General Hospital Update Monday 2/19/01


General Hospital Update Monday 2/19/01

By Glynis

The police are trying to put together evidence to see why Sonnyís warehouse set on fire. Mac thinks that he needs Feliciaís help. Taggert canít believe that Mack is willing to put his job on the line again by involving Felicia. Mac thinks that Felicia can accomplish want they want done. They are still getting divorced, but Mac is not acting like he is totally over Felicia.


Luke and Felicia are in Helenaís office trying to find the key to the safe where the Ice Princess is hidden. They get into the safe and find money and a dagger and no key. They close the safe again and put the picture back over the safe on the wall. Someone is coming. It is Helena and Stefan. The picture wasnít placed back properly and Luke and Felicia hide. Stefan wants to discuss the trusteeship. She thinks that she has been victorious. He brings up Lucky. That he was an experiment. A little warm up for the big event. Nikolas is going to learn the stunt that Helena pulled and he will not be kind to Helena for it. Lucky was a test case. Now that she knows that her methods work, she can now use them on Nikolas. She is surprised at her sonís mind and how it works. He thinks that she is acting nervous. He leaves her. She is standing with Andreas. She wants a full body massage immediately in her room. Her son put her in knots. She walks out with her house man. Lucky and Felicia find the conversation that they just heard interesting. They decide to leave the yacht and discuss what to do next.


Elizabeth is home feeling depressed after her meeting with Lucky. She looks at the flowers lying dead on her table. She gets a visit from Emily. Elizabeth isnít okay. She is stressed out. She did it to herself. She knew that Jason was in town and she kept the secret. Lucky doesnít understand her lying to him. Jason is not like other people. Elizabeth doesnít always lie to Lucky.


Lucky meets up with Jason outside and Lucky tells him to stay away from Elizabeth. He knows why he is back. He thinks that Jason is after Elizabeth and Lucky tells him that he is not going to get Elizabeth. He warns Jason to stay away from Elizabeth. He is never going to get her. What Lucky and Elizabeth do together is not Jasonís business. Jason has things to do and doesnít want to have this conversation anymore. Lucky knows that he asked Elizabeth to keep his secret. He wants Jason to tell him that Elizabeth is off limits. Jason wonít agree to that. Jason tries to walk by, but Lucky grabs him. Just then, Elizabeth and Emily walk out of the diner and see the two men holding each other. Elizabeth shouts for them to stop. Lucky defends his actions. He thinks that Jason was covering up something. He thinks that Jason used her. Lucky wants to settle this with Jason. He thinks that that Jason set up meeting Elizabeth. Jason says that Lucky needs to lay off his sister. Emily is clearly on Jasonís side and she is defending him. Jason thinks that he has a relationship with his sister or Elizabeth that is Luckyís problem. Lucky just found out that Elizabethís studio was bombed. He is not lighting the fuses, but he should get out of town before anything else happens. Emily thinks that Jason was doing this for a good cause. Lucky thinks that Jason is really doing this for himself. He walks off with Elizabeth. Emily throws herself at Jason and greets him for the first time. She loves him. Life is better now that he is in town. She tries to explain that Lucky is crazy for Elizabeth and he canít believe that people can be plutonic. Emily runs back inside. Sorel is brought in by 2 of Sonnyís men. They tie him to a post. Jason taunts Sorel and they tie him to a post. Soon, Sorel if found tied to the post by Mac and Taggert. They enjoy getting him finally. He is placed under arrest and given his rights.


Carly and Sonny are talking together in their bedroom and Carly is very sad. He tells her that their marriage is over. She wants to keep her earrings. She can. He tells her that she isnít his wife anymore. She doesnít understand and doesnít seem to be fighting him very much on the matter. She is exhausted. It has been really hard being Sonnyís wife. You never know if you are going to be shot and killed at any time. He tells her that they are going to get a divorce. Carly thinks that Alexis is responsible for this happening. She tries to blame her for the break up. He tries to act like he is fine, but he is not. She doesnít believe him when he says that he is fine. She wants to know what he is sorry about. She is trying to figure out what is going on. He thinks that she should accept that this canít be. She wants to know how he went from loving her to not wanting her anymore. He tells her that he wanted to love her, but he canít. She tells him that he is a liar. They pronounced him dead and she made him try one more time to live. That was real. That was the most love that she has ever felt. She didnít let him die and she is not going to let him push her out. He needs her to get out the following day. He will get her a house and whatever she needs. She even has Deception. He will give her child support and whatever else she needs. She might just burn the money. Michael is not going to understand what he is doing to them. Sonny was the one that promised Michael that he had a family. He would always be there and he would always have Sonny to count on. Carly is scared to death and Sonny is worse. He canít guarantee that they will never get hurt. He sees betrayal when it doesnít exist. That is what this is about. He is happy for the first time. He doesnít understand why she wants him around her son. She tells him that she could have been hurt, that the sniper could have been a better shot. If she loves her son, she will accept that the marriage is over. It has been one year since she moved in. She is not pretending. She canít undo what they experienced. They are family. He tells her that his family died in a car bomb. She tells him that will never happen again. She can change and do as she is told. He doesnít want her to have guards. Michael shouldnít play with guards in the playground. She thinks that something happened in his business and he has been thinking of Lilly. This is getting them no where. He is going to be old and powerful and kick out everyone that cares about him and he will have no one that cares about him. She thinks that they act like her son. He hides because he doesnít want to get in trouble. He is always going to love them and he is going to miss them. If something happens to them, he is not going to feel better. He wasted the time that could have been theirs to share. He will take his chances. He thinks that she should start over again. She canít imagine what she would do with a man that cared about her now. She needs someone that is arbitrary and fights as hard as she does. He thinks that they are nothing alike. She thinks that they are exactly alike. She has never met a man that she couldnít destroy. He is trying to save her. Pushing her out is the proof that she means everything to her. All her life she only wanted someone to know who she really was and he did that for her. He canít change who she really is. He fought her and helped her through the worst. She loves him and she loves him forever. Whatever risk she has to run, she is willing to take it. She kisses him and he lets her. He pushes her away from her. He always loved her. He can take her to bed again, but when they are done, there is nothing that will have changed. He would feel sorry and there wouldnít be any place in his life for her. There is not place and she has to be out of there by the following day. He doesnít want to be with her that night. She is to sleep in her room. She doubts that there was ever a chapel, but he tells her that it doesnít matter. She leaves the room. She is crying. Once alone, Sonny destroys some things in his reach.


Gia and Nikolas are at home talking about their families. He thinks that their families are different. She thinks that she can do without her family any day. She is on the brink of fame and fortune. She will have caviar for lunch, and breakfast. She doesnítí want to settle to be an assistant when she can be a star. She wants to have a mansion. Nikolas would have to schedule to see her. They kiss. Soon they end up naked lying on the couch. They have made love and they love the way that they are feeling. They hardly know each other, but he tells her that 8 out of 10 people prefer to make love in a bed. He thinks that next time they should try it. She wants to keep the lovemaking spontaneous. That is why they are always on the floor. They could spend the night cuddling and being together, ÖnahÖthey canít have that.


Lucky and Elizabeth arrive at her room. She doesnít know what to say. She didnít think that keeping the secret would hurt him. He is angry that he hates hearing her jump to Jasonís defense. He thinks that Jason is using her. Jason just happens to connect with her. He is sure that Jason wants her. Lucky wants him gone because of that. She got close to him. Lucky knows that they have feelings for each other. Lucky thinks that they were too close. She explains that he would listen to her go on and on about him and the things that she was going through. She doesnít feel like she still owes him. He wants her to please let this go. There is more important going on than Jason. She agrees with him. He wants her to make a promise that there will be no more lies, ever. He hugs her. He loves her more than he can say.


Jason goes back to Elizabethís studio. He walks around the room looking at her paintings and he gets his things and leaves.

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