General Hospital Update Monday 2/26/01


General Hospital Update Monday 2/26/01

By Glynis

Taggert tells Mac that the mayor wants to meet with him later. Taggert reminds Mac that if the case falls through, the mayor is going to be out for blood.

Felicia and Luke are together in their spy suits. Luke knows the way to Helenaís room because he threatened to kill her once. He promises that there will be no murders that night. Luke goes to work on the safe at Helenaís. Felicia is acting really nervous. Luke finally gets the safe open, but after crying wolf several times, Felicia announces that someone is coming. It is Helena. She is ready for her massage. Luke and Felicia are under the bed, but instead of a massage, Helena gets a visit from her son. Stefan thinks that there are matters to discuss. He wants to talk about Nikolas. Stefan thinks that Gia is seeing money when she looks at Nikolas. Stefan is sure that Nikolas needs guidance more than ever. He warns Helena to stay away from Nikolas so that he can help him. Stefan warns her to leave Nikolas or he will bring her down. Helena doesnít want her massage anymore. Instead, she would like a warm bubble bath. They both walk into the bathroom together. Luke and Felicia come out from under the bed, but instead of leaving, Luke heads back to the safe to crack it and see the contents. Felicia canít believe the audacity of Luke. What is he thinking? Luke gets into the safe and gets the key.

Amy arrives at Lauraís office and she is late. Amy has brought them some Chicken Pot Pies. Laura tells Amy that she picked Elizabeth as the new face of Deception. Gia is very upset. Nikolas thinks that Laura didnít give Gia a fair shake. Laura thinks that this is Carly is at fault here. Carly didnít even care. She let a competition start between both her sons. Carly is out of town. She didnít say where she was going and she even hung up on Laura when Laura called her. This is to be Lauraís way to independence. She thinks that Elizabeth is going to be a smash, like Dominique. She wants to stick with Elizabeth. Amy thinks that Laura is making the right choice.

Nikolas is trying to convince Gia that she should stay. She is stressed out. She has been staying there to figure out her life. Where is her home? It isnít her motherís house in Brooklyn. He tells her that this is the place that she chose to be. It is comfortable and private and she is happy there. She thinks that things have changed and that it is time to move on. She wants to move on. She has nothing better to move on to and Nikolas reminds her of that. Gia has been fighting for her own person all along. Gia thinks that she is a realist. She has a real life. Nikolas is just letting her know that he sees what a decent person she is under all that other stuff. She is safe with him and true friendships donít come along everyday. She is not going to stick around for a second chance. That is not her style. He thinks that she should go for it. She is worried that she is fooling herself. She has nothing to compare herself to. She thought that they were great and so did Nikolas. She blew him away. The pictures showed how beautiful she is. He could see her heart. He touches her hair. He saw the real Gia through the camera, so he thinks that they shouldnít keep that a secret. They kiss. Soon they end up in bed and after it is over they talk again about her leaving town. She is more willing to stay. She gets talked into it. He wants her to stay the night with him. She can stay in his bed if she wants. She might consider it, but she doesnít want it to become a habit. He picks her up and carries her into his room.

Elizabeth is with Jason and they are shooting pool together. He watches for a while as she shoots with Jasonís help. Jason turns to see Lucky watching the both of them. Elizabeth sees Lucky too and Lucky walks over there. He asks Elizabeth how she was planning on staying away from Jason. She tells him that she didnít plan this. They were only playing pool. He saw Jasonís arms around her. Jason tries to calm things down and Lucky sees him as Elizabethís big defender. Lucky tells him that he doesnít want her around him anymore. Elizabeth has agreed to that unless she lied about that too. She tells him that he isnít being fair. He is telling her what to do as if he is controlling her. They used to tell the truth before he came along. She tells him that she might not have the same ideas that he does, but that doesnít make her wrong. Lucky tells her that they are leaving right then. She tells him that she is not doing anything on command. He tells her to enjoy her pool lesson and he walks away from her and leaves. She should go after him and she doesnít leave. She knows that he canít trust her. She didnít admit to coming there on purpose because he canít understand the truth. Jason is the one that Elizabeth can go to when she needs to talk with someone. Sometimes, she needs somebody else besides Lucky. Lucky thinks that being in love means being everything to each other. She saw an older couple and thought that they might be everything in each otherís lives. Jason thinks that Elizabeth should talk to Lucky about her feelings. She loves him and she has to make things right. The only way that she can make things right is to go after him and make him believe that she will not see Jason ever again. How fair is that to her? Jason thinks hat she needs to go for a ride. It will block out everything else from her mind. She thought that he would never ask.

Carly and Sonny are getting married in Martinique in the beautiful chapel. Sonny says his vowsÖ."For better and for worseÖIn sickness and in healthÖto love and to cherish as long as we both shall liveÖ" They look meaningfully into each otherís eyes. Carly says her vows. They are the same as Sonnyís. She adds thatís she will stand by him always and she will cherish their love always. Her faith in him shall never die. They kneel before the priest and the service is continued. Sonny brings out the rings and gives them to the priest. The priest blesses the rings and Sonny and Carly stand before him. Sonny starts, "Take and wear this ringÖas a sign of my love and commitment." He puts it on her finger. Carly does the same. May the Lord grant them fullness of yearsÖ. May the blessings come back on them a thousand fold. They are pronounced, "Man and Wife". Sonny kisses his bride. They leave the church and go to start their celebration. Carly felt holy. She felt that God was really there blessing them. Sonny doesnít think that is corny at all. Sonny made a commitment that day. She is going to be his wife for better or for worse. There is something that they didnít do. They didnít have a real wedding dance together. The room is lit with candles. And there is soft music playing. Carly feels like anything is possible. Sonny tells her that it is. He ordered champagne and caviar and a cake. She doesnít care about that. She removes his coat and they start kissing. He undoes her dress and they start their lovemaking. She is ready for him. She slips out of her dress and faces him. They kiss tenderly. They fall on the bed andÖso on. When they wake later, she tells him that she is bursting with love. She has always felt this ache for something that she thought that she could never have. He makes her feel complete. He sees the good and the bad. He loves her no matter what. He is incredible. Sonny understands. Sonny expected to feel afraid, like he was when he flew down there. He didnít know what would happen. He knows that if he lost her, He would lose himself. She assures him that it will never be like that. He tells her that nothing else matters but their marriage.

Lucky arrives home and is kicking things around the room. Emily hears him and comes over to see what is wrong. Emily wants to help. Lucky is her best friend. Elizabeth told him that she would stay away from Jason and so he went to see her and ended up in the diner. He saw Elizabeth with Jasonís arms around her. He knows that he said the wrong thing after that. Everything that she said got him more and more worked up. He hurt her but he couldnít stop. He got mad and pushed her into a corner. He made her decide between him and Jason. He left by himself and Elizabeth is still with Jason. Lucky is close to tears and Emily hugs him. He thinks that Elizabeth and him are everything together. She can tell him anything. So what is it about Jason? Why is he so important?

Mac hasnít been able to find Felicia. She is out for the evening. He figures that she is with Luke and he is right. The mayor arrives and tells him that their case has been jeopardized because of Mac involving his wife in the police duties. The Mayor tells Mac that he better cooperate. Mac refuses to cooperate.

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