception. Laura thinks that she should start circulating. Mack announces to Scotty and Laura that he has resigned as Police Commissioner. Laura can understand what he did. She quit her job and she thinks that it was a good move for her. Amy arrives with Elizabeth and Lucky. Laura is pleased to see Elizabeth and Lucky and all find out that Lucky is going to be a photographer for her. Laura goes on and on about how great her son is at taking pictures. Amy takes Scotty aside to have a private talk with him. Scotty doesn’t understand why Mack is there. Amy tells him that Mack is moving in on Laura.

Laura speaks privately with Elizabeth. Laura would like Elizabeth to say a few words at some point. She wants people to photograph her for a few minutes. Elizabeth wasn’t expecting this at all. Lucky tells her that he will be there for her and she has nothing to worry about. Gia arrives on Nikolas’ arm. She is breath taking. She congratulates Elizabeth on winning the job with Deception. Laura is glad that Gia came tonight. Laura tells them to enjoy their night. The two couples are very uncomfortable. Lucky and Nikolas go off to talk to each other. The famous photographer walks up to Gia and asks if she is the new face of Deception. She tells him that she can’t reveal that information. Gia and Elizabeth are alone and Gia takes advantage of that time to make Elizabeth feel even more uncomfortable. She remarks that there are people there ready to take her picture all night. What a rush it may be for Elizabeth. Gia talks about the life of being a model. They get mauled by the media and having every personal detail of their lives out on the front-page everyday. Elizabeth knows that Gia is being a bitch, but she tries to hold her head up anyway and give as good as she is getting.

Emily and Zander are together doing dishes at the diner and spending quality time together. He has to go and after kissing her goodnight, he leaves. She hears noises and looks outside to see Zander getting beat up by strangers outside the door.

Monica arrives and finds out that Emily won’t be there as she is staying with Zander for the night.

Sonny arrives with Carly and the limelight shines on him. He gets questioned immediately about the shooting that he was involved in, about his warehouse catching on fire. Ned is there and sees that Alexis has come in with him.

Lucky is holding Elizabeth at the party and can’t believe that Sonny is getting attention at that party.

Monica, Alan and Edward come over to Alexis and tell her that she should try to get Emily to stay away from Zander. Ned is watching with Chloe and sees that once again Alexis is defending Zander. Edward tells Alexis that he doesn’t want to stay at a party where gangsters are treated like celebrities. Monica and Alan agree and they leave.

Laura wants Carly to get the press away from Sonny. Carly tells her to run her own party. Carly thinks that Laura has a point. Laura thinks that they should announce the face of Deception, but Carly thinks that they should hold off on announcing the new face of Deception. Carly runs over to Gia and whispers to her. Gia still wants to be the new face and Carly tells her that if she really wants the job, she will make sure that Laura goes up to the roof of the building and gets stuck there for at least half an hour. Carly walks off. Gia can’t believe that she is being drawn into a scheme to get her dream job. Will she do as Carly asks?