General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/21/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/14/01

By Glynis

Gia and Nikolas are together talking about being together. She tells him that she has a life and she needs to get on with it. She leaves quickly leaving Nikolas feeling stunned.

Maxie and Felicia are together at the diner. Maxie wants to study at the diner. Felicia asks her daughter if she would be okay with Mack and herself dating other people. Maxie understands immediately that her mother wants to start dating Luke. She reminds her mother that Luke took her away.
Felicia tells her daughter that the only place that she is going to go with Luke is in town. Maxie will always want Felicia to be with Mack, but if she wants to be with Luke, she can probably deal with it. After all, Luke is related to Lucky.

Luke comes to the hospital and meets up with Amy. She tells him that Scot and Laura have been seeing each other since he has been gone. She warns that there may be something going on with Scottie and Laura. He meets with Gail and finds out some information on Lucky. He is assured that Lucky is
back to normal. Luke is happy that everything is going okay. He doesn't want Lucky to know that he was checking up on him. Gail leaves him.

Monica and Florence discuss having a staff meeting. They agree to confirm later and Gia arrives to talk with her mother. Florence wants to talk with her daughter. She tells Gia that Taggert is having a really hard time lately and they should help him out. She is always going to worry about Gia.
She looks like she should use some sleep. Florence is worried about Nikolas's family. She doesn't want her daughter around people like that.

Carly arrives in Martinique and goes to a chapel there. The minister arrives and greets her. She wa
nts to look around. She was to meet her husband there and he has been detained. She is sure that he
 will be there soon. She is left alone. Carly walks through the room and looks at the beauty of it.
 She sits in a pew waiting for Sonny to come and get her. She looks down at her necklace and holds
his wedding ring hoping that he will come and get her. Carly looks at the statues in the church. Sh
e remembers the times that they had together.the time when they were alone together and she decided
 that being married to him for the baby's sake might not be such a bad idea.the time that Sonny gav
e her a ring. She promised to honour and protect him then. She said that she would never leave him.
 They kissed back then. the time when she was in the hospital calling for the nurse to get her baby
. She didn't want anything from Sonny then. She only wanted to see her son. He told her that her so
n was dead. That was very difficult for her to swallow. Carly continues to wait for Sonny to get he
r. She hears noises and thinks that Sonny will be there any moment for her. He doesn't come. She re
members him telling her that they are going to be apart. It was a shock. She wanted to know if he e
ver really wanted to marry her. He said that it doesn't matter. He demanded that she leave him imme
diately. She remembers him in the hospital after he was shot. He was lying on the bed like a man wi
th the life sucked out of him. He wanted to tell her about what she meant to him. He grabbed Alexis
 and told her to tell Carly that he loved her. The memories are too much for her. The minister come
s back and tells her that she should be sitting in the rectory where she can be more comfortable.

Sonny is making preparations for Jason to go and get Carly in Martinique. He is home and has just gotten off the phone with the travel agent. Jason arrives and is told that he is going to get Carly
in Martinique. Jason looks at him puzzled. He is not sure what is going on. He tells Jason that they are getting a divorce. Carly packed her wedding gown and ran off to Martinique. She thinks that he is going out there to marry him. He checked the resorts and he thinks that he knows where she is.
 Jason is to bring her home. Jason tells him that he can't do that. Sonny tells him that he knows that Carly is waiting for him. Sonny thinks that if he goes there, he is going to break Carly's hear
it. He wants Jason to make her hate him. Jason doesn't know how to make her hate him. She isn't like
 Brenda. She doesn't cry and then find someone else. Carly doesn't give up. She just thought that s
he loved Jason and that caused her to trash everyone's life. She loves Sonny and nothing that Jason
 says is going to change that. Sonny is sure that when he breaks their faith, the marriage will be
over. They have to be. Sonny thinks that Sorel would take revenge on Carly because that would be th
e way to hurt Sonny. If Sorel had tried to kill Carly and Michael, Sonny wouldn't be able to come b
ack. He is letting her go. She can be safe and maybe one day she could be safe. It has to be. Jason
 thinks that it is not Sonny's choice to make. He is not able to decide what should happen to Carly
 and Michael. She decides whom she wants to be with. Sonny would rather be without her than know th
at she is dead. Jason thinks that she will do what she wants to do. Jason cares what happens to Car
ly. Jason does what he does for a living because he wants to. Jason loves Carly, and Sonny wants hi
m to understand that he can't ask him to destroy her. Sonny knows what Carly gets hurt with. Jason
tells him that this is nothing more than Sonny's choice. Carly has risked more than her life on him
. Carly hoped for once. She believed in a future and now that it has crashed, she is going to be destroyed. Sonny wants her to think that he was going to dump her anyway. Jason refuses to lie to Carly. Sonny will have to do this himself. Sonny feels that Jason has failed him. Sonny tells him again that he will destroy Carly to keep her alive. He feels that this is on Jason's head.

Nikolas gets a visit from Alexis at his house. He wants to discuss his trust fund. Helena and Stefan use the hospital as a fighting ground and he is sick of it. When they screw up, his name gets dragged through the mud. He isn't going to take it anymore. Nikolas needs someone that he can trust to help him with his problem. Alexis will try again to take care of things, but if she screws up, he
will have to deal with Stefan. She doesn't want to do it.

Edward, Monica, Stefan and Alan have been summoned to the hospital. They all seem to arrive at the
front desk at the same time. Helena arrives and she tells that she was summoned to an emergency boa
rd meeting. Who could have called this meeting? Nikolas apparently has been the culprit that has ca
lled the meeting. They all walk to the conference room to talk.

The board members all go to the boardroom to talk. Nikolas tells everyone that he really cares about the hospital and he didn't' mean to make a battleground of the hospital. He tells Stefan and Helena that they are no longer trustees of the hospital. They are immediately suspicious that Alexis is behind this change. Nikolas defends her and tells them that she is not the one that is responsible for this change. Gia is watching the proceedings from the doorway and all are aware of this. Nikol as would like to make Alexis the trustee of the hospital. Helena questions that decision. She is afterall nothing more than an Internet pin-up girl. Nikolas threatens to tell the courts that Helena
threatened to have her revealed as someone that tried to make him someone that seemed insane. He walks out, signifying that the meeting is over. Stefan tries to intercept him, but is unable. All leave the room and Stefan is the only one left. He walks out of the door after glaring at Gia. Helena
goes to her houseman outside the room and they discuss Gia and her power over Nikolas. She is the key to Helena getting her Nikolas back where she wants him. She is sure of it. These things will come to pass. They just have to make sure that Gia is on their side.

Felicia finds Luke walking outside. She wants to know why Luke didn't return her messages. He didn't know anything about any messages. He would like to seduce her into a date of breaking and entering. He would like to look in her bedroom. If she is there they will do it another night. He will take her to his apartment to hang out. She wants to go to the Winterfest. She likes fireworks. Luke do
esn't like the songs of the yokels. He wants to go, but would much rather go to his place with her.
 He wills go with her and then later go to his place.

Nikolas and Gia return home. She thinks that he was amazing facing his uncle and his grandmother. H
e didn't' know that she would be at the meeting. She tells him that her mother called her over to t
he hospital and that was why she was there. They kiss. They sit on the couch together hugging. She
tells him that if her brother knew that they were spending time together he would be there in a fla
sh to save her. Nikolas decides that he is going to take her to Kelly's. She wants to go to Winterf
est with him. He suspects that this may be a date. She keeps him at arm's length.

Lucky meets up with Maxie at the diner. They talk about the divorce of their parents. Maxie thinks
that it is weird that their families might be hanging out together. Lucky tells her that anytime th
at she needs to talk to him, she can call him and he will be there for him. He hugs her and leaves
the room. Maxie can't believe his attention to her.

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