General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/20/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/20/01

By Glynis

Bobbie comes to see Luke at his office. She tells him that she has cleared up the mystery with Roy. She is fine. What is past is past and Roy has dealt with it and so it is over. Luke reminds her that people are not perfect. She can tell that Roy is feeling better about himself than he has in years. She leaves him feeling good about her situation.


Laura enters her office and finds Amy looking through things at the office. Amy wants to know why Laura hasnítí called Scottie. Laura tells her that she is very busy. Carly should be there to help with the business, but she has been having family problems lately. Amy thinks that Carly should be helping. Sonny should understand that his wife should be helping out. Amy thinks that Laura is running the company all by herself. Elton comes in and tells her that she has a call from the ad agency. Laura doesnít know what to say because she hasnít picked a model for the company yet. Amy thinks that if Carly is too lazy to come into work, Laura should be the one to pick the face of Deception. Amy thinks that Carly is a quitter. She has always quit in her life. Laura doesnít want to talk about this. Amy thinks that it is a matter of time till Carly quits Deception. Amy is suspicious of where Carly is. Laura tells her that there was a fire at Sonnyís warehouse. Amy thinks that she should do something. Laura knows that Amy thinks that Laura should buy out the company and run it on her own.


Mack and Felicia meet at the police station and are happy that after all these years; they were able to get Sorel. Sonnyís people bound and gagged Sorel and left him on the docks for the police. Taggert tells Felicia that they have Sorel on a slew of charges. Mack is going to pick up Jason hoping to convince him to testify. Zander is ready to testify and Felicia is sure that Mack finally has Sorel. Mack tells her that he likes her optimistic quality. She congratulates him again. She leaves and Mack orders a car right away.


Emily is at work and Zander comes to see her. Jason comes in and she runs to him to hug him hello. Emily wants to introduce Jason to Zander. They shake hands and Zander thanks him for not killing him the first time that they met. Zander tells them that the police have picked up Sorel. Jason hates breakfast, but he will stay anyway. Elizabeth comes downstairs and asks Jason to speak with her for a minute. Elizabeth starts speaking with Jason and Lucky comes down the stairs and sees them together. He tells Jason that he figured that he would show up there. Lucky starts again with attacking Jason. Lucky tells him that he is fine with Elizabeth. He thinks that Jason is the problem. Lucky tells Elizabeth that they need to get out of there. They leave. Emily thinks that Lucky was overreacting because Elizabeth kept a secret from him. Monica and Alan walk into the diner and see Jason. Jason hasnít seen another of the Quartermaines. Alan and Monica have come over to see Emily. They speak with Emily and she tells them that school is fine. Edward arrives and sees that the black sheep has returned. She points out to Jason that things are wrong again and it is all because of him. He thinks that soon there is going to be a photo of Emily on the post office wall. Alan doesnítí want to hear anymore arguing. Edward wonít leave until Jason gets Emily home again. Jason thinks that Emily can make up her own mind. Emily is not Jasonís responsibility. She doesnít like her family talking about her as if she is not in the room. Monica tells her that they didnít come to get into a big argument. Taggert arrives and place Jason under arrest. Edward thinks that they should take both Jason and Zander. Zander tells Edward, "Old man, stop it." Monica tries to reassure Emily that they really want her back at home. Edward starts again and Monica realizes that it is time for them to go. Emily goes back to Zander. Her grandfather loves her but insists on screaming at people that she cares about.


Sonny is alone in a room in his house. He has been thinking all night about the decision that has been made. He has to give Carly up. He cannot jeopardize her life anymore. He hopes that he has gotten through to her, that he has made her understand that they canít be together. It is too dangerous. He was about to take off his ring, when Carly comes in. He tells her that he is taking off his wedding ring. He removes it and places it down. She thought that he might have gotten up and changed his mind. He tells her that Alexis is filing divorce papers that day. She will have to move out until she finds a house. She feels like she is being thrown out. She has to have an opinion about her own life. He feels that they should do this as soon as possible. She tells him that she will not cooperate. This is going to be the lowest, most painful divorce that Alexis has ever seen. She thinks that this is about them. She ran after she had Michael, because love is scary. Something hurts the thing that you love, you just shut down and never really know if you will ever be really happy or not. If he is a man that is afraid of love, he is a coward. She knew what she was doing when she got together with Sonny. He reminds her how it feels when you see your loved one hurt. He is not going to do it to her. She doesnít think that he can do it. Mack walks into the room and tells Sonny that he is wanted for questioning. Sonny says that he will be right there. He tells Carly that he needs her to be out of the penthouse by the time that he gets back. He leaves. She gets a call from Laura. Laura tells her that they have some big decisions to make. Carly tells her that she canít do this right now and she hangs up. Laura canít believe that Carly treated her that way.


Lucky and Elizabeth are waiting to see Laura. She tells him that she doesnít like what Lucky does when Jason is around. Lucky reminds her that she kept a secret from him. Secrets and lies destroyed his family and he is not going to let that happen to him. Laura arrives and tells them that they have to do Elizabethís test shoot the following day. She is counting on them both and she knows that they are going to do their best. They look over Elizabethís pictures and Laura tells them to be rested for the shoot the following day. Carly probably wonít be there for the shoot, but Laura is sure that everything is going to be okay anyway. Laura leaves for a moment to take a call. Lucky is feeling badly that they were arguing earlier. She knows that they are going to fight sometimes, but she is sure that they can work things out. He kisses her.


Bobbie and Felicia meet and Bobbie tells her that she went to see Luke, but he was preoccupied. She wonders if Felicia knows what is up with Luke. Felicia wants to help Luke with whatever he is doing. She likes the fact that Luke goes out on a limb, but she canít make a commitment to anyone right now. When Luke starts plotting out the game plans, she wants to go with him. Bobbie thinks that there is nothing wrong with wanting some adventure.


Roy comes to see Luke. Luke tells him that he needs some help. Luke is bringing the Ice Princess home. He wants to know if Roy is in this time. Luke is doing this for the money. They canít even imagine that kind of money. Getting the Ice Princess back is the first step in getting Helena back and vindicating his son. He tells him that he overheard Helena telling Stefan that she was using Lucky as a test case. Roy agrees to help Luke out. Roy leaves


Sonny is ushered into a room where Jason is being held in cuffs. Mack starts with the questions. Why was Sorel tied to the pier? Taggert asks another questions. Mack tries to piece things together. They think that Sorel was tied to the pier because of the fire at Sonnyís warehouse. Alexis walks in and tells Mack that he has broken the law by forcing his client to meet with them without her. Alexis quotes the law to the police and tells them that her clients canít help them. She demands release of her clients. The cuffs are taken off Jason and Sonny is given a paper to sign for release. They are left alone and Alexis tells him that the next time that he ties someone to the pier, he needs to call her first. Sonny tells her that there is something that he has to do right away.


Carly is packing her things and the nanny brings in Michael. He helps his mother to close her suitcase. She has the wedding dress in its package on top of the suitcase. She tells her son that she has to go somewhere but she will be back real soon. She tells him that she is going on an airplane like the last time. She tells him not to worry. The nanny comes back for Michael and wishes Carly good luck. They leave and Carly resumes packing. She goes to get her jewelry and sees a necklace that she puts on. She feels the necklace and thinks to herself.


Lucky and Elizabeth are together alone and Lucky asks her to stop seeing Jason. He wants her to do this thing for him. He wants her to trust him on this. Elizabeth avoids agreeing to his request. He doesnít want her to spend any time with Jason. She thinks that she can limit her contact with Jason to Ďhií and Ďgoodbyeí. They enter the diner and find Emily and Zander together. Elizabeth tells them that she is doing the shoot soon. Jason walks in and says that the charges were dropped. Lucky thinks that is expected of him. He takes Elizabethís hand and leads her away from the group.


Alexis speaks to Mack and tells him that she knows that Sorel hasnít spoken to anyone about what happened recently for him to end up on the pier. She reminds him that the mayor is not happy with him at all for using Felicia in the case.


Sonny comes back home and finds that Carly has moved her things out of the house. He is more than furious.


Carly is on a plane. She is holding onto her necklace and thinking of her life and the mess that she is in. The necklace has his wedding ring on it and she fondles it knowing that it will lead Sonny to her. "Come and get me."






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