General Hospital Update Thursday 2/08/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/8/01

By Glynis

Mack and Felicia are breaking into an office. She offers to pry the lock for him so that he will not get in trouble from the mayor. Mack does happen to find a couple of uniforms from the police department. He also finds pictures of Zander and Sonny in the office. Felicia is playing lookout and gives a warning knock to show that someone is coming. Mack gets into a nearby closet and hides. When a man approaches the door to enter the office, Felicia comes running up and stops the man to ask him a favor. She needs to talk to the superintendent, but doesnít want to walk around in the basement. She asks him to go and get the superintendent for her. He leaves and Mack comes out of the office and knows that the man is definitely one of the shooters in the shooting outside the police station.

Luke comes to see his sister. They hug. He wants to know what happened for her to call him so frantically. She tells him that Roy is hiding something. She tells him about Melissa. She is smart and she is pretty. She was willing to talk to Bobbie, but Roy is the problem because he doesnít want to discuss her. It is an unpleasant thing. Luke understands why Roy wouldnít want to talk to her about Melissa. A kid died. She tells him that the woman has lots of things in common with her. Luke thinks that she needs to get a grip. She wants their lives to work together. She needs him to tell her what happened. He hasnít told even Luke. Actually, Luke remembers when Roy came over to talk and he was drinking. He seemed to be trying to say something to Luke, but he couldnít get it out. Bobbie is sure that is the thing that she wants and needs to hear

Roy comes to the diner to see Bobbie and finds out that she hasnít been in that day. More and more he is getting the feeling that she is avoiding him and is starting to get suspicious of her trip to Chicago. Roy sees his daughter and kisses her hello. She wasnít expecting anyone to be coming up behind her and kissing her so she jumps when he does it. She tells him that things are not that great with Taggert, but she is starting to like AJ. She thinks that she may be crazy. They were just friends, but AJ has been up front about what he wants. He has some serious problems, his family, the drinking. Most of the time he is faking with water in his flask. Roy thinks that maybe she is insane. AJ and Hannah do connect. Taggert and Hannah hit a wall. He is too intense and she doesnít think that he is going to change. He hates the idea of Hannah and AJ being together. But that is to be expected. Roy doesnít really like either of the men, but that is his job as her father. He tells her to be calm and he leaves the diner.

Emily and Elizabeth are in the diner together and just talking. Elizabeth is complaining that when she wakes up it is dark and when she goes to bed it is dark. What is a girl to do? Lucky walks in and sees the two girls. Emily leaves Elizabeth so that Lucky could approach her. He is carrying a flower for her, a single white rose. He simply says, "Forgive Me?" He tells her that he didnít think that anyone would pick Gia over her, so he didnít think that taking the pictures would matter. She asks him to forgive her too. She feels awful too. He missed her the night before. He wants to make it up to her. He wants to spend some money on her. He got the money for the both of them. He wants to have some fun. Emily thinks that Elizabeth should just take the flower and go.

Chloe is talking with Alexis trying to give her another perspective to things with Ned. Alexis is a woman that canít have another job placed on her head. Chloe tells her that Ned wants her. He needs to feel cared about and needed. Just then Ned walks in and he thinks that Alexis is there to resign. Alexis has made a resignation letter and tries to give it to him. Chloe intercepts the letter and tells the both of them that they are being ridiculous. She is denying that she was the one that wanted to resign, and he says that she was the one that wanted to leave the job. He thinks that she is completely detached from her feelings. She thinks that he resents her profession. There is never a perfect time for them. She is her own woman, but she needs to share with him. She thinks that he wants a snow bunny. Alexis grabs her coat and snatches the letter out of Chloeís hand and gives it to Ned. He thinks that he can accept the resignation. They are officially over.

Lucky and Liz are dressed and ready to go out somewhere special. They leave as AJ is coming in to order something. Hannah comes downstairs and sees him. They sit at a table together. He can tell that she has changed her mind about him. She is happy to see him. She tries to cover her feelings. He tells her that he has been working out, trying to get in shape for their dance. He asks her out, and she plays coy with him.

Bobbie is at home when Roy arrives. She kisses him and he is not that warm to her. She tells him that she has finished her project. He gives her the appointment book that she left in the diner. He tells her that he saw the itinerary on a piece of paper that fell out of the appointment book. He guesses that she was in Chicago and wants to know why she was there. He asks if she was looking for his past. She wanted to know about Melissa. He doesnít think that his feelings are the point. It was the only way that she could try to find out about him. His life didnít go according to plan. He thought that their lives were moving according to plan. She knows that he was worried and edgy about something and she wanted to find out why. She tells him that she got Felicia involved in the issue. Roy doesnít like that at all. She admits that she saw the transcripts. He canít believe that she did that. She read the transcripts and for her nothing has changed. He tells her that he tricked everybody and he was everybodyís friend. After it was over he walked away and left everybody in pieces. His behavior was shameful and he was lost in it for 20 years. He has been trying to bury it and he begged her to leave it alone and leave his past away from the both of them. She is sorry and knows what it is like to be ashamed of something. He destroyed everyone. He realizes that Bobbie spoke to Melissa. She did it because she was worried about Melissa. It was not okay for her to do that. He is extremely angry with her. If he tells her no, she has to respect that. She thinks that he is treating her like a child. Her life was turned upside down. She thought that she was in danger and she thought that she had a right to know. She knows that this was upsetting to her. Roy canít undo this. It is not about him, it is about Melissa. He let this woman fall for him and he played her. He let her come to him and then he left. Bobbie is sure that she worked things through. She was fine the two times that they spoke. Roy thinks that Bobbie just ripped into Melissa twice. He canít believe what he is hearing. She tells him that Melissa told him that she was fine and that everything is okay. Roy is going to Chicago to see Melissa. Bobbie thinks that he doesnít have to do that. She reminds him that Melissa wrote a letter saying that things were okay. She thinks that he should call her and not put himself through this. He thinks that now that everything is dug up, he has to face her. He has been running from this for too long and now he has to fix it.

Elizabeth and Lucky are in a fancy restaurant remembering the other time that they were there. They couldnít afford to buy anything more than a salad. He thinks that they should have a nice dinner and then go to the Inn where they first made love. As they eat dinner, Lucky pretends that he is choking on his food. She really panics until she realizes that he is playing with her. They laugh it off. She is glad that they are not fighting anymore. He tells her that he kept a secret and they swore that they wouldnít do that to each other. Elizabeth feels a pang of guilt. He swears that he will never lie to her again. He tells her that honesty is going to keep them going. She looks very guilty and Lucky can see that something is wrong. She tells him that she was just thinking about him and how she loves him. They kiss.

Juan comes to see Ned and tells him again that he was called on to tour with a boy band. Juan thinks that this is not for him. Ned tells him that this is a once in a lifetime shot. Ned leaves him alone and Edward enters looking for Juan. Edward wants to offer a proposal to Juan. Edward has learned that Juan is interested in Emily. Edward is concerned about Emily and the company that she has been keeping. She seems to have aligned herself with Zander. Edward thinks that he should take Emily to lunch at The Grill. He is worried that she hasnít applied for college yet. He wants her to invest in herself, like he is doing. Juan agrees to try. He thinks that Juan has made the right decision.

Zander comes to see Emily at the diner and have a visit. She likes that she is with lucky land Elizabeth at the diner. She tells him about their little fight. They joke about the places that he could afford to take her.

Taggert arrives at the diner and Hannah is there. They sit together at a table. He has been thinking of her and thinking that they should try again to get together. He remembers them having fun and he thinks that if they could get back to that it would be great. He asks if she would like to go to the Winterfest with him. Her mouth drops as AJ has already asked her to go with him. She tells him that she is not free that night. He offers to change her shift for her. She tells him that she is going to the Winterfest with AJ. He is crushed. He gets up and leaves the diner.

Mack brings police with him to bust the office where he found the damning evidence. The man is cuffed and taken out. Mack was right about the man. He had help in finding out that this man was involved in the shooting at the police station.

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