General Hospital Update Friday 2/09/01


General Hospital Update Friday 2/9/01

By Afrikka

Bobbie meets Roy on the pier. She apologizes again for going to see Melissa, and promises to honor their pledge not to keep secrets. Both admit their love for each other, and Bobbie pleads for Roy not to go to Chicago.

Edward enters Kelly's and heads over to where Zander and Emily are chatting. He tells Emily that her parents would like to meet her for lunch. Emily doesn't want to go anywhere with Edward and turns to leave. Zander stops her and reminds her how much she loves her family, he stresses that he doesn't want her to cut off her family because of him. Emily rethinks her position and asks Edward to wait.

Nik and Gia are at a table in Kelly's where they are talking about the Deception job. Gia asks Nik if he's still mad at her because she didn't clear her photo shoot, and Lucky's involvement, with him. Gia is positive that she will get the FOD job; Nik is amazed at the size of her ego. Gia thinks that maybe Lucky saw something in her that Nik doesn't and accuses him of being jealous. He counters by saying that Gia is jealous of Liz. Gia disagrees, and suggests that he ask Lucky about the shoot. Lucky walks by the table at that moment and wonders what Nik wants to ask him about.

Liz arrives at her studio and finds Jason doing her canvases for her. Jason asks if he did a good job and Liz jokes and says it's the thought that counts. Liz is actually surprised at the great job Jason did. Jason asks her how things went with Lucky. Liz reveals that Lucky apologized for taking the pictures of Gia, that he rented a limo and took her to the Grille for dinner. Jason is glad that Liz is happy. Liz thinks Jason must be hungry and decides to go to get him something.

Elton brings Gia's test photos to Laura. Laura wants to know where the pictures came from. She orders Elton to call Theo, the photographer, Gia and Carly. Elton tells her that Carly is on a lunch date and Laura orders her to find him. She states that she is calling an executive meeting. Elton makes a comment about her turning into Joan Crawford.

Carly and Sonny are at the Grille having lunch. Carly tells Sonny that Gia is a lock for the FOD. She suggests that they take the day off to look for a wedding dress. Sorel is talking to someone on the phone; he knows Sonny is planning to leave the country. Carly is telling Sonny that she wants something special, a dress that maybe their daughter could wear one day. Sonny looks surprised at the mention of a daughter; Carly laughs and says it could happen. Sorel tells the unknown person, that they missed Sonny at Christmas but they won't miss on Valentine's Day. Sonny tells Carly that he has taken care of everything. Carly can't believe that he bought her dress, but Sonny thinks she will like it. Carly is a bit perturbed that he didn't ask her. She says it's bad luck for the groom to see the gown. Carly says that most women would be upset that their husband would pick out their wedding dress. Sonny tells Carly she'll get over it, but she asks if either Brenda or Lily were okay with him picking out their dress. Sonny laughs and tells her that he didn't pick out their dresses. Sonny calms her down by telling her that she is the first and the last woman he will ever pick a dress out for. Laura calls Carly. Carly tries to get out of going into the office, but finally relents when she learns that Gia's pictures came back. Sonny tells her to go to the office, he also says that he is proud of the work she's done.

Lucky asks Tammy where Liz is. Tammy says that she thinks she headed for her studio. Nik asks if Liz and Lucky made up. Lucky admits they did. Gia wonders if Lucky had to throw flowers at her feet and hire a horse drawn carriage to get Liz to forgive him. Lucky laughs and says it was only a limo. Gia tells Nik and Lucky that her pictures came in and Elton called her over to Deception. She is sure she will be the new face. Lucky leaves on that note, and Nik informs Gia that she is delusional. Stefan arrives hoping to speak to Nik.

Bobbie tells Roy that she will never lie to Roy or go behind his back again. Roy admits that he has to go to Melissa. He needs to stop running from his past. Bobbie insists that Melissa has forgiven Roy and that he should leave it alone. Roy explains that he hurt Melissa and that he needs to tell her how sorry he is. Roy tells her that he will be catching a plane for Chicago within the hour.

Juan is sitting alone at the Grille. Monica and Alan are sitting at a nearby table. They see Juan and they reminisce about Emily prior infatuation about Juan. They wish Juan was still the man in Emily's life instead of Zander. Emily and Edward arrive, and Monica and Alan are surprised. When Emily goes to her parent's table she notices that they are surprised to see her, and upon seeing Juan realizes that it was a set up. She goes over to Juan and asks him if he was in on the plot. Juan tells Emily that he just wanted to see her, but she's never alone. Juan admits that he misses Emily, he tells her about his tour offer and that he wanted to tell her. Emily inadvertently compares Juan and Zander. Juan insists that he's nothing like Zander and that he's all Emily thinks about. Juan admits that he feels like a fool, and that he wonders if she ever really cared about him. Juan leaves and says they are now out of each other's life for good. Monica runs after a tearful Emily.

Gia offers to leave so Nik and Stefan can have a word alone. Nik doesn't want her to leave, and chastises his uncle for ignoring Gia's presence. Stefan offers Gia a greeting. Mac and Felicia arrive. Felicia is sure that the mayor should be supporting Mac now that they have found the gunman. Dara enters and tells Mac that the mayor is planning a press conference to commend Mac on his work. Mac believes that Felicia deserves some credit as well, Dara agrees. Nik tells Stefan that he cannot forgive any more misdeeds. He thanks Stefan for faking his death because it allowed him to mourn the uncle that he loved. He wants nothing more to do with Stefan. Stefan leaves and Gia is concerned about Nik. Nik is okay and offers to take Gia over to Deception. Felicia and Mac admit they are a great team.

Carly arrives at Deception and goes into Laura's office. She sees the photos and thinks Gia looks great. Laura wants to know when Carly was planning to tell her about the photo shoot. Carly didn't think Laura would mind since Lucky was the photographer and Laura is even more incensed upon learning that. Carly thinks she was only proving that Gia has what it takes to be the FOD. Laura concedes that Carly may be right but doesn't like the manipulative way that Carly handles things. Laura rants that she should have never let Sonny talk her into having Carly as a partner. Carly counters that Sonny's money convinced her and that without it, there would be no Deception. Laura thinks she should talk to Sonny since he has respect for her. Carly promises Laura that she will regret trying to play Sonny against her. Laura says she doesn't want to play and she doesn't want to work with Carly anymore.

Sonny arrives at Liz's studio to tell Jason that it's time to move on Sorel. Sonny will call a meeting on Valentine's Day to smoke out the traitor and Sorel. Jason thinks it sounds good, he points out that he has a clear line of site to the warehouse. Sonny leaves and encounters Lucky in the hall. Lucky wonders what Sonny's doing at the studio and he covers by saying he was thinking of buying a mural to give to Michael. Sonny leaves after Lucky says he has a key to the studio and will wait for Liz. Jason hides in the closet.

Felicia comes back to Kelly's. Bobbie arrives. She tells Felicia about Roy's trip and wonders why she didn't leave the Melissa situation alone. Felicia thinks that Bobbie should trust Roy. Bobbie admits that she trusted both Tony and Jerry and was betrayed. Felicia tries to calm Bobbie's fears. A nervous Roy arrives at Melissa's door, and remembers an incident when Melissa confronted him for his duplicity. He knocks on her door.

Stefan arrives at Laura's office. He insists that Nik is in danger from Helena and he believes that he is the only one that can protect Nik. Stefan tells Laura that she abandoned Nik to be with Luke. He reminds her that she faked her death as well. Nik arrives at that moment and tells Stefan to give it up because the Helena excuse is no longer valid.

Liz arrives at the studio saying that she is sorry that she took so long. As she sets down the bag of groceries, Lucky asks her how she knew he was there.

Carly is on the docks crying. Sonny arrives; he is worried because Rick called him. She tells him that Laura wants her out of the company because she lies and manipulates. Carly knows that Sonny respects Laura and assumes that if Laura wants her out of the company that Sonny will agree. Sonny tells Carly that Laura will have a fight if she tries to oust Carly and that he would never side with anyone against his wife. Sonny and Carly hug. Sonny notices something and throws Carly to the ground as sniper fire erupts.

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