General Hospital Update Thursday 2/22/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/22/01

By Glynis

Amy is convincing Laura that she should be seeing Scotty for a date or something. Amy tells her that she will be taking care of Lulu. Amy pushes her into the elevator to go and meet Scotty later.

Gia is talking to Taggert and he is worried that Laura has attached herself to the wrong people. He wonít have Gia working for Sonny in any capacity. She tells him that she needs to make money and this is a good opportunity. Nikolas shows up and shakes hands with Taggert. Taggert wants her to seriously consider what he has told her. He leaves. Gia says that she is alright. They are at the Winterfest. She pretends that she hasnítí been affected by the things that Taggert has discussed with her. 7

Alexis is home working when she gets a visit from Ned. He comes in and tells her that he was talking to Emily and she suggested that he call her. She understands because Zander was trying to get her to call him too. He thought that there were some things at her place that he should pick up. He didnít bring a box to pack his things, so she offers to go and get him something to pack his things into. He runs upstairs to get started. Soon he comes down with his things. She is watching the Winterfest out the window. She was working earlier, but the closest that she could get to the Winterfest is the window. She invites him to watch the Winterfest with her. He thinks that is not a good idea. She will send anything that he has forgotten later. He leaves.

Zander comes to see Emily at the diner and they discuss how they would like to see Alexis and Ned together. Zander would like to take her to the Winterfest, but she canít get the time off. She is really overworked. She tells him that she hates waitressing. She doesnít understand how Elizabeth does this work and does art and goes to school. Emily is tired of cleaning up. School is not going too good. She has enough money, but she doesnít even know how to do her laundry. She has ruined her clothes. She doesn't want to go home because she doesnít trust her family. Zander sees one solution to Emilyís problem. He gets behind the counter and tells her to rest so that he can sub for her. Zander tries to take some orders, but ends up screwing them up. Emily wants her apron back but Zander wonít give it to her.

AJ and Hannah are at the Winterfest walking through the snow when they find Laura searching for Scotty Baldwin. AJ and Hannah leave her and soon Lucky and Elizabeth arrive and find her alone there. She tells them that she is okay. She is glad that she ran into them. She has some confidential information.

At the Winterfest, Gia goes to get some hot chocolate for her and Nikolas and she overhears Laura telling Elizabeth that she is going to be the new face of Deception. Gia is heartbroken. She hears that Elizabeth is very happy. Lucky also has been hired to take pictures. She doesnít want even Nikolas to know about the decision. No one really knows yet. Laura is going to keep her secret until the following week. Laura is searching for someone and she will see them later. Gia leaves. Nikolas arrives and sees Elizabeth and Lucky celebrating. They donít tell him why they are so happy. Nikolas is looking for Gia and no one has seen her. Nikolas walks off to find Gia.

Sonny has come to see Carly in Martinique. He tells her that he is finished with her. She is loud and trashy. He doesnít want to be married to the town tramp. He just wanted to give him child a name and that was why he married her. He wants to pay her off and he thinks that she should take the money and run. Why canít she let him go? He tells her that he doesnít love her. He is so afraid of losing something that he loves. He thinks that he has to make her hate him so that he can dump her. She thinks that it is sad that he had to go that far. His plan didnít work because her heart is breaking for him. It just makes her love him more. She thinks that leaving her is going to screw up their lives. He tells her again about Lily and how she died. He will not risk Michael and his mother. She canít believe that he was going to make her leave and think that she could be happy. She tells him that it is too late for them to be separated now. He has seen her at her worst and she is still loved by him. If he wants to keep her safe, he better order more guards, because she will follow him anywhere. She is not leaving until he marries. If the priest throws her out, she will sleep on the doorstep. She tells him that he loves her. She reenters the church and closes the door. She looks out again and sees that Sonny is still standing there. Soon he walks into the church and finds her at the altar. He tells her not to sit there. She canít stand up. He walks over to her and looks down on her. She can see the love in her eyes. He picks her up from the floor. He knows that he should walk away but she is his life and he needs her. She will never leave him because she loves him. They kiss. She asks him to marry her and he says yes.

Felicia and Luke are at the Winterfest on a park bench, just being together. They kiss.

Laura finally finds Scotty and tells him that this whole idea was Amyís. He wants to get her something to eat, so they take off to find some cotton candy. As they start walking, Laura bumps into Luke with Felicia kissing on the park bench. The four people stop to stare for a moment with nothing really said. Laura didnít think that a carnival was his style. Scotty calls him some Ďnot-so-niceí names, and the two of them walk off. Once alone, Scotty wonders if Laura wants to leave. She thinks that she has to get used to seeing Luke with Felicia. She would actually like to go on a ride and they walk off to go on the scrambler.

AJ and Hannah are together enjoying the Winterfest. He has won her a giant teddy bear that he wears on his back. He tells her that he likes being with her. They end up kissing during the fireworks on a park bench.

Gia has returned home alone. She is sitting by the fire and throwing her pictures into the fire, one by one. Nikolas arrives and wonders why she left him. He sits by her and tries to get her to tell him what has happened. She tells him that there is no reason to keep the pictures. They are a joke. He wants to know what happened. She tells him that she overheard Lauraís decision to use Elizabeth for the face of Deception. Nikolas wonders if she heard the whole thing and she assures him that she did. She has failed. She is crying and he holds her so that she will feel better.

Scotty and Laura are watching the fireworks. Scotty holds her shoulders as she watchesÖ.

Ned arrives at the Winterfest alone. He sees Alexis and she sees him. They stay apart and continue watching the fireworks.

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