General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/27/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/27/01

By Glynis

Carly awakens and canít find Sonny.

Mack is with the mayor when Taggert enters the room. Mack is being very short with the mayor and he leaves. Taggert follows him and tells Mack that he may want to rethink his attitude towards the mayor. Taggert reminds him that his job is on the line because of Felicia.

Felicia and Luke are very happy with their accomplishments of getting into Helenaís safe. Luke thinks that it is due to Feliciaís help that they were successful. She wonders what is going to happen next. She makes a call to her daughter and finds out there is a message for her. She tells Luke that she has to go to Mack. She is sorry that she has to go. He pulls her to him and kisses her lips. He wants her to call him later. She leaves.

Lucky is with Emily talking about Jason. Even if Jason werenít her brother, he would be one of her best friends. He was even kind to Lucky when he was first brought back to civilization. Emily thinks that Elizabeth looks at Jason as someone that she can trust. Lucky saw Jasonís arms around her and she lied to go and see Jason. Emily thinks that Elizabeth was probably trying to say goodbye. Lucky was really upset when he saw Jason and he has been tearing into everyone if they donít say nor do the right things. He should just say that he is sorry and that will be it. Maybe that is why Elizabeth is there with Jason. He should just tell her that. He is afraid that she wonít want to talk to him anymore.

Elizabeth and Jason have just ridden on his bike to a secret place. There used to be house out there and all that is left is the road and a bridge not far from there. He thinks that they bulldozed the foundation. There is not much left there. There are a couple of statues there. One of them is of a girl holding something. He doesnít think that he could find the statues in the dark, but he is willing to bring her out another time to find the statues. She tells him that wonít work because after that night ends; she wonít be able to see him anymore. He thinks that her reasoning makes no sense. She reminds him that the only reason that they were friends is because they both were missing someone that they care about. Jason can see right through her. He thinks that she is saying things that she doesnít feel. She thinks that loving someone means doing what he or she need. Jason doesnít agree with that. He thinks that he can love her, but he canít tell her what to do or choose whom he can care about. She saved his life. She wants to make Lucky happy and she doesnít want him to be mad at her. He likes riding with her and how she likes to scream when they are on the bike. He doesnít think that is wrong. She wanted him to understand what she is saying, but there is a part of her wants to be free. However, she loves Lucky more. She wants him to please not ask her anymore questions that she canít answer. She wants him to accept that she is going to do this. She wants him to help her by staying away from her. She has to go. She walks back to the bike. Jason doesnít know what to say now. He follows her to the bike and agrees to take her home. She tells him that she wants to take the cliff road home because she likes the turns. He knew that.

Carly gets dressed and goes looking for her husband. She wonders if he had a change of heart in the night after marrying her the night before. She is really worried about him. She finds him on the beach thinking to himself. He seems to want to be alone, but that is just her assuming. She offers to leave him to his thoughts, but he stops her from leaving and makes her sit with him in the sand. She wants to know why he went there. Why did he have to be alone? They just got married! He is never going to get away from her now that they are married and he smiles at the thought. He couldnít sleep and had to come out there to think. He pulls her closer to him. She wouldnít let him leave her and she fought with everything she had. He wants to know why. That is just the way that she is. She was worried that he had been thinking about his previous wives and comparing her to them. She wants to know what he is thinking. He tells her that he canít compare her to his previous wives. He never thought that he could love again, but he was wrong. That is what has been plaguing his mind. He loves her. He wanted her to hate her. She thinks that he did a fine job of making her want to hate him. He told Jason to bring her home and Jason told him that it was up to him to do it. Jason would have nothing to do with it. She is shocked that Jason took her side over Sonnyís. All the way down there, he made up ways that he could hurt her. Every time that he thought that he hurt her by calling her hurtful names, he was the one that was hurt in the end. When she walked back in the church, he almost left. He remembered how she looked in the hospital when he woke up. It hurt to breathe but he didnít know that at the time. He needed her to understand how he came back for her from the dead. Maybe it would have been easier for the both of them if he had died, but he couldnít. As much as he was meaning to leave the church, she is a part of him and he canít deny that. She remembers the first time that she met him. His eyes were cold to her and she was sure that he thought of her as a slut and one day she showed up at the penthouse and his eyes were not like glass anymore. It was like he was drowning and she couldnít save him. She listened and that showed her who he is inside. She thinks that he is beautiful. He blames himself for everything. What she heard and what she saw changed her. She knew that being loved by him would be worth any risk. He pulls her to him and kisses him. She loves the ocean and so does Sonny. When she was young, she used to fight with her aunt. She would throw up her hands and shout that she couldnít take it anymore and then they would go to the beach. Sonnyís mom was a secretary. She liked the water because it reminded her of Cuba. He brings up Deke and Carly thinks that might have been a mistake for her to make him think of Deke. She thinks that they should always come back to the ocean. If it ever gets to be tough or really bad for them. They should just pick up and go to the water. She knows that marriage is not going to be the answer to everything. They are still going to fight. They are just like that. She just thinks that before it gets really bad, they will come to the ocean and remember what it is like to be happy. He promises her that he will do that for her. They hug and stare at the water some more. Things changed when he brought her home. He was interested in her. She gave him a reason for everything. He gave her more. They kiss.

Mack goes back to speak with the mayor. The mayor thinks that Felicia should apply to the police force, then he can work with her all he wants. Mack thinks that maybe he should leave the police force. He takes off his jacket and throws it on the desk and frees himself from the ties of being the commissioner. He feels free for once.

Jason has brought Elizabeth home and she thanks him for the ride. He stops her from walking away from him. They both know that there is something keeping them from parting like this. She asks him about the statues. She hates this. Jason asks her why she is doing this. Emily walks in on them at that moment and Elizabeth finds this to be the way out of her predicament. Emily questions Jason on the time that he spent with Elizabeth. She tells him that she told Lucky that Elizabeth and he were just friends. Emily asks him if she said the right thing. She tells him that she knows that he was staying with Elizabeth. He knows that she really wants to know if they had sex or not. He tells her that they didnít. Emily explains to him that Elizabeth and Lucky are a one-time super couple, but she also wants Jason to be happy. She doesnít want him to go away. Elizabeth hates fighting with Lucky, but that doesnít mean that he should go away. She needs him to stay for her. She thinks that she is being selfish. He tells her that he and Elizabeth will do what they want to do. Emily is the smartest person that he knows. Her family gives her a hard time, but that is because Zander doesnít exactly give off the best impression. She throws herself to him and gives him a big hug. They are both happy. She enters the diner and Jason is left again alone.

Elizabeth goes right up to Luckyís room. She tells him that she is so sorry. He thinks that he was wrong, but he wants to know if in fact it was an accident that she was with Jason once again. He thought that the promise not to tell lies was to prevent from things like this happening. He doesnít want to wonder if they are telling each other the truth or not. She tells him that it is hard having him telling her what to do. Why is Jason so important to her? She made a mistake. She wants to start over. He wanted to apologize to her. He wants her to forgive him. She thinks that he should forgive her. She will never go behind his back again. He knows that she will not go behind his back again. She tells him that she will not see Jason anymore. He doesnít suspect her, he trusts her and he swears to it. They hug. He knows that he has been a jerk. He loves her so much that he canít help it. She loves him too and always will. She promises to him that she will.

Felicia arrives at Mackís office and he tells her that he is fine and she can go back to whatever she was doing which he is sure that it was illegal and had to do with Luke. He tells her that she is going to be subpoenaed and that he has resigned. He is feeling great. He thinks that since he hates what he is doing, he should go. He likes the people that he works with, but he doesn't like the job. She thinks that this may have something to do with him. He is thinking of becoming a Private Detective. He is sure that he made the right decision.

Luke is telling Roy that he is going back to pretend that he is a Cassidine to meet with the bank manager again. Luke wants Roy to be with him this time to back him up. They discuss ways to escape if they have to. Roy thinks that they should break up the diamond and sell part of it if they have to. It would be a lot easier to break the diamond, but it wonít be as valuable. Helena has gotten away with murder and she needs to start paying for it.

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