General Hospital Update Friday 2/23/01


General Hospital Update Friday 2/23/01

By Glynis

Sonny is getting ready for his wedding. He is with Carly in Martinique. She awakes and finds him dressed up. She hurries to get up. They have plenty of time. Sonny has taken care of everything. There is nothing for her to worry about. She canít believe that they are getting married for real. She knew that he would come for her. When she was sitting there waiting for him, she wonders if god was watching for her, and keeping her safe. Sonny thinks that she has her own strength. She brought her earrings, but he left his cufflinks at home. Sonny has to work things out with the priests. She worries that the priest will not marry them. Sonny is sure that he can convince him to do the deed. He is going now, but he will send a limo for her later. She takes off her wedding ring and gives it to him for later. She will bring his wedding ring for him. The next time that they see each other, they will be getting married. He leaves to take care of the preparations.

Jason comes to visit Lila. She is very happy that he has taken the time to come and see her. Monica comes into the room and suspects that something is wrong, but he assures her that everything is great. Monica wants him to tell her some things. She needs some time with him. She doesnít hold him responsible for the things that Emily does, but she thinks that they are trying to fit her into a mold that they had for him. Jason tells her that they canít change the way that she feels. She will understand that they love her. Alan walks in and thinks that something is wrong. There is nothing wrong in spite of the fact that Jason was arrested not long ago. Lila asks Jason to push her out of the room. Alan wonders if he is glad that Jason is there. Jason could have had a great future. Alan will always miss him. Alan and Monica hug.

Laura is at the office with Elizabeth and Lucky. Laura is telling them the plans that she has underway. They are going to go through with the campaign with or without Carly. Elizabeth is everything that Laura wanted for Deception. Laura will have to tell everyone later about the decisions that have been made. Nikolas and Gia should be told about the decisions that have been made. Laura will tell Gia and she will take it hard. Laura thinks that Gia is very beautiful and this will not be the only thing that will come her way. Elton summons Laura to the front. She is going to be completely swamped. Once alone, Elizabeth and Lucky hug and they talk about their luck getting the great job. They are going to be working together everyday. Lucky thinks that they got around the Jason thing at the right time. They donít need those secrets dragging them down. He thinks that they should do something together. She would like to do something with him but she has a sketch that she has to get ready. As soon as she finishes, they can celebrate. They leave the office.

Gia comes downstairs in a very thin robe, as the phone is ringing. Nikolas answers the phone and it is a business call. He isnít at work because he felt like working at home. He didnítí think that she was going to get up for hours. She was really tired after being upset the night before. Gia has been sleeping and thinks that her mother is right that sleep cures everything. Deception is in her past and she is on her way back to Brooklyn. Nikolas wants her to stay with him. He strokes her face. He really wants her to stay. She thinks that he is making that up. He will be free at last. She thinks that she will be in the city that she belongs. She thinks that she is nothing but chaos. She has only made one friend since she came to town, Nikolas. She is sure that when she leaves town, her mother will be right behind her. He is neat and will no problem finding a roommate to share the house with him. The second that she stepped under the lights, she knew that she wanted the magic of turning into someone else. Modeling made her feel like she could be anyone. She thought that she mattered and wouldnít be ignored. She thought that she would be the face, but she isnít. She doesnít think that she should stick around while Elizabeth becomes Queen of Deception. Nikolas tells her that she needs to stay there until he gets back. She has things to do, but he wants her to wait for him. She tells herself to stop this.

Elizabeth goes into the bar that Jason likes to frequent and she finds him there. She would like to talk with him. They sit down and she tells him that they have to get their stories straight. She doesnít want Lucky to know that she had him in her studio. That is no problem for him, he will keep her secret. Lucky is giving her a hard time. She tells him that they canít be friends anymore. She doesnítí think that she is making any sense. Jason thinks that she is upset. She is upset with herself. He knows that she doesnít like people telling her what to do. She lied to Lucky and she created all the suspicion over nothing. She is lying to him right now because Lucky thinks that she is doing her sketches right now. She assures him that Lucky is not telling him what to do. She doesnít think that Lucky is being unreasonable. Jason thinks that he shouldnít be choosing her friends. She thinks that it is time to go.

Lucky shows up at Giaís house. She asks him where the new face of Deception is. He realizes that she found out. She lets him in. She is packing up her stuff and Lucky is sorry that she found out the way that she did. She didnít have a chance with Laura. She shows him one of her pictures. She asks him to tell her that Elizabeth really deserved to get that job. Lucky canít say it, but Elizabeth is the face that his mother wants. He thinks that she should put together a portfolio and hustle up some work in New York. She is sure that Elizabeth couldnít get hired anywhere else but there. He canít believe that she is leaving.

Laura is looking at pictures of Elizabeth when Nikolas bursts in to confront his mother about not letting Gia be the face of Deception. Laura is after a more innocent look like Dominique. Nikolas understands that this company is her dream. She didnít ask him for his advice at all, even though he is someone that knows promotion. She feels that she doesnít have to justify herself to him. She wants an innocent look and Elizabeth can look like several different types of woman while Gia gives off a different type of feel. Nikolas tells her that she is wrong. He turns and walks out. Laura sits down wondering if she has done the right thing.

Sonny is at the church, looking around. The priest walks in and wants to know why he is there. Sonny tells the priest that he has changed his mind since the day before and he would like to give Carly the life that she deserves. He will do everything that is required. The priest would like to see his license. Sonny shows it to him, but it shouldnítí really matter because they are already married. The priest is sure that God has sent someone special to Sonny since he has lost his first wife. The priest is more than happy to perform the ceremony for him. Sonny is left alone and he starts lighting candles in the church. Carly arrives at the church and is dressed in her gown. She sees Sonny kneeling in the church confessing to God his sins. He tells God that he was cruel to his wife. He was given Carly and he has a home full of love that he never thought that he would have. He thinks that he doesnít deserve Carly, but she loves him and he love her. That is what scares him. The people that he loves, they die. Sonny doesnít want to be strong, but he wants Carly in his life. He knows that it is wrong and selfish, but he is a selfish man. He begs that Carly not be punished for the life that he has led. He wants her to be happy. If things have to go bad, he wants it to happen to him and not Carly. He asks God to watch over her as much as possible. He wants her safe and he wants her to know how much he loves her. He is thankful for having someone that loves him for now and forever. These things he asks in the name of the father and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Carly goes back outside for a few minutes. She walks in again and pretends that she just arrived. He tells her that he has spoken to the priest and everything is all right. She looks beautiful but she is wearing a coat over her dress so that she wonít mess it up. They never got married in a church before and she doesnít want him to see her in the dress until the very moment. They kiss. The priest arrives and greets Carly. They are ready to be married. There are no more reservations or concerns. They want to get married. God will understand. Carly leaves the church and the priest puts on his special ceremonial robes and Carly enters without the coat over her wedding dress. Both the priest and Sonny watch stunned at the beauty of Carly in her wedding garments. She slowly walks up to the altar where Sonny is eagerly waiting for her. Once there she stands beside Sonny and the ceremony begins.

Nikolas comes home and finds Lucky there. Nikolas is very short with Lucky. He thinks that their mother screwed up big time. Lucky thinks that Elizabeth has the look. Nikolas thinks that his mother lied. He tells Lucky that he won and should go out and celebrate with Elizabeth. Lucky thinks that is a very good idea. Gia very hurt by the arguing that just went on and Nikolas comforts her with a hug. She hates that everything is going wrong. He tells her that he went to tell his mother that she was wrong.

For all Elizabeth knows, Lucky is already at her studio. She only wanted to come and tell Jason that she couldnít see him anymore. She really shouldnít spend much more time with him. She is already lying again and she promised she wouldnít do that. She has a project to work on. She is supposed to draw a figure in motion. She doesnít know what she feels like sketching but she has to get working on it. She has some ideas, and wonders if she could sketch Jason playing pool. Jason thinks that is a great idea and he would really like to help her out. Jason starts playing and she starts sketching him as he plays. He thinks that she should be playing instead of drawing. Jason manages to seduce her into learning how to play. He shows her how to hold the cue and how to shoot. He stands very close to her as she tries to shoot, from behind, and he helps her to get the ball in the little hole thingy at the corner of the table. She is shrieking with glee at the fun of learning the game, but doesnít notice when Lucky comes in behind them and sees this too-close-for-comfort manner of teaching his girlfriend how to play pool. The disappointment on his face is evident.

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