General Hospital Update Thursday 2/15/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/15/01

By Glynis

Luke meets with Lucky and finds out that his son has been making money taking pictures for Laura. Luke is very proud of his son. This is a much better job for him. Lucky wants to know if Luke was after the Cassidines again. Luke doesnít exactly answer. Lucky tells him that he hasnít been to the therapist for a while. His life is doing well right now, so he doesnít want to spoil things by rehashing the past. Luke understands what he means.

Gia comes downstairs to find Nikolas. She remembers the night before. Nikolas arrives in the living room and they are both smiling coyly at each other. They got up late because she forgot to set the alarm. It is a beautiful morning outside. He plays with her hair. She has to work that day. He wants her to stay home and do something with him. He thinks that they could at least have breakfast together. He takes her hand and tells her that they canít pretend that the night before didnít happen. She tells him that Valentines Day is over and that is the reality. They both wanted the lovemaking to happen. She tells him that she always thought that he was hot. He tells her that she was all that. Nothing has changed and there is no problem. They are attracted to each other, but not committed. She doesnít want him to be all over her just because they slept together. She canít get over his gift to her. She thinks that he believes that she can make it as a model. They kiss each other. She reminds him that they are just roommates and friends that sometimes sleep together.

Ned comes to see Chloe and updates her on the Valentines night that she set up for him. He tells her that Alexisís phone rang and she took off like a shot. He knows that they love each other but he doesnít want to talk about it anymore. He leaves the room to go to his office. Elizabeth arrives and Chloe gives Elizabeth some things to do and then she takes off right away. Elizabeth gets ready to work. She looks through her things and realizes that she has forgotten something important for her job. Emily arrives and brings in the missing envelope. Emily looks around and things that it is funny how things change. Sometimes you think that things are one way and then things turn out differently. Elizabeth tells her that Jason is in town. She doesnít know where Jason is now. Elizabeth explains how Jason saved Sonnyís life. Emily canít believe that Jason is in town and she didnít know. Ned comes out and greets Emily. Ned gets some information from Elizabeth and leaves the room. Emily wants Elizabeth to tell Jason where she is staying. She is sure that Jason will be on her side.

Jason is hard at work tailing Sorrel. He is watching him through binoculars. Sorrel is on the phone in a building.

Carly is sitting with Sonny. He is having a bad dream about rolling a body over and finding out that it is Carly. He jumps and Carly is right there to comfort him. She remarks that things are always happening to him. He knows that she is worried about him. He promises that things will be better real soon. He has a present for her and tells her to open it. She does and it is a pair of earrings. They are rubies. She was going to wear diamonds, but Sonny is not going to let her wear a present from Jason when he marries her. She tries the earrings on and she looks gorgeous in them. She kisses him and will save the diamonds for their first anniversary. She gives him his gift. Cuff links that are engraved. He thinks that the gift is just right. They kiss some more. The phone rings and he insists on getting the call. He answers to Jason who tells him that he has found Sorrel. He is on a roof across the street. He knows who the traitor is. It is Carlyís bodyguard. The man that they call Rick. Sonny hangs up. He tells her that he has to take care of some stuff. She makes him promise to be careful.

Juan comes to see Ned. He is going to be ready to go on the tour the following week. Everything is ready for him to go. Emily doesnít know that he is planning to leave. Juan thinks that Emily doesnít care about what he does.

Carly is sneaking around trying to have a peek at her wedding dress. Sonny bought it for her and she wants to look at it but doesnít.

Sonny arrives on the rooftop. Jason is already there. Sonny sees for himself that Carlyís bodyguard is betraying them. He trusted that man and now he has to pay. Jason wants to hear the word that he can go ahead and take care of the man that put Carlyís life in jeopardy. Sonny tells him that he can go ahead and take care of the traitor. It is good that he is overconfident. Sonny thinks of the times that he put Michael in this guyís care. That makes Sonny angry and now he is sure that this man has to pay. Sonny let his guard down and he feels guilty for doing that. Every time that he is thinking that everything is going great, he wants to be reminded of this day.

Juan has a heart to heart with Taggert at the record company about the tour. He will still be going to school and getting his diploma. Taggert thinks that Juan is doing some of this because of Emily. Taggert can understand what Juan is going through. Juan wants Taggert to give him a blessing. Taggert tells him that he can go ahead and follow his dream. He wants Juan to work very hard. Juan will not forget all the things that Taggert has done for him. Taggert wants Juan to enjoy himself and he is to remember that he always has a place to live. Taggert was a great guardian. Taggert is proud of him. Emily walks into the room and Taggert has to leave. Emily is there because Ned called her to tell her that Juan wanted to talk with her about something. Juan tells her that he is leaving town. She is surprised that was something that he wanted to do. She always knew that he would be successful. All the energy that he put into his music was for her. She wants him to be happy. He knows that she loved him. He couldnít have felt the way that he did if she didnít. He deserves the kind of love that she canít give him. She knows that there is someone out there that he can spend his life with. She moves closer to him and kisses his cheek. She wishes him good luck and leaves. Juan is still not over her, but he says goodbye to her after she is gone, and he expresses his love for her.

Luke arrives at work and finds Felicia sitting in his chair. She puts her feet on his desk. She figures that it was about time. She wants to know the plan for the Ice Princess. She wants to know everything so that she can talk him out of whatever it is. He thinks that they should go upstairs and do something else. He would tell her anything, but he thinks that they should be on a need to know basis. She still digs for information. The Ice Princess is very important to him. It will make Helena crazy. He likes that she will be crazy. She wants to know the plan. First he has to get the key for the safe where the Princess is in Istanbul. He thinks that the key to the safe is in Helenaís safekeeping.

Elizabeth is outside and Lucky finds her. He takes pictures of her as she walks towards him. She convinces him to stop taking pictures. He is practicing so that he can take test shots of her. He was actually hired to take the pictures of her. She is happy for him. The night before at the fire, they almost lost everything. He kept a secret from her and he still feels bad about it. What they have is too precious to take chances with. Elizabeth is feeling guilty again. Lucky is taking her pictures and can tell that something is wrong with Elizabeth. She is so grateful for what they have. The night before when the fire was happening put a lot into perspective for them. Lucky thinks that Jason is a great guy for putting his life in jeopardy for Sonny. Elizabeth canít stand it anymore. She tells Lucky that she knew that Jason was in town before anyone else and she didnít tell him.

Nikolas arrives at work and finds out that Juan has agreed to do the tour. Ned is going to get the papers ready for him. Ned goes back to his office and Nikolas lies down on the couch to read the papers. Gia comes into the office and Nikolas thinks that she couldnít stay away from him. She says that she got a call to come to the office right away. Nikolas denies that he was the one that called. Ned comes out of his office and admits that he was the one that called her over there. Ned wants Gia to be a PR Assistant for him in his company. She loves the offer, but she tells him that she will have to refuse.

Carly has called Bobbie over to get some help from her. She is not to look at her wedding gown, so she has called her mother over to help her not break her promise. They laugh at the idea that the dress may be hideous. Bobbie will look at the dress and then help Carly figure out what to expect. Bobbie looks at the dress and thinks that it is perfect. Carly smiles while her back is turned to her mother. Bobbie zips up the dress again and hangs it up again. Bobbie thinks that the dress is to die for. Carly likes that.

Jason is swinging into action with Sonny and two of Sonnyís men. They kick the door in and confront Sorrel and two other men. Sonny walks over to Rick, the man that he put in charge of his family. He came looking for his enemy and he finds his wifeís personal bodyguard. Sonny asks him what he should do about that. Sonny rubs his cane along Rickís face. Rick is very, very nervous and afraid of Sonny.

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