General Hospital Update Friday 2/16/01


General Hospital Update Friday 2/16/01

By Glynis

Luke and Felicia discuss how he is going to get the key for the Ice Princess. Luke wants to dress up as a cousin and con her out of it, but Felicia tells him no that wonít work. She wants to forget Darius. Luke thinks that Darius would be a great distraction and then Felicia can do the burglary. She thinks that she should keep an eye out and he should look for the key. Luke thinks that he knows where the key is. He doesnít even know if Helena is in town or not. Tonight is the night. She tells him to meet her there in half an hour.

Nikolas and Gia arrive home and Nikolas thinks that it was strange that Gia didnít want the job that Ned had offered. She thinks that Ned wanted to create a way that he could spend more time with her. She feels that she is going to be the new face of Deception. They joke around and she backs off. She wishes that someone that she is closes to could be really happy for her and her modeling. Her mother will not understand. She wants a corporate attorney. Nikolas thinks that she will be proud of Gia when she sees her prancing around modeling. He thinks that they should call her mother and tell her the good news. He brings her the cordless phone.

Elizabeth just has told Lucky that she knew that Jason was back in town. She had to keep the secret because Jason asked her to. He wants to know how long she has known that Jason was there. She is not sure when Jason came back. Elizabeth tries to explain that she was asked not to reveal that Jason was there. She doesn't think that she was protecting Jason. He doesnít believe her. She canít believe that he is saying that to her. She is sorry. The worst thing is that she got angry with him for taking pictures of Gia and he apologized to her for days. He did everything to make things up to her. She kept her secret from him. To him that is lying. She could have told him earlier. She would rather lie to him. They even made love. This has been tearing her up inside and she feels that she was in a really bad spot. She wants to make it up to him. He is not ready to take her back that easily. He tells her that he will be in touch and he walks off.

Bobbie and Carly are together talking about the fire the night before. Carly doesnít want to talk about it. She doesnít want Michael to see Jason and Sonny on the news. Carly only wants to talk about the most incredible day of her life.

Sonny and Sorrel finally come face to face. Sorrel is trying to talk his way out of getting hurt by Sonny. Sonny tells him that he knows that Sorrel had a sniper after him and his wife. Sonny doesnít want to hear anything that Sorrel says. Jason and Sonnyís men have Sorrel and his men under control with guns, so they have to listen to what Sorrel is saying. He runs through the list of things that Sorrel has done. He knows that Sorrel doesnít mind taking out a woman or a child. Sorrel is panicking. Sonny turns to Rick and mentions that he paid that rat to protect his wife and his family. Sonny tells him that he has to pay now for the things that he has done. Sorrel tells him that he regrets that he has upset Sonny and his family, but he tried to get an arrangement with Sonny and he didnít want to agree. Sonny tells Johnny to take Sorrel out for a boat ride. Sorrel is scared but there is nothing that he can do. Carlos is there. He has betrayed Sonny too and he also is forced into the boat. He wants to talk some more, but he is hit and passes out. Sonny next goes to Rick. This really hurts him. Sonny tells him that he is to be rewarded for his loyalty. He allowed Rick into his home. He was trusted. He looked after Carly and was to watch over her. He told his son to listen to everything that Rick said. He was trusted with Sonnyís heart. Next, he sees Rick taking money from Sorrel. It all came together for Sonny. He walked into the line of fire because Rick didnít bring the car around in front of the police station the time that he was shot. Rick knew that he could have killed Carly at any time, but he didnít. Rick is going to be the example of someone that betrays Sonny. Sonny tells Jason to go. Rick gets into the boat and Jason follows. The boat starts and they drive off.

Bobbie and Roy enter the diner together. They discuss Carlyís love for Sonny. Roy thinks that they should go to a jazz club in the city. He wishes that Bobbie didnít lie to him, but he did have to deal with Melissa face to face. Roy helps her at the diner and they discuss Roy feeling like a weight has been lifted off his back. They both did all right. Years ago, Bobbie tried to hide her past from Roy and he acted like a jerk then.

Sonny comes home looking for Carly. She appears telling him that she screwed up in the kitchen. He kisses her. He notices that she isnít wearing her earrings. She doesnít want to wear them until they are getting married. He wants her to put them on, and she does. They kiss and move to the chaise lounge to tear each otherís clothes off and make love. After they are through, they make their way to their bed and lie together to talk. She wants to forget that any of the bad things ever happened. She wants to only thing about the wedding and the dress and her life with him. She tells him that her mother came over and she is feeling more than ever that things are going to be great. Everything worked out. They got through it. He kept her safe and they came home. He tells her that she will never be hurt.

Florence comes to the diner to meet her daughter. Gia tells her that there is something that she would like to show her mother. Gia hands her an envelope. Florence looks at the pictures. Gia tells her that she could get famous if things go good. Her mother is not as happy as she could be. Gia just wants her to be on her side. Her mother wants her to try to do something that has nothing to do with her looks. Gia gets upset and leaves the diner.

Nikolas gets a visit from Lucky. Lucky tells him that Jason has been back in town and Elizabeth has known the whole time. Nikolas doesnít find that hard to believe. He thinks that Jason brings out the worst in Elizabeth. He makes her secretive. Nikolas tells him how Jason took her on motorcycle rides and stuff like that. Lucky wants to know if they were sleeping together, but Nikolas doesnít know that. He thought that the thing with Jason was over. Nikolas isnít judging Elizabeth, he just thinks that Jason is bad news. Lucky realizes that there is a lot that Elizabeth hasnít told him. Lucky even hears about the bomb in her studio that could have killed her. Nikolas thinks that Lucky should give Elizabeth the chance to make things right.

Felicia is at the yacht. She is picking the lock to get into Helenaís place. She enters the room and no one is there. The room is dark and she is dressed all in black. She looks around and then she gets caught by Luke who grabs her around the neck. She soon gets control of the situation and he ends up on his back on the floor with her foot on his chest.

Sonny tells Carly that they are not going to Martinique. She thinks that they can invite everyone that they care about to their wedding. He tells her that the marriage is over.

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