General Hospital Update Monday 2/12/01


General Hospital Update Monday 2/12/01

By Afrikka

Liz covers when she realizes that it's Lucky, not Jason waiting for her. She proceeds to tell Lucky more lies cover Jason's presence. Lucky talks Liz into sharing a dance to their favorite song. All the while, Jason is sitting in Liz's closet listening to everything. After the dance Liz finally gets Lucky out of the studio by telling him she needs to work on her project. Liz is mortified that Jason heard their interactions. Jason and Liz share another close moment over her painting of the wind. Liz admits that she's a wreck and tells Jason that he has to leave because she can't continue to lie to Lucky. Jason asks Liz to let him stay for 24 more hours, and then he'll leave. Liz apologizes for having to kick him out, but Jason understands. Liz arrives at Kelly's at the same time Lucky does. She has her surprise for him; she is going to recreate the summer at the boxcar. They kiss and profess their lover for one another. Jason sits by the window in the studio, looking wistful.

Bobbie and Felicia talk at Kelly's. Bobbie admits that she thinks it's her fault, that she pushed Roy to go visit Melissa with her snooping and lies. Felicia tries to assure Bobbie that she had every right to go after the truth. She points out that Bobbie gave Roy numerous opportunities to tell her about his past and Melissa. Bobbie is still concerned.

Sonny and Carly duck from the sniper fire. Sonny is covering her body when Johnny and Rick come down the stairs, weapons drawn. Johnny goes to look for the perpetrator, but finds only an empty shell casing. They finally get off the ground, and Carly is insistent that Sonny goes to the hospital. They arrive at the penthouse and immediately call for Leticia. He is worried about Michael, he orders her to keep him out of school for a few days, and to refrain from visiting the park. When Leticia goes back upstairs, Carly wants to know what is going on. Sonny is shutting down and shutting Carly out, but Carly keeps pushing to get him to open up. Sonny orders Carly to go upstairs. Carly guesses that Sorel is back, she wants to know how long he's been back. Sonny admits that Sorel has been back awhile. Sonny tells Carly that he will do anything to keep her safe, including lying to her. Carly thinks the wedding was a ploy to keep her distracted, before Sonny gets killed. She apologizes for her comment and Sonny tells her that he's trying to build a life for them. Carly knows and they hug.

Nik and Gia enter Laura's office to find Stefan badgering. Stefan once again implores Nik to listen to him and forgive him. Nik doesn't want to have anything more to do with Stefan. Gia jumps in Stefan's face and attacks him for lying to Nik all his life. She compares him to "Psycho Granny." Stefan is quick to dismiss Gia and Nik orders him to leave. Laura is watching the whole confrontation and is obviously impressed with Gia. She tells both Nik and Gia, just that, after Stefan leaves. Laura's anger is cooled by the display and she shows the proofs to Nik and Gia. They look them over and are playful with one another; Laura realizes that Nik cares about Gia. She admits that although she didn't know about the photo shoot, the pictures did come out well. She tells Gia that she will be setting up a shoot with Lucky, for Liz, and that Gia's shoot with Theo is still on schedule. Nik and Gia leave. Laura looks over Liz's proofs and hopes that Liz is up to the competition. Nik and Gia walk by the docks. Gia points out that that the lights are on at Wyndemere. She tells Nik that it's okay for him to miss Stefan, Nik tries to deny it, but Gia promises she won't tell. As he looks out at Spoon Island, he tells Gia that she is beautiful.

Roy goes to visit Melissa. She answers the door and is surprised to see him. She tells him that he didn't need to come about the letter. Roy admits that he had to come to apologize. Roy is still wracked with guilt and remorse for his actions. Melissa shares with Roy that her brother, Leo, had forgiven Roy long ago. She enumerates the many times that Roy nearly blew his cover trying to help Leo. She admits that Leo wanted to be a wise guy, and wouldn't accept the deals offered by the government even after Roy left. Roy feels that he could have done more but Melissa disagrees. She also admits that she had wished him dead many times over the years but had come to accept that she was hurting herself more than she was hurting him. She accepts Roy's apology and he is immensely grateful. The sit and have a drink while they reminisce a bit more. There seems to still be a connection between the two as the share memories of their time together. Roy finally tells Melissa that he has to leave and they say goodbye.

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