General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/14/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/14/01

By Glynis

Gia is on her knees in the living room looking for something when Nikolas enters and when he closes the door Gia is startled. He wants to know what she was doing under the couch. She doesnít answer; she just looks coyly to herself. She was looking for a modeling picture. He tells her that he was in the park earlier and she wants to know if he went shopping earlier. He tells her that he was on his way to the PC Grill for a business meeting. She gets up to leave and he stops her to continue his story. He had lunch with the manager of a radio station and convinced him to do business with him. Ned has been trying to get this guy for a long time. He has wrapped up a successful day. She ran some errands that day. She tells him that she has had it with him and the whole stupid day. It is impossible to miss. All the stores have hearts and icky-sticky stuff all over. Some people like being single and donít need all the things that go with Valentine's Day. Nikolas grabs her and kisses her. She lets him and kisses him back. Gia and Nikolas finally get serious with each other. He kisses her tenderly. She takes off his shirt and he climbs on top of her on the coffee table. He opens her blouse. They look into each otherís eyes. They rise and move to the carpeted floor where she lies beneath him pulling him to her. After they are finished, they lay on the floor and he tells her that she takes his breath away. She is glad that he thinks that she is beautiful. He apologizes for her Valentine's Day. There is a knock on the door and Nikolas yells out, "Leave it on the Porch". He runs to the door and returns with a gift. It is for her and she realizes that he didnít forget after all. He comes over to her and she canít believe that he fooled her all day. She takes the gift and rips it open. It is the picture that she was looking for. He had it framed for her. It is his way of wishing her a wonderful Valentine's Day. They kiss. She gets her gift for Nikolas, which leads to more kissing and hugging on the living room floor.

Emily and Zander go into a barn with a lantern. She is giving him a surprise for Valentine's Day. She wants him to imagine that they are somewhere happier. He doesnít care where they are as long as they are together. They hug. He keeps having visions of having to be careful and look out to make sure that no one is following them. Sometimes she feels like the only one that knows him. He makes her smile at the worse possible situations. She sees beautiful things in him, but she canít justify them. Sometimes he acts like a jerk and he knows that her family doesnít like him. He is just scared that she will be convinced that he is not right for her. She feels that something bad happened to him in the past. He is not going to go back to his past. At the end of everything, he met her. He tells her that he is a jerk, but he wants to be better so that he can be with her. He still may go to prison. She has plans for the future. She should go ahead and get on with her life. She can do whatever she wants, he canít stop her. Sometimes she daydreams about them dancing together. It is very old-fashioned dancing. They are in a ballroom and he asks her to dance, like Cinderella. He would never laugh at her. He jumps up and stretches out his hand. She takes it and jumps up to dance with him. They have no music, but they donít need it. Emily and Zander dance together with the music in their hearts.

Chloe is at a bar waiting. She frequently checks her watch to see if everything is going to go as planned. Ned arrives and right after Alexis arrives and immediately wonders what Chloe has done. One look at Ned and she knows that Chloe didnít want to meet with her for anything to do with girl talk. Chloe has set them up to meet there. Alexis appreciates what she is trying to do, but she thinks that there is no hope. Chloe tells him that she is the picture of no hope. The man that she loves went across the world and left her. That is no hope. Chloe forces them to sit down. They are her only closest friends and she would like them to spend Valentineís day with her. She has liquor, mood music and she dims the lights. Before she leaves, she tells them to enjoy themselves. The evening begins and Ned and Alexis are actually getting together. They discuss their lives together and how they have been intertwined. It is strange being with him now. She feels that she may have wasted his time. She felt that he could have been looking for someone else. He didnít want anyone else. They liked everything about each other. Who else can Ned find that is going to like his crazy family. Her family is pretty bad too. They really did fit each other. She agrees. She didnít mean to make him fit up to any impossible standard. She doesnít know how they got so extreme. They might be able to agree on what they need to compromise on. She is very troubled by that. He is not asking for drastic changes, but he would like the relationship to be a priority for her. She tells him that it is hard for her to make the relationship a priority. She envisioned a life where things would just be balanced. She doesnít want to be asked to have to choose her job over her relationship. Her phone starts ringing and they listen for a while. He tells her to answer the phone and she does. Alexis ends up having to leave to go to the warehouse to do some work. Ned is left alone at the restaurant somehow not surprised at the outcome of the evening.

At the fire at the warehouse, the firefighters are still fighting the blaze that has Sonny inside. He is trapped under a beam and canít get out. Carly is fighting to get in there and get him out. Jason is holding her and tells her that he will get him out if she promises to stay put. She tells him to go. Jason runs into the fire and everyone wonders what he is doing going into the fire. Inside, Sonny is still fighting for his life. Fumes havenít overcome him yet, so he continues to fight for his life. He pushes and pushes at the beam on top of his body, trying to free himself from the death trap. Carly is crying outside and waiting for Jason to save her husband. Firefighters are carrying out other firefighters that have been succumbed by the flames.

Jason finds Sonny and Sonny shouts orders on how to get him out of the trap that he is in. Jason lifts the beam that is extremely heavy. Jason and Sonny hold on to each other and as they try to walk out, the building collapses. Firemen come running out of the building saying that the danger is getting worse and they donít know if they can continue. Carly runs over to the firefighters and tells them that they have to go back into the building and get her husband out.

Lucky doesnít want Elizabeth to watch the fire. She tells him that she isnít leaving until Jason comes out. She canít believe that the firefighters are leaving the building. She wants to know why. They canít stop bringing people out until Jason and Sonny are free from danger. The chief tells her that he canít risk any of his men, the building is too unstable. Just then as all look into the smoke filled entrance, they see Jason coming out of the building carrying Sonny. Carly rushes forth to greet him and Jason stands there and when he looks up, he sees Elizabeth in front of him holding Luckyís white roses. She drops the roses as she stares into Jasonís eyes. Lucky comes over to Elizabeth and tells her that he is going to take her home now. He picks up the flowers and hands them to her and then he walks her off to head home. As they walk away, Elizabeth still canít take her eyes off of Jason. Carly turns to Sonny and asks him what he thought he was doing? First he was shot at, and now this. The police are coming to talk to Sonny and Jason leaves. Sonny tells Mack that Jason is going to the hospital to get checked out. Sonny tells Mack that he doesnít have any idea who started the fire. They suspect that Sonny knows more than he is saying. Sonny tells them to contact his attorney if they have anymore questions. Jason has been hiding and now that Sonny is safe, he leaves.

Lucky takes Elizabeth home and she just wants to sleep for 20 hours. Lucky didnít realize that Jason was back in town. Emily didnít mention anything. Elizabeth makes excuses for all of Luckyís queries. Lucky offers to tuck her into bed. He opens her door and when he does, she canít believe her eyes. The room is completely decorated. She loves it. There are balloons everywhere, streamers are hanging. They kiss. She takes her flowers and puts them on the table near her bed. She also puts down the glass that Jason gave her earlier. Lucky sees it and explains to him that she got it to help her with her art. He thinks that it is a pretty color. He knows that Valentine's Day is not an easy time for her. He tells her that she has his heart. He kisses her. They go to bed and share a happy time together talking and loving each other.

Carly gets Sonny home and helps him relax and take his shoes off. She is okay, but this is the second time that he has almost died. He smells like smoke. She takes off his jacket and she undoes the buttons on his shirt. His scars from the shooting are revealed. She tells him that he needs some monitoring. For some reason Carly is feeling very sexy. She takes off the shirt and then removes her own blouse. They get into the bathtub together with bubbles and candles and Carly massages Sonnyís back with the hot water before they tenderly kiss. Then he holds her.

Jason has found Sorrel in the park talking to his henchmen. He watches them secretly in the bushes careful to keep himself hidden.

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