General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/28/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By Glynis

Emily and Zander are playing in the snow. They are joking around. She wants him to go with her to a party the following night for Deception. Zander doesn’t really want to go, but Emily thinks that it would be fun for the both of them. They are going to announce the face of Deception. He thinks that she should go, but he shouldn’t. This is going to be some social scene and he doesn’t need to be there. She thinks that if other people can’t accept her, then that is just too bad. He agrees to go with her and she is ecstatic.

Gia is in the house, looking at her pictures and thinking of her modeling career that never was. Nikolas walks in and finds her thinking about her modeling again. She can’t let it go. Nikolas thinks that something else may be waiting for her just around the corner that is just as exciting as Deception. She knows that she should be the one that is being named the face of Deception tomorrow, but that isn’t going to happen now is it? She doesn’t understand why Laura doesn’t see Elizabeth as the disaster that she was. Nikolas can’t think how Elizabeth can face a camera again. Gia assumes that means that years ago, she had some bad incident with a camera lens. Nikolas enlightens her by telling her that years ago a photographer raped Elizabeth and that may be still traumatizing to her. It happened in the park and they tried to track him down, but they couldn’t find him. He got away and that is why this job is so important to her. She is battling her fears and she doesn’t need anymore stress from Gia. Gia thinks that the last thing that Elizabeth should do is put herself out in front of the camera day after day. Every wacko in the business is going to see her and that might make her afraid. She is going to be in the magazines. Elizabeth is not afraid. This is Gia’s dream, but for Elizabeth is a test. Gia is not the most gracious loser in the world. Nikolas doesn't understand why Gia can’t be happy with another job. What choice does Gia have?

Laura is trying to find Carly and finds out from Bobbie that Carly is in Martinique getting married to Sonny again. Laura has big decisions facing them and Carly disappearing and not mentioning it to her makes her think that Carly should just resign. Laura likes Sonny and wishes that he were her partner instead. Bobbie thinks that Carly is better when she is not feeling challenged. Laura is too busy to cater to Carly’s sensitive nature. Bobbie will tell her that the face of Deception is going to be launched whether she likes it or not. Bobbie leaves and Tony walks up to tell Laura that trying to reason with Carly is a waste of energy. He is sure that she will exploit any opportunity. Tony did get a crash course in the way that Carly works. Laura is not going to wait for Carly to sabotage the company. She has a good instinct for survival.

Bobbie is with Monica and it is clear that Bobbie is in such a good mood. Bobbie thinks that she came so close to derailing her relationship. She blew something small totally out of proportion. If Roy wasn’t so understanding, things wouldn’t have worked out. Roy walks up and has a surprise for Bobbie. Monica tells her that she is covered for her shift. Roy and Bobbie leave.

Sonny and Carly arrive back home to find Michael playing with Jason. Michael is okay and thinks that everything is okay because everything will be good when they get back and it is. Carly is overjoyed at seeing her son with Jason. Sonny and Jason are off in a corner discussing the state of things. Jason tells Carly that Laura called about 15 times. Carly is going to go over there and she wants Jason to come with her. Jason tells her that he will walk her through the park and then the driver will take over from there. Carly tells Michael that she has to go to work, but she will be back and they are going to make some dinner together. She kisses Sonny and leaves with Jason. Sonny goes over to Michael to talk with him. He puts the boy on his knee and reminds him how they go to church all the time. He tells Michael that he took Carly to church to ask God for his blessing. God is going to take care of them and so will Sonny. He promises that they are going to be safe and happy and never afraid. They start playing together.

Later, when he is alone, Sonny is on the phone when Alexis arrives. He greets her and sits with her. He tells her that the ceremony was eventful. She wanted to know why she was asked to draw up divorce paper. He had to convince himself that life with Carly was the right way to go. Sonny doesn’t look different to Alexis. Sonny tells her that marriage isn’t as traumatic as she thinks. She thinks that he may have opened himself up to a lot of things now. Sonny couldn’t worry about that. All he has to worry about is keeping Carly and Michael safe.

Carly is with Jason in the park. They are talking about how Carly found the church in Martinique. When she got there, it was amazing with stain glass and she knew that it was just like Sonny. He said that it wasn’t a big deal, but it was. Jason tells her that he wouldn’t go after her. She is surprised that he took her side. If he showed up, she would have cried and then come back and done something desperate. She wonders if she means anything to him. There were times that he needed her and even when she wrecked his life, he still needed her. He doesn’t know why, they are just that way. It is a lot simpler now that she knows that she is not in love with him. She loves him and will forever and ever. He made her realize that she could be happy with Sonny. She owes him and she wants to start paying him back now. He bet her $20 long ago that she would be happy with Sonny. She takes that from her purse and gives it to him. He is sure that Sonny and Carly will last for a very long time. Carly wouldn’t have anything good if it wasn’t for Jason. She almost lost Michael once. She has her son and she is married and she has a career, but all he has is living over the bar. She thinks that she made a mess, a really big mess. She knows that she drove Robin away and she hurt him and he is sorry. She was trying to make him happy. Jason wouldn’t change anything. If they could go back to the night in the rain and know everything that would follow…. If he could see a picture of Sonny, Carly and Michael and know that it would turn out the same at the end, he would have done the same thing. He wants her to promise him something. When she starts to do something crazy, he wants her to count to ten and remember that she has power to make it turn out right. He leaves. Gia and Nikolas show up in the park. Carly is told that Elizabeth is going to be the face of Deception. Carly is stunned. She assures Gia that she is going to be the face of Deception and Carly announces that she will make Laura understand that right then. Carly marches off and Gia is as happy as can be. Nikolas thinks that Gia has caused a problem between several people now. She is not going to apologize for wanting what she deserves. She walks away from him.

Emily comes to see Monica at the hospital. She has been busy waitressing and going to school and she is really exhausted. She misses her family, but she doesn’t miss Edward. Edward doesn’t trust her and respect her. Monica tells her that Alan trusts her and....Monica feels a little woozy and has to hold on to the counter to stand up. She asks Emily not to say anything about her condition. Alan walks up and greets Emily hoping that she will come home. She can’t come home right now. Alan is concerned about her safety. Alan thinks that Zander is the cause of all their troubles. He loves her so much; he can’t help being upset. She needs him to accept Zander. He is as special as she is. She tells him that she is going to the Deception party and she wants him to be happy for her. He leaves because he has an appointment. Emily wants to know what is going on with her mother. She thinks that she has been going through menopause. It has been wreaking havoc with her for a long time. Emily is worried that something may happen to her.

Elton is on the phone talking to someone about caterers when Laura arrives. He tells her that he can’t seem to get some decent appetizers. Laura begs him to take care of the caterer. They haven’t heard from Carly yet. Laura thinks that is a blessing that they haven’t heard from Carly, because she is going on without her. Laura is more determined than ever.

Roy is walking Bobbie somewhere special. She has her eyes closed and can’t see where they are going. He tells her to open her eyes. She sees a romantic setting for two. It is outside and there is music with champagne and candles. He also has smoked salmon. He remembers her liking that long ago. There is no occasion; he just wanted to spoil her a little bit. She suspects that he is feeling a little guilty about something. He tells her that he wanted to treat her to something nice before he leaves. He has to leave and it is because of Luke, not Larkin. He is going to help get the Ice Princess. She is very grateful to him for helping her brother, but she will miss him. He will miss her too. He wants her to have something to remember him by. She knows that he loves her every time that she looks into his eyes.

Zander comes to see Sonny. He has been called there and now he is told to sit down. Zander sits and Sonny gives him a book to look at. He wants to work on Zander’s testimony. Sorel’s people are going to be watching and Sonny wants to make sure that Zander doesn’t lose his cool. If they think that Zander is a punk, they will let Sorel out. Zander needs some self-control and he agrees to get help. Jason walks into the room and Jason is told that he is in control of Zander until the trial. Sonny wants Zander to stay close to Alexis’ apartment. He also has a curfew of 10pm. Whatever Jason wants, Zander will do it. Zander tells Sonny that he understands. He walks out. Sonny thinks that Zander better pull this off. Jason tells him that Carly wanted to give him $20 for a bet that they had long time ago. Sonny knew about the bet and thinks that Jason deserves that and more for keeping his family safe.

Melissa arrives at the General Hospital. She is there to meet Audrey to talk about working there as a new surgical nurse. She is sure that she is going to like it there.

Elton is on the phone working when Carly walks in mad as hell. She storms into Laura’s office and confronts her about Elizabeth being the face of Deception. Laura tells her that is correct. Carly tells her that she is incorrect. She feels that call is not Laura’s to make. Laura faces her squarely and says, "Really?!"