General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/13/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/13/01

By Glynis

Taggert is at work unable to concentrate because Hannah is there with him at her desk working. AJ enters and comes up with an idea for Hannah to be surprised on Valentine’s Day. She sees him there and tells him that if he has brought Valentines Day into her work place, he can kiss the date with her goodbye. AJ tells her that he had no idea that she had rules. He tells her that he has already sent her a gift and he can’t stop it from coming. Some music by Prince starts playing and a gorilla enters the station and starts dancing with Hannah. Everyone stops working and claps to the music as Hannah is twirled around by the gorilla. Taggert is not pleased. Mack stops the dancing and warns everyone else to get back to work. Felicia loves the show. She just happens to be there to see the show.

Bobbie is at Roy’s home feeling very uncomfortable, when Roy arrives. She is leery because he has spent the night in Chicago. He doesn’t mind that she is there at his house. He tells her that he spoke with Melissa. She doesn’t want them to avoid this. She wants them to get through this and she wants him to tell her about his past. She would tell him anything. She needs to know what happened so that they can both let this go. She tells him that secrets can kill a relationship. He doesn’t want to hide the facts anymore. She wants to know how he felt when he saw Melissa. He knocked on the door and she opened it. It was like no time had gone by. He wonders that she felt that he would show up after Bobbie did. He apologizes to her for what he did to her brother. She forgave him and her brother had forgiven him too. In a way, he is glad for what Bobbie did. She did lie to him and she kept secrets from him and that is what Roy wants to talk about. He wants to know why she lied to him. She is terrified to think that she could lose him again. He shut down completely and she got scared. He tells her that he loves her. When he looks at the person that he was, he doesn’t want to go back there. Melissa’s brother didn’t’ deserve what happened to him. He was a complete hypocrite. He needs to be better than that. She doesn’t think that he needs to be better. She loves him the way that he is. She was frightened that she didn’t know that she was betrayed. She is trying to think that she wasn’t betrayed, but she has her doubts. Her experience is that when the man that she loves betrays her, she ends up getting kicked in the teeth. He assures her that they are both working to save their relationship. It was hard for him to see Melissa again, but he is glad that he did it. She has let go of the hurt and now Roy can do. It is about him and Bobbie. Roy and Bobbie go to bed to reconnect and then he comes out into the living room to get her valentine’s gift. She loves it. They kiss.

Elton and Laura are brainstorming on a theme for a campaign that they are working on. He leaves and Gia comes into her argument to apologize for butting into her family fight. Laura actually is very happy that Nikolas has someone like Gia in his corner. Laura doesn’t really mind Gia. She likes her spunk. Gia tells her that Stefan and Helena really do not like her. They think that she doesn’t have the right breeding. Laura thinks that she should keep a safe distance from Helena and Stefan. She shouldn't underestimate the two and Gia needs to be very careful. Gia understands. Gia is going to leave and Laura tells her that she would like Gia to have a copy of her pictures from the practice shoot. She gives her the pictures. No matter what the outcome of the competition, the pictures were incredible and Gia should be very proud.

Elizabeth arrives at the studio and greets Jason. She brings him some food and he thanks her for that. She wishes that she could do more for him, but she can’t keep a secret from Lucky. They discuss Valentines Day. He thinks that you should find something that your Valentine wants and then give it to the person. That is why he tried to help Carly get away from AJ. Carly, Michael and him would never have worked. Jason doesn’t know what is right for him. She hopes that Lucky is right for her. She has been telling people that they can’t come up to her studio. She comes over to look out the window with Jason. She sees Sonny in front of the warehouse. Now she knows why Jason wanted to come there. He tells her that was only one of the reasons why he wanted to come there. She gives him valentines present and he thinks that he has something for her. When he was in Italy, there were some glass blowers and the color of the glass as so intense that he brought back a piece to remind him. He shows her the glass and puts it in her hand. She tries to return it, but he tells her that it is nothing but a hunk of glass. She goes back to the window and looks at the sunlight through the glass. He comes up behind her and the both of them look at the piece of glass together. While they are looking out the window, Jason notices that there is a fire at the warehouse and Sonny is not coming out. He goes rushing over there leaving Elizabeth behind.

Benny is warning Sonny that he needs more protection. Sonny has that covered. He tells Benny that he needs to be sure that no one has turned on him, starting with Benny. Benny has never been disloyal to Sonny. He promises that everything that he has done has been for Sonny’s benefit. Sometimes he questions Sonny’s decisions, but only to Sonny. He never will be disloyal to Sonny. He makes a good living, but his working for Sonny means more to him than that. Benny wants to know what is going on. Sonny walks forward and starts talking about how he wants to finish off Sorrel. At that moment a beam from the ceiling that is on fire, drops in the place where Sonny was standing. It barely misses him and Benny. The both of them fall to the ground away from the destruction.

Nikolas meets Lucky in the park and Lucky is carrying a box and looking very suspicious. Nikolas takes the box from his brother and is curious as to what Luck has in mind. There are balloons and streamers in the box and Nikolas thinks that he knows what Lucky is up to on this day. Nikolas gives Lucky a really good idea. Lucky could fill up his balloons with helium and let them off one at a time, all the way to heaven. Lucky thinks that he can come up with something better.

Carly and Sonny are together outside in the park. Sonny is sure that Michael is safe and she is too. She tells him that she is being cool and not worrying about him getting hurt. She is focusing. She gives him a valentine’s card. He reads it. She never had a valentine on valentine’s day before. When she went to look for cards, she felt ridiculous, but she also felt right. She wants to celebrate that night with him. She reminds him to get her a present. He offers to have no agenda that night but her. He tells her to take it easy and to go easy on Laura. He leaves signaling his man to stay with her and watch over her.

Sorrel is in the park as well hiding. His henchmen are up on Sonny’s whereabouts are with his wife.

Carly arrives in Laura’s office and she tell shim that she spoke to Sonny about the modeling and he is not going to side with Laura against Carly. Laura is tired of fighting with Carly. Carly admits that she was wrong about going behind Laura’s back to have the pictures of Gia taken. Laura thinks that it wasn’t fair of Carly to set up the practice shoot. Elizabeth didn’t have the benefit of a practice shoot. Carly thinks that they shouldn’t invest more money into Elizabeth if she can’t do the shoot on the spur of the moment. Carly tells her that they are partners and not competition. Laura agrees with that. She is used to working alone and prefers it that way. The partnership is wrong for her and she would like to try again. Laura won’t do anything without telling Carly first, but she wants the same cooperation from Carly. In fairness, she thinks that they should get Lucky to do some pictures of Elizabeth too. Carly agrees to that. Carly would like to look at Gia’s pictures again. Carly moves near the window to look at the pictures and sees that Sonny’s warehouse is on fire. She calls for the guard that has been positioned with her and tells him that Sonny’s warehouse is on fire. The both of them run out of the building to go to Sonny’s warehouse. Laura enters the office after Carly has left and picks up the pictures from the floor. Amy comes by and gives Laura a gift. She brings her a box of chocolates that she wants her to give to her valentine. Laura tells her that she doesn’t have a valentine that year. Elton walks into the office with a huge bouquet of flowers. Amy looks at the card and tells Elton that they will send a reply to him for being so thoughtful. Laura is really pleased with the flowers.

Lucky bumps into Maxie in the park. She is bringing a present to Mack at work. Lucky is bringing white roses to Elizabeth and gives one to Maxie with a kiss. She is overjoyed and watches him walk off on his valentine’s mission.

Gia is in the park, looking at her pictures. She drops them and Nikolas is there to help her pick them up. She is very happy and thinks that she will build a shrine to herself. She walks away from him, but playfully.

In the warehouse, there is a fire and Sonny is trapped under a beam. He is unable to get away from the fire and Benny is unconscious lying free on the ground. Johnny comes into the room and finds the both of them there. Sonny shouts for Johnny to take Benny out of the room and save his life. Johnny does that. Sonny continues to lie under the beam watching the flames grow stronger, not being sure what is going to happen to him next, or if he will be able to survive this horrible disaster.

Over at the studio Lucky arrives and finds Elizabeth there really feeling frantic. He gives her the flowers and tells her not to worry everything will be all right.

Carly arrives at the site and firemen are already there. Sonny is still trapped inside under the beam, and he fights to get free and can’t. Carly is outside screaming that they have to get her husband out of the fire. The firefighters can’t get him out right then. Jason arrives and holds Carly back from the fire and she watches on in horror.

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