General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/06/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/6/01

By Glynis

Laura is surprised that Luke is back in town. Mack is telling her that Felicia told him the news and that she would be spending time with Luke. She thanks Mack for telling him the news. She has to let go and she canít live her life if she doesnít let go. She canít be that angry and preoccupied and take care of her daughter if she is busy thinking of Luke. She just keeps trying to keep one foot in front of the other. Some days are better than others are. She tells him that the next time he is having a bad day, he is to call her.

Felicia comes to see Luke and is surprised at how neat his place is. She goes to his record collection to marvel at it. She likes his place and likes it more that is in it. He tells her about the various artists in his collection. He wants to make a toast. She takes the drink. "To usÖ" they clink glasses and drink. Luke is trying to find something for them to eat. He finds some crackers and she is counting his record collection. He has a dream that one day he will get one of those jazz singers to sing in his club. He got B.B. King didnít he? She finds an album and he takes out the record to play it for her. They dance to the music. Now she will never forget the song. He gives her more history on jazz. He tries to pour her more wine, but she has to get going. She thanks him for inviting her there. He helps her on with her coat. She thought a lot of him when he was gone. She wants to let him know that. She wants to take things slow and he is fine with that. He will go at her pace. He thanks her for coming over and she kisses him. He tells her to come back any time. She tells him that she will. He gets her purse for her and she leaves the apartment. He walks over to the record player and puts on a record. It is the song that they danced to earlier. He has a drink and looks at the door. Felicia hasnít leftÖshe is listening outside the door to the song.

Gia is doing a very good, hot job at her modeling shoot. She is flirting with the camera and Carly is ecstatic. She screams at her to make her want to buy perfume. Gia has moves that they have never seen before. The makeup and hair people are very excited at the job that Gia is doing. Gia is better than good and Lucky tells her to relax for a minute. Carly is very pleased with what she has seen. Lucky tells her that she was good and she tells him the same. Carly tells her that she looks great and to go and change so that they can talk after. She leaves and Carly settles up with Lucky. She pays him his two grand for the work that he has done.

Nikolas shows Elizabeth some pictures that she can use in her scrapbook for Lucky on Valentines Day. Nikolas thinks that they have a good relationship and they donít keep secrets.

Jason tells Sonny what he has learned about Sorrel returning to town. Jason got a license plate number. He gives it to Sonny. Sonny canít believe that Sorrel thinks that he can beat the murder wrap. Jason brings up the shooting at the police station. Sonny tells him that Carly was waiting for him. Zander and Emily were laughing and dancing in the snow. Sorrelís men came around from behind and Zander looked up. That was how Sonny knew that something was wrong. He was shot and he couldnít move. He was thinking that they were dead. He had a dreamÖHe is lying on the pavement and there is a woman lying on the pavement beside him and it is Carly. He wakes up and he is screaming and he isnít, but he tells her that he is. He plays it off. Carly thinks that there is no more danger, but Sorrel isnít gone. If Sorrel touches Carly, Jason says that he will be dead. Sonny knows that Sorrel has someone in his organization and Sonny needs to trip this person up and catch him. Jason thinks that he can handle it without Sonny being involved. To have a pretty life, Sonny has to get rid of everything that is ugly. Jason is to wait. Sorrel is not going to make a move yet. Sonny is sure that Sorrel is going to think that he has his big chance if they leave him alone. Jason tells him that Elizabeth knows that she has to keep the secret. Jason trusts Elizabeth and she will do what she needs to.

Alexis comes to the diner to discuss some business, but he makes time and they take a table. He asks what is left to discuss. They discuss business. All is very up and up. Alexis gets up and leaves the diner.

Roy is at the diner and he calls to leave a message with Bobbie to meet him later after she spends time with Lucas. As he hangs up, Lucas comes into the diner with his dad. Lucas asks if he has seen his mother. Roy tells him no. Roy and Lucas share some talk. Lucas goes to talk to a waitress and Tony tells Roy that he doesnít want anything to happen to his son. Roy knows that. Lucas and Tony leave.

Gia returns home to find Elizabeth and Nikolas together. They pretend that she was somewhere else besides the shoot. Elizabeth decides that she has to leave. Gia asks if Elizabeth has seen the tests from her shoot yet. Elizabeth tells her no and Gia tells her that she canít wait. Elizabeth leaves and Nikolas canít believe that Gia has managed to stick her foot in it again. He wants to know what has her in such a good mood. She wants to take him out to dinner and even pay for it. He jokes about how she is going to do that.

Bobbie arrives at Melissaís house and asks her for more information. She wants to know what happened to Roy when she knew him. Melissa is not eager to relive some parts of her life. Bobbie tells her that she cares about Roy and she knows that the things that happened hurt people. Melissa was furious with Roy and she was desperate to get answers. She wanted to get back at Roy. He seduced her and she thought that he was cold-blooded, but it was more complicated. Royís feelings are honest and that is what makes him such a convincing liar. Bobbie was told that he would go undercover to infiltrate places to take care of things. Roy used to fake his relationship with her brother. Her brother used to own this little jazz club and she would go and hang out with him. She tells Bobbie that she is a surgical nurse. Bobbie canít help but notice the similarities between the two of them. She tells Melissa that she is a surgical nurse too. Melissa spent time figuring out what was a lie, what was the truth. She couldnít believe that Roy could lie so convincingly and hide his motives. Bobbieís alarm goes of and Bobbie needs to catch her plane. Bobbie leaves and Melissa looks after the closed door.

Sonny arrives home and Carly is there waiting for him. He tells her that he was out on business. He does look a little flushed. She has champagne. They are safe and they are about to be married on a Caribbean island. They have a whole lot to celebrate. They drink to the future. She wants to know where he was and what he was doing. He doesnít want to answer her. She tells him that she set up a test shoot for Gia. She was great and even the crew stopped what they were doing to watch her. Laura will have to admit that Elizabeth doesnít have a chance.

Elizabeth arrives at the studio. Jason is waiting for her. She knows better than to ask about his meeting with Sonny. She knows that when he is ready, he becomes a human block of concrete. Elizabeth tells him that there is this girl that she is up against for the modeling job. She canít help it every time that she sees the girl. She should try to block her feelings out, but she canít. She canít stand Gia, but she tries to respect Nikolas being with her. Jason thinks that Nikolas and this girl should do what they want to do. She suggests that Jason canít want to be in this place and he wonders how she thinks that she knows that. She doesn't think that it is fair that he spends his time guarding Sonny and Carly. He tells her that she shouldnít be worried about that. He finds some pictures and she explains that she is making a scrapbook for Lucky. She canít tell Lucky how Jason made her feel when she needed to feel better. She canít put that in the book. She asks him if he ever thinks about the times that they spent together. She thinks that it is time to leave and she gets her coat on and walks to the door. She will come back the next day. He tries to pay her for her helping him out, but she refuses to take the money.

Elizabeth comes to the diner and finds Lucky there. He wants to hang out with her and his easy cash. He tells her that he did test pictures of Gia and he was paid $2,000 by Carly for his trouble. Elizabeth canít believe that he did that.

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