General Hospital Update Monday 2/05/01


General Hospital Update Monday 2/5/01

By Afrikka

Jason is at Liz's penthouse talking to Sonny. He tells Sonny that they need to meet. Sonny reminds him that a meeting isn't apart of the plan. Jason knows, but insists they need to talk. As Sonny hangs up the phone Carly comes downstairs. She can tell that he's hiding something, but tells him that she is planning a coup and has enough to worry about, with Gia's shoot, to get in his business. Sonny tries to usher her out of the penthouse, without much concern over her newest plan. Carly is convinced that Sonny is hiding something when he practically pushes her out the door without questioning her latest scheme. Sonny tries to act as if he doesn't know what she's talking about. Carly questions whether Sorel's out of town for good, Sonny lies and says that he is. Sonny allays Carly's fears by saying that he's hiding the plans he's been making for the wedding. Carly is very pleased; she apologizes for being so suspicious. A much calmer Carly finally leaves for work. As she leaves, Sonny asks her not to give her bodyguard the slip, and Carly promises not to.

Liz arrives with food for Jason. He tells her he knows it's a hassle for him to be there, but he needs another favor. Liz assures him that she will do whatever she can to help. Jason needs her to leave the studio, immediately. Liz is worried that something will happen to Jason, she reminds him about when she found him in the snow bleeding. Although Jason tells her it doesn't concern her, Liz is worried about him. She wants to know if Jason's in danger. Jason tells her that Sonny will be there soon and what he needs to deal with is important. Liz agrees to leave and Jason thanks her again for her help. Liz thanks Jason for being her friend when she thought Lucky was dead. She tells Jason that he matters to her before she leaves.

Laura arrives at Theo Minelli's studio to book Gia's photo session. Theo is setting up the studio for an unknown client who has paid big to rent it. Laura also says that she wants to re-book Liz for another shoot. Theo admits that he wasn't happy with the way Liz's pictures came out and that she has a long way to becoming comfortable with the camera. Laura knows Liz's shoot didn't go well, but is certain she will do much better the second time.

Gia is getting ready to leave. She is gathering her make up for the practice shoot. She looks in the mirror and pretends that she is the FOD. Nik walks in and teases her about her proclamation. He wants to know where she's going. Gia leads Nik to believe that she is going to a press party for AJ's football team. Nik wonders why she needs her makeup and tells her that she doesn't need makeup to look good. Gia leaves.

Bobbie is talking to Tammy at Kelly's. Felicia arrives and tells Bobbie that she feels like a hypocrite for some of the things she said to Bobbie. As Bobbie goes into the kitchen, Felicia gets a call. It's Luke. Felicia is happy to hear from him that he's home. He invites her to visit him at his place above the club; she tells him that she will meet him a little later. Bobbie comes out and immediately recognizes that Felicia has talked to Luke, she is surprised that it's so obvious. Bobbie informs Felicia that she is going back to Chicago to see Melissa. Felicia tells her she can't do that, Roy hears the tail end and questions what it is that Bobbie can't do. Felicia covers with Roy. Roy asks Bobbie to dinner, but Bobbie opts out. Roy isn't surprised and leaves Kelly's. Felicia tries to convince Bobbie to tell Roy everything because lies have a way of stacking up, then Bobbie will lose Roy. Bobbie admits that she is also doing this because her last two husbands betrayed her. Felicia then places a call to someone and says that she needs to see them.

Gia is the first to arrive at the studio. She is nervous. Lucky arrives holding a camera; Gia wants to know what she's doing. Lucky tells Gia he's the photographer, that "cousin Carly" hired him. Gia assumes that Carly and Lucky are trying to sabotage her. She tells Carly she won't do the shoot. Carly warns her that she's walking away for the opportunity of a lifetime. Carly tries to convince Gia of the merits of the practice shoot. Gia is still suspicious, but Carly has hired some of the best hair and makeup people for the shoot, and she decides to do it.

Roy arrives at Luke's place. It's a mess and Luke's trying to clean up the apartment for Felicia's visit. Roy asks Luke about the ice princess. Luke tells him that the ice princess is still in Istanbul. Luke gives a quick explanation of his escapades. Luke says not to worry though, because he is going to get Helena's safety deposit box key and try again. Roy wonders if it would have been easier for Luke to steal the key before going to Turkey. Roy starts telling Luke about his demons, but Luke doesn't have time to listen to Roy's problems.

Mac arrives at Kelly's to meet Felicia. She wants to tell him that Luke's back and that she's going to see him. Mac doesn't think that what Felicia does is his business. He feels like they have managed to move past her betrayal to forging a friendship again. He warns Felicia that Luke will hurt her and that she should be careful.

Liz arrives at Nik's cottage. She wants Nik's input on what she should do for Lucky on Valentine's Day. Liz wants to make Lucky a scrapbook of the time when he was away. Nik is unsure about that gift, so Liz suggests a collage. Nik likes the idea and offers to get some pictures. Liz tells him to do it later, and offers to leave. Nik tells her Gia won't be back soon, but that he hopes that eventually Liz will see that Gia is a nice person and get to know her. Liz is skeptical.

Mac and Laura encounter each other outside of Kelly's. Mac seems a little melancholy and shares with Laura that Luke's back in town. Felicia arrives at Luke's place, to his great pleasure.

Sonny arrives at Liz's studio but Jason is not there. Jason finally arrives. Sonny wants to know where he's been. Jason was at Pier 17 checking on a lead. Jason tells Sonny that Carlos and Sorel are in Port Charles and that they've come back to kill him.

Bobbie is on a plane heading to Chicago to see Melissa again. Roy comes to Kelly's to find Bobbie but Tammy tells him that Bobbie's been gone for hours and left her date book. Roy says he will take it to her, when he picks it up a paper falls out. He figures out that Bobbie's in Chicago.

Gia has had her makeup and hair done, and looks beautiful for the shoot. Lucky tries to get Gia in the right frame of mind. When she isn't immediately receptive, he tells her to imagine Helena and Stefan drifting on a raft in the hot sun with no food or water. Carly loves it. Gia is ready to strike a pose. Lucky takes some great shots of Gia, who looks very comfortable with the camera.

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