General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/07/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/7/01

By Afrikka

Nikolas and Gia are together. They are talking and suddenly they are kissing madly and passionately. He falls on top of her on the couch and they canít believe that they are going to do it. She thinks that if he is having second thoughts then it isnít a good idea. She doesnít think that they were getting into anything. She tells him not to read into anything because she isnít reading into anything. He tells her that he isnít reading into anything. She offers to take him out to dinner again. He agrees to let her pay for something. She walks off to get changed. He looks after her and canít believe the developments in their little arrangement.

Lucky and Elizabeth are together and Elizabeth has just found out that Lucky did Giaís pictures for the shoot. She thinks that he went behind her back and took pictures for her competition and he should have been more loyal to her. Emily walks into the diner and finds Elizabeth and Lucky arguing and that freaks her out. She walks by them and finds Zander there. She tells him that she feels a little weird there, but it is better than being at the Quartermaine house. AJ walks in to see Emily and they discuss her moving out. She says that she is fine. AJ tells her that if she is trying to prove something, she should be careful. She is tired of beating her head up against the wall. AJ tells her that her parents are trying to do the right thing. AJ is not there to fight with her. She appreciates that he came down to see her. He sits so that she can wait on him. He promises to give her a huge tip.

Lila and Reginald are arguing again with Edward over Emily not being home. Monica wants to get Emily back there. Lila thinks that they should just tell Emily that they were wrong. Edward called the police even though Zander was going to turn himself in. They were not complaining the night that he called the police. They are worried that Emily is going to move out, taking off with Zander. Alan questions Edwardís parenting skills. Monica thinks that she should go with Alan and try to work thinks out. Edward wants to come but they donít really want him. Monica tells him that he can come, but he canít say anything when they get there.

Carly wants to get the campaign approved for Gia before they go away for their wedding. He wants to marry her right away. They will go to Martinique. She is feeling sexy again when someone comes to visit. Alexis comes over and needs to see Sonny right away. She is having a panic attack and canít get over it. She canít get together with Ned again and she is feeling really bad about that. What should she do? Carly stands by and watches, while Alexis slowly breathes in and out. She should be able to handle this because she deals with this sort of stuff all the time. Carly comes over and sorts of pushes Alexis to leave, but Sonny wants her to stay. Sonny tells Carly to go upstairs and she refuses to be sent to her room in her own house. She thinks that this is just another one of Alexisí little chapters in her ongoing saga. Sonny tells Carly to "Go!" She leaves. Alexis tells him that she has been dumped and she thinks that it is ruining her life and even Sonnyís. She thinks that she is desperate and self-absorbed. Sonny tells her that she isnít self-absorbed. She used to be calm and clear-headed. She lets a man into her life and now she is pathetic. Sonny brings her some water. She thinks that Ned doesnít like her anymore. All she does is complain about her life and her commitment. She thinks that she is in trouble. Ned used to make her feel warm and fuzzy. That is the real problem. Love is like a space heater. You can carry it around with you, but you can survive without it. She thanks Sonny for his time and admits that she loves him, but she just over it. She leaves.

Lucky and Elizabeth are still arguing in the diner. She tells him that she got confidence from him for the shoot and he tells her that he was just doing a favor for Carly. He doesnít understand why she is overreacting. She tells him that she will take her overreaction somewhere else and she walks away from him.

Ned comes to visit Chloe. He wants to discuss some L&B business and he wants to talk about replacing Alexis with someone else. Chloe thinks that things have gotten out of control. She thinks that Alexis is excellent for the job that they need done. The only reason that Ned wants to let Alexis go is because it would hurt too much to see her at the office. He is not going to beg her to come back. Chloe tells him to go and tell her that he loves her. He thinks that they would be right back to where they started. He can accept her passion for her work, but he will not accept her treating him like an after thought. Chloe doesnít understand why he is choosing to be lonely. He thinks that it is better to be lonely. Chloe reminds him that nothing has been resolved.

Jason is at the studio when Elizabeth walks in. She isnít in a very good mood. She is upset and needs a reality check. He is the one person that will tell her the truth. She explains that they are all pretending to like Gia. She is none stop attitude and snide remarks and now that they are competing together she is driving Elizabeth up the wall. She just might win the job and all that Elizabeth has to offer is her little muffin face. Gia may win because Carly hates her. The only reason that Carly hates Elizabeth is because she once helped Jason. She thinks that he should have asked her before he did that. She did the modeling thing for him and then he turns around and helps Gia and he thinks that is crazy. She only wants to get the job if she is the person that should get it. What she canít handle is him going behind her back and keeping secrets. She then realizes that she is keeping a big secret too. She doesnít want him to go. He comes through for her so many times and things are working out for them. She tells him hat he has to listen to her and her problems. She feels better already. Maybe by the following day, she will be her old self. For now, she is going to work on her anger by stretching some canvasses. She picks up some frames and gets a splinter in her finger. He takes her hand and looks into her eyes.

Gia is ready for dinner and looks beautiful in her purple frock. She looks terrific. Nikolas tells her that she looks beautiful. She tells him that he will be seeing her on magazines, in stores. He doesnít want to talk about her career right then. They get ready to leave and Lucky comes barging in and announces that he needs their help. Elizabeth found out about him doing Giaís test shots and she is going crazy! Gia looks unhappy at being disturbed by something about Elizabeth. Nikolas didnít know about the shoot. Lucky tells him that it was just a practice shoot. Nikolas realizes that Gia lied to him and Lucky lied to Elizabeth. He doesnít care that he took pictures of Gia, but Elizabeth has to be wondering why Lucky didnít tell her. She has to be wound up about the pictures. His support means a lot to her and it threw her when he supported Gia too. Lucky is no professional; anyone could have taken the pictures. Gia does not like the conversation. Whether he meant to keep the secret or not is the point. She needs some slack. Elizabeth has reason to feel that she has been blind-sighted. Lucky is going to find Elizabeth and talk with her. He leaves and Nikolas goes over to Gia. She thinks that he really is outdoing himself. He wants to know why she lied to him about the shoot. She is sick and tired of this Elizabeth stuff. He keeps implying that Elizabeth is the one that should get the job. What is the big deal with taking her pictures? She will take any advantage that she will get. He warns her that Elizabeth is not above fighting for the job. Gia is not afraid to tough it out. Nikolas doesnít want to go to dinner with her anymore. He suggests that she go alone. He walks away from her and goes upstairs.

Emily is working at the diner and Zander is watching her work. A customer is complaining that he has been waiting too long for his food. Emily brings him something, but the order is wrong. Zander tries to get the man to lighten up but he doesnít so Zander tells the guy to go and eat somewhere else. Emily tells Zander that she would like to do her job on her own. She takes Nedís order and at that moment her parents walk in to talk to her with Edward in tow. They want Emily to go home. AJ tries to explain that things can be really hard living by herself. Emily wants to come home and would if her family would let all her friends come to visit. Alan and Monica think that they can work something out. Edward says that the deviant wonít be anywhere near his granddaughter. With that, Emily flatly refuses to go with them. The Quartermaines immediately start arguing as they walk out of the diner.

Carly comes downstairs now that Alexis is gone. Carly is mad that Sonny banished her to the room upstairs. He tries to explain that Alexis needs help some time and she really helped him out from time to time, she he feels that he knows her. She keeps him out of jail. He takes care of Alexis because she takes care of him. She doesnít understand his frequent meetings with her if everything is okay. Sorrel is out of town and everything seems right in the world right now. Carly is a little worried that he may like her seeing as she is smart and has a great career. Sonny admits to those things, but Alexis is a nut. They have it all and they hug each other.

Alexis goes to the bar where they met to get something to drink. Ned walks in and they remember the old times together. He used to think to himself, that she was a smart, intriguing woman. She thought that he was smart and intriguing man too. He was right. He walks away from her. She was right too.

Jason is trying to help Elizabeth get the splinter out of her finger. She canít put the needle in herself, so Jason offers to help. Lucky is outside walking up to the studio door. Jason is slowly getting the splinter out of her finger. Lucky is wondering if he should knock or not and he decides not to for some reason and he walks away. Inside the room, Jason has gotten out the splinter and now he cleans the wound.

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